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submit inventories in triplicate and request the action of an inspector. The same rule will be observed in regard to packages when first opened for issue and for property damaged or missing while in store.

PAR. 107. When packages of supplies are opened for the first time, whether because of apparent defect or for issue, the official responsible, or some assistant designated by him, will be present and verify the contents by actual weight, count, or measurement, as circumstances may require, and in case of deficiency or damage will make written report of the facts to the secretary of public works. If only the official responsible be present and make the report he will secure the sworn statements, in writing, of one or more persons regarding the condition of the property when examined.

PAR. 108. The giving or taking of receipts in blank for public property is prohibited. PAR. 109. All movable public property will, if practicable, be conspicuously branded, or stamped if of metal, "O. P." before being used.

PAR. 110. Public property will not be used, nor will labor hired for the government be employed, for any private purpose whatsoever, except as authorized by the secretary of public works.

PAR. 111. For property worn out in the public service the accountable official will submit inventories thereof and ask for an inspector's action.

Par. 112. Public property which has been condemned will not be purchased by an official who was responsible therefor at the time of condemnation, nor by any official who bore any part in such condemnation.


PAR. 113. Causes of damage to and of loss and destruction of property are classified as follows:

1. Unavoidable causes, being those over which the responsible officials have no control, occurring in the ordinary course of service.

2. Avoidable causes, being those due to carelessness, wilfullness, or neglect.

PAR. 114. Officials responsible for property will be charged for any damage to or loss or destruction of the same, and the money value deducted from their monthly pay, unless they show to the satisfaction of the governor of the island by their own affidavits or certificates, or by one or more depositions, that the damage, loss, or destruction was occasioned by unavoidable causes and without fault or neglect on their part.

PAR. 115. If articles of public property are embezzled, or lost or damaged through neglect, by an employee, the value of damage as ascertained shall be charged to him and set against any pay or money due him.

PAR. 116. Whenever information is received that animals or other property belonging to the public service are unlawfully in the possession of any person not in the service, the official responsible for the property will promptly cause proceedings to be instituted and diligently prosecuted before the civil authorities for the recovery of the property, and, if the same has been stolen, for the arrest, trial, conviction, and the punishment of the offender and his accomplices.

PAR. 117. Upon satisfactory information that such public property, unlawfully in the possession of any parties, is likely to be taken away, concealed, or otherwise disposed of before the necessary proceedings can be had in the civil tribunals for its recovery, the civil authorities will at once cause the same to be seized, and will hold it subject to any legal proceedings that may be instituted by other parties. Persons caught in the act of stealing public property will be summarily arrested and turned over to the civil authorities for trial.

PAR. 118. Officials responsible, after they have failed to get possession of a lost or stolen animal by the ordinary means, may authorize the payment of a reward of not more than $25 for its recovery. If the animal has been stolen, they may offer an additional reward of like amount for each person arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced for the theft.

PAR. 119. The expenses necessarily incurred by any action under the three preceding paragraphs, with the exception of attorney's fees, will be paid by the department, upon proper vouchers approved by the secretary of public works. Officials will promptly report their action to department headquarters.


PAR. 120. All public property, whether paid for or not, must be accounted for on the property returns.

Empty barrels and boxes, and other materials which have a saleable value and which are not required for public use, the disposal of which is not otherwise provided

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