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Water-works Fund.

Empowering city of McCune to transfer money from. See S. B. 107. Page 62.
Water, Storage for Irrigation Purposes.

See B. 454. Page 294.
Wallace, A. C.

Elected assistant doorkeeper, Page 3.
Washburn, H. M.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Enrolled Bills. Page 119.
Washington County.

Changing of boundary line. See S. B. 162. Page 89.
Disorganizing school district No. 70, and attaching territory thereof to other

districts. See S. B. 218. Page 110.
Vacating Cartwright's addition to Haddam City in. See 8. B. 303. Page 177.
Vacating certain blocks, streets and alleys in city of Hanover. See S. B.

405. Page 264.

Protection of banks of. See S. B. 497. Page 344.
Waugh, Harriet L.

Appropriation for. See S. B. 271. Page 143.
Ways and Means Committee.

Committee appointed. Page 41.
Bills introduced by-

Making appropriation for legislative purposes. See S. B. 105. Page 60.
Making appropriation for the Thirteenth Biennial Report of the State

Board of Agriculture. See S. B. 127. Page 63.
Appropriation for State Industrial Reformatory. See S. B. 359.

Page 223.
Appropriation for state printing. See S. B. 407. Page 264.
Appropriation for State Soldiers' Home. See S. B. 435. Page 278.
Appropriation for State University. See S. B. 436. Page 278.
Appropriation for Topeka Insane Asylum. See S. B. 441. Page 285.
Appropriation for State Imbecile Asylum, at Winfield. See S. B. 446.

Page 286.
Appropriation for the Institution for the Blind, at Kansas City. See

S. Bs. 464, 535. Pages 295, 422,
Appropriation for official state paper. See S. B. 562. Page 473.
Appropriation for state printer for the years 1904 and 1905. See S. B.

563. Page 473.
Relating to union military scrip. See S. B. 632. Page 632.
Relating to court of claims for military service. See S. B. 633. Page

Appropriation for officers of state institutions. See S. B. 642. Page

Reports by. Pages 183, 211, 230, 242, 264, 281, 287, 302, 338, 350, 493, 513, 550, 640,

699, 851, 897, 979, 988, 1024, 1055, 1080, 1086, 1106, 1108.
Report of minority members. Page 553.

S. R. No. 26. Page 43.
Weighing of Grain.

At public elevators. See S. B. 177. Page 100.
Wentz, I. C.

Appointed assistant doorkeeper, Page 3.
Western University, Quindaro.

See governor's message. Page 10.

Whitehead, William.

Elected assistant doorkeeper. Page 3.
White, Hays B., Senator, District No. 33.

(Jewell and Mitchell counties.)
Bills introduced by-

Legalizing certain acts and votes. See S. B. 94. Page 49.
Making appropriation for Industrial School for Girls at Beloit. See

S. B. 226. Page 111.
Authorizing the maintenance and establishment of county high

schools. See S. B. 242. Page 126.
Relating to the filing of statements of expense by candidates for pub.

lic office. See S. B. 252. Page 127.
Creating board of commissioners of highways. See S. B. 268. Page

Legalizing the Kansas State Poultry Association. See S. B. 320. Page

Amending section 12 of chapter 101, Session Laws of 1901. See S. B.

327. Page 179.
Authorizing board of county commissioners to build bridges. See S.

B. 334. Page 196.
Regulating fees and salary of clerk of the district court of Greenwood

county. See S. B. 335. Page 196.
Relating to ballots and holding of elections. See S. B. 355. Page 199.
Authorizing the Board of Agriculture to hold annual expositions.

See S. B. 337. Page 199.
Public parks for cities of the second class. See S. B. 385. Page 236.
Amending an act relating to the supreme court. See S, B. 530. Page

For the relief of B. F. Flenniken. See S. B. 531. Page 422.
Relating to the inspection of cattle. See S, B, 559. Page 469.

Repealing chapter 225, Session Laws of 1901. See S. B. 650. Page 666.
Committee assignments

Chairman Fees, Salaries, and Mileage. Page 41.
Assessment and Taxation. Page 41.
Federal Relations. Page 41.
Charitable InstitutionsPage 41.
Temperance. Page 41.
Legislative Apportionment. Page 41.
Irrigation. Page 41.
Judicial Apportionment. Page 106.

Joint tax committee. Page 176.
Explanation of vote on H. B. 550. Page 992.
Resolutions offered by-
S. R. 13, Instructing sergeant-at-arms to have a telephone located in

the Senate chamber. Page 6.
S. R. 17, Tendering vote of thanks to Hon. Geo. W. Veale. Page 7.
S. C. R. 18, Amending constitution, relating to qualifications of elect-

ors. Page 148.
S. R. 50, Requiring committee clerks to securely fasten the committee

reports inside the bill on which said committee makes its re.

port. Page 213.

S. R. 60, Relating to the hours of opening Senate sessions. Page 512.
White, Mason.

Appointed assistant janitor. Page 3.
Wichita, City of.
Board of education of, authorized to issue bonds to establish high school.

See S. B. 77. Page 47.

Mayor and city council of, authorized to join county of Sedgwick in appro-

priation for soldiers' monument. See S. B. 319. Page 179.
City courts in. See S. Bs. 601, 623. Pages 546, 630.
Widows of Union Soldiers and Sailors.

Exempting homesteads of, from taxation. See S. B. 111. Page 62.
Widows and Orphans, Soldiers'.
Relating to, and providing for admission to the Mother Bickerdyke Home

annex to the State Soldiers' Home. See S. B. 346. Page 197.
Wife and Children.

Abandopment of, by husband. See S. B. 136. Page 64.
Williams, Richard.
Permitting, to pay $5 and be reinstated as a registered pharmacist. See S.

B. 185. Page 101.
Wilson, Town of.

Vacating a certain portion of. See S. B. 213. Page 110.
Wiseman, Thomas A.

Elected assistant secretary of the Senate Page 20.

Vote of thanks to. Page 1101.

Fixing terms of county court in. See S. B. 138. Page 64.
Appropriation for Kansas State Asylum for Idiotic and Imbecile Youth.

See S. B. 446. Page 286.
Wille, Contest of.

See S. B. 317. Page 178.
Woodson County.
Fixing salary of the clerk of the district court of. See S. Bs. 149, 476. Pages

87, 317.
Woods, H.

Appointed assistant janitor. Page 3.
Wood, H. L.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Roads and Bridges. Page 85.
Woodyard, Milton.
For the relief of, in matter of certain school-lands. See S. B. 230. Page


Woman Suffrage.

See S. B. 68. Page 46.


Providing for the safety of. See S. B. 78. Page 47.
Work, R.

Appointed assistant janitor. Page 3.

Prohibiting the employment of child labor in. See S. B. 97. Page 49.
World's Fair Exposition, at St. Louis.

Pertaining to site of, for Kansas building. See 8. R. 51. Page 291.
Wray, John.

Appointed clerk of Committee on Assessment and Taxation. Page 149.

Wright, Lee R., Senator, District No. 24.

(Lyon and Greenwood counties.)
Announces appointment of Wm. A. Lawler clerk.
Bills introduced by -

Relating to crimes and punishments. See S. B. 163. Page 89.
For the protection of trade-marks. See S. B. 164. Page 89.
Relating to the support of schools in cities of the second class. See

S. B. 165. Page 89.
Authorizing the board of county commissioners of Lyon county to

build bridge across the Cottonwood river. See S. B. 203. Page

Appropriation for State Normal School. See S. B. 316. Page 178.
Respecting notaries public. See S. B. 418. Page 269.
Conveying certain real estate to Lane county. See S. B. 419. Page 269.
Fixing fees and salaries of district-court reporters. See S. B. 420.

Page 269.
Fixing salaries of county commissioners of Lyon county. See S. B.

525. Page 414.
Authorizing Americus township, Lyon county, to issue bonds. See S.

B. 526. Page 414.
Authorizing establishment and maintenance of foot-paths. See S. B.

548. Page 437.
Fixing salary of under-sheriff of Lyon county. See S. B. 625. Page 630.
Committee assignments –

Ways and Means. Page 41.
Elections. Page 41.
Mines and Mining. Page 41.
Printing. Page 41.
Educational Institutions. Page 42.
Banks and Banking Page 85.
Governor's message, to apportion. Page 23.
Revision of Journal. Page 174.

Conference, S. B. 127. Page 221.
Resolutions offered by —
S. C. R. 17, Authorizing and directing the secretary of state to deliver

to the librarian of the State University, State Agricultural Col-
lege and State Normal School one set each of the published

volumes of the Kansas state supreme court reports. Page 108.
Wulfekubler, Louis H., Senator, District No. 3.

(Leavenworth county.)
Announces appointment of George Zeitz clerk of Committee on Municipal

Indebtedness. Page 43.
Bills introduced by -
Relating to trust companies, powers and duties of. See S. B. 13.

Page 32.
Relating to banks, regulation and supervision of. See S. B. 14.

Page 32.
Relating to executors and administrators of estates. See 8. B. 15.

Page 32.
Providing for transportation of discharged convicts. See S. B. 16.

Page 32.
Relating to United States government patents. See S. B. 17. Page 32.
Providing for board of public utilities in cities of the first and second

classes. See S. B. 18. Page 32.
Relating to admission of attorneys at law. See S. B. 19. Page 33.
Making appropriation for miscellaneous purposes. See S. B. 20.

Page 33.
Relating to government and regulation of orphan and friendless chil.

dren in the Kansas Protective Home, at Leavenworth, See S. B.
21. Page 33.

Wulfekuhler, Louis H.- continued :
Bills introduced by —
Providing for the relief of Fant A. Snell, of Boling, Kan. See S. B. 22.

Page 33.
Providing for the relief of James Coursey, of Leavenworth. See S. B.

23. Page 33.
Providing for the relief of Fred A. Rolfe, of Leavenworth. See S. B.

24, Page 33.
Providing for the appointment of chief examiner of stationary en-

gineers. See S. B. 96. Page 49.
Prohibiting the employment of child labor in factories, workshops,

and mines. See S. B. 97. Page 49.
Authorizing private corporations to exchange real estate and act as

agents. See S. B. 130. Page 64.
Making appropriation for school district No. 75, Lansing, Kan. See

S. B. 129. Page 64.
Requiring a brand on all goods manufactured by convict labor. See

8. B. 131. Page 64.
Relating to the terms of court in the first judicial district. See S. B.

166. Page 89.
For the relief of C. A. Beeler. See S. Bs. 219, 220. Page 110.
Relating to the establishment of an industrial home for the blind of

Kansas. See S. B. 330. Page 194.
Providing for state road and making appropriation therefor. See S.

B. 352. Page 198.
Rolating to cities of the first class, See S. B. 364. Page 224.
Relating to crimes and punishments. Soe S. B. 377. Page 225.
Amending an act relating to crimes and punishments. See S. B. 380.

Page 235.
Appropriation for Kapsas State Penitentiary. See S. B. 400. Page 249.
Relating to mortgages and deeds of trust. See S. B. 500. Page 344.
Extermination of gophers. See S. B. 557. Page 469.
Relating to hospitals for negroes at Leavenworth. See S. B. 649. Page

Relating to taxation in Leavenworth county. See S. B. 673. Page 824.
Committee assignments

Judiciary. Page 41.
Muncipal Indebtedness. Page 41.
Penal Institutions. Page 41.
Cities of the First Class. Page 42.

Labor. Page 42.
Resolutions offered by-

S. R. 12, Allowing each senator twenty dollars for postage. Page 6.
S. C. R. 2, Memorializing the president of the United States to ap-

point W. A. Harris as one of the members of the Isthmian Canal

Commission. Page 24.
S. R. 26, Increasing the members of Ways and Means Committee from

nipe to eleven.
S. C. R. 30, Relating to protest against the seating of United States

senator elect Reed Smoot. Page 758.

S. R. 91, Tendering vote of thanks to Miss Nellie Legate. Page 1101.
Wyandotte County.

Appropriation for university at Quiddaro. See S. B. 378. Page 235.
Authorized to issue bonds for bridge across the Kansas river. See S. B.

503. Page 344.
Levy and collection of taxes to maintain certain public highways in. See

S. B. 498. Page 344.
Relating to bridge across Missouri river. See S. B. 552. Page 468.
Relating to city courts in Wyandotte township. See S. B. 566. Page 493.

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