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No. 355, An act to vacate College addition to the city of Lindsborg, McPher-
son county, Kansas.

No. 356, An act to change the name of persons named therein.

No. 357, An act to authorize the establishment and maintenance of county
high schools and being supplemental to chapter 147 of the laws of
1886, being an act to authorize the establishment and maintenance of
county high schools.

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No. 358, An act regulating the fees and salaries and prescribing certain duties
of the county officers of Russell county, Kansas..

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No. 359, An act to legalize sales and disposition of real property of minors in
Ellsworth county, Kansas....




No. 360, An act to authorize the board of commissioners of Montgomery
county, Kansas, to appropriate money to build a bridge over Elk river
in Montgomery county

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No. 361, An act providing for the maintenance of county normal institutes..

No. 362, An act authorizing the attorney-general and the executive council of
the state of Kansas to compromise the bonded indebtedness of the
city of Cimarron, Gray county, Kansas, and the city of Anthony, Har-
per county, Kansas, to the permanent school fund and the Kansas
state agricultural college fund, and authorizing the commissioners of
the school fund to deliver certain bonds to the attorney-general for
such purposes.

No. 363, An act to authorize and empower the attorney-general to collect the
interest and principal of all bonds and interest coupons now due the
permanent school fund and to authorize said attorney-general by
and with the consent of the executive council to compromise the
past due bonds and interest coupons due the permanent school fund..

No. 364, An act relating to the payment of the warrants of the counties,
cities, townships, school districts and boards of education, and to
amend section 7 of chapter 249 of the laws of 1891, and to repeal said
original section.

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No. 370, An act to amend the laws relating to the common schools, and pro-
viding for the admission of graduates of common schools to high
schools and providing tax levy therefor, and repealing all acts and
parts of acts in conflict herewith.

No. 371, An act relating to kindergartens, and providing for the support

No. 372, An act for the relief of M. M. Stanley..

No. 373, An act fixing the fees and salaries of the county officers of Shawnee
County, Kansas, prescribing their duties and providing penalties for
the violation hereof

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No. 374, An act to disorganize certain townships in Stevens county, Kansas,
and attach the territory thereof to certain townships herein named
in said Stevens county





No. 375, An act authorizing Lennil J. Wilson, a minor, to exercise the rights
of majority.....


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No. 376, An act to regulate the practice of the barbers' profession, and pun-
ish violators thereof.


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No. 377, An act to vacate certain lots, blocks, streets, alleys and public
grounds in the military addition to the city of Salina, Saline county,
Kansas, and to exclude the same from the limits of said city, and to
make the same a part of Smoky Hill township, in said county and

No. 378, An act to facilitate the sale of real estate in the state of Kansas by
providing for the enforcement of contracts for such sale and the col-
lection of purchase-money

No. 379, An act to enable incorporated cities to grant franchises for the pur-
pose of supplying such cities and their inhabitants with natural gas,
and to prescribe rules and regulations in relation thereto..

No. 380, An act to establish and permanently locate a state normal school at
the city of Pittsburg, Crawford county, Kansas..

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No. 381, An act to amend "An act amendatory of and supplemental to chap-
ter 128 of the session laws of 1881, being an act entitled 'An act to
prohibit the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors, except for
medicinal, scientific and mechanical purposes and to regulate the
manufacture and sale thereof for such excepted purposes,' and to re-
peal certain sections of chapter 149 of the session laws of 1893".

No. 382, An act to authorize the board of county commissioners of Anderson
county to sell and convey certain real estate heretofore purchased by
said county from first national bank of Garnett.....

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No. 383, An act to amend section 4766, of the general statutes of 1889, being
in relation to the action of quo warranto.




No. 384, An act authorizing and empowering the county commissioners of
Lincoln county, Kansas, to invest the county railroad sinking funds,
or any county sinking funds, in school district,, township, state or
United States bonds, and declaring an emergency.

No. 385, An act regulating the fees and salaries of the county treasurer, county
clerk, register of deeds, sheriff, county attorney and clerk of the dis-
trict court of Ellsworth county, Kansas..

No. 386, An act to amend an act entitled "An act fixing the terms of court in
the third judicial district, and authorizing the judge of said district
court to appoint a stenographer therein and fixing his compensation,"
being chapter 111 of the laws of 1885.

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No. 387, An act to establish a county high school in Montgomery county, Kan-









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No. 388, An act for the appropriation of interest received from the perma-
nent school fund of the Kansas state agricultural college







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No. 389, An act to provide for the payment of the bonded indebtedness of
the state of Kansas held by individuals and corporations, due July
1, 1897, and July 1, 1898.






No. 390, An act regulating the inspection and sale of oils for illuminating
and heating purposes in the state of Kansas.

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No. 391, An åct to amend section 5 of an act entitled "An act concerning ap
pellate courts, defining their jurisdiction and proceedings therein,'
which took effect February 27, 1895, and repealing said original sec-
tion 5...

No. 392, An act to amend original sections 3, 4, 5 and 17 of chapter 96 of the
session laws of 1895, of an act entitled "An act concerning appellate
courts, defining their jurisdiction and proceedings therein," and re-
pealing said original sections.

No. 393, An act to detach certain lands from school district No. 1, Reno
county, Kansas, and attach said detached lands to school district
No. 3 in Reno county, Kansas.

No. 394, An act authorizing the city of Hutchinson to vote and issue bonds to
the Hutchinson & Southwestern improvement company to aid in the
securing of union and other terminals in said city, and to connect
the various lines of road at or near the said city, and to aid in the
construction, operation and maintenance of depots, repair machine
shops, and other facilities for conducting railroad and transfer busi-
ness in said city

No. 395, An act making appropriation for state printing for the balance of
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1897......

No. 396, An act providing for casting of votes by proxy in elections and meet-
ings of mutual life insurance companies...

No. 397, An act making appropriation for the state printing for the fiscal
years ending June 30, 1898, and June 30, 1899, and regulating expendi-
tures thereof.

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