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I, Thomas H. Duval, Secretary of State of the State of Texas, certify that the Fourth Legislature of said State, commenced its session at the City of Austin, on Monday the 3d day of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, and adjourned on Monday the 16th day of February, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.

And I further certify, that the Acts and Joint Resolutions contained in this volume, are true copies taken from the original rolls deposited in the Department of State, with which they have been carefully compared.

Given under my hand and official seal, at the City of [L. S.] Austin, the twenty-sixth day of April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.




Allen, Pamelia, relief of, 114.
Anahuac Pass, deepening of, encouraged, 23.
Anahuac Pass, act to encourage the deepening of, repealed, 215.
Anderson, Town of, incorporated, 19.
Anderson, Nancy, heirs of, relief of, 110.
Andrews, David, relief of, 183.
Aransas Road Company ncorporated, 166.
Arnold, Haden, heirs of, relief of, 18.
Attoyac Turnpike Company, incorporated, 42.
Augustine, W. H., benefit of, 203.
Austin College, act incorporating, amended, 20.
Austin City, the several acts incorporating amended, 151.


Barclay, Walter, relief of, 106.
Bartleson, Peter K., relief of, 171.
Bartlett, Robert, relief of, 93.
Bastrop Academy, incorporated, 53.
Bastrop Educational Society, incorporated, 101.
Bass, Ambrose, relief of, 60.
Battle Creek Academy, in Navarro county, incorporated, 32.
Bailey, Peter J., heirs of, relief of, 58.
Bayliss, Joseph, heirs of, relief of, 59.
Belden, Samuel A., resolution relative to spoliations committed on prop-

erty of, 107.
Belton, Town of, in Bell county, incorporated, 35.
Bethea, John, relief of, 90.
Big Cypress Toll-bridge, authorised to be erected, 128.
Black, G. B., Sheriff of Grimes county, relief of, 10.
Blair, John, relief of, 149.
Blair, John, relief of, 176.
Bogart, Sam, relief of, 113.
Bonner, Fitz William, permitted to practice law, 45.
Brazos Plankroad Company, incorporated, 83.
Brazos and Colorado Railroad Company, incorporated, 205.
Brigham, Samuel B., administrator of Asa Brigham, relief of, 82.

Brinkley, Aquilla, relief of 218.
Brooks, Bluford, relief of, 172.
Brown, John, (red) relief of, 164.
Brownsville City, act incorporating, repealed, 34.
Buchanan, Julia, relief of, 60.
Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railroad Company, act incorporating,

amended, 68.


Caitan, Agipito or his assignee, relief of, 90.
Calwell, William, Sr., heirs of, relief of, 219.
Carthage, Town of, in Panola county, incorporated, 41.
Cevallos, Thomas, permitted to remain in Bexar county, in this State, 13.
Centreville, Town of, in Leòn county, incorporated, 63.
Chapman, W. D., relief of,
Chappell Hill Male and Female Institute, incorporated, 80.
Cherino, Jose Luis, his heirs or assigns, relief of, 220.
Christy, William M., relief of, 14.
Clark, Daniel C., relief of, 182.
Clarksville and Red River Turnpike Company, incorporated, 45.
Clarksville and Mount Pleasant Turnpike Company, incorporated, 77.
Clarksville, Town of, in Red River county, incorporated, 66.
Clements, Emanuel, relief of, 44.
Cloud, Daniel W., heirs of, relief of, 58.
Cole, Henry Benjamin, relief of, 204.
Coley, Wright, of Robertson county, relief of, 148.
Commissioner of the General Land Office, authorised to issue a patent to

Wm. McMin Nuner, 29.
Comal Union School, incorporated, 127.
Cooks, William G., Auditor authorised to settle accounts of, 104.
Corpus Christi City, incorporated, 174.
Corpus Christi Navigation Company, incorporated, 189.
Crawford, Reuben, relief of, 77.
Crosby, Thomas, relief of, 82.
Crosby, Stephen, Commissioner General Land Office, leave of absence grant-

ed to, 226.
Crowls, George W., relief of, 108.
Cummins, William, relief of, 77.


Daingerfield, Town of, incorporated, 24.
Dallas Bridge and Plankroad Company, incorporated, 116.
Day, James M., relief of, 15.

De Cordova, Jacob, relief of, 165.
Diamond, Francis M., granting league of land to, 171.
Dooley, Susan J. and Littleton J., benefit of twin children of, 92.
Dorsey, James B., relief of, 180.
Doss, Samuel E., relief of, 173.
Douthitt, Ambrose, relief of, 29.
Draper, Sabina, relief of, 33.

East Fork of Trinity Bridge and Turnpike Company, incorporated, 121.
Eaton, George, relief of, 164.
Elgin, Robert M., relief of, 119.
El Paso and Frontera Turnpike Company, incorporated, 213.
Emanuel, Albert, relief of, 55.
Evans, Phillip, relief of, 9.
Everett, Joseph A., permitted to practice law, 8.
Ewing, Alexander, relief of, 164.
Emberson, Elijah, relief of, 173.
Eubanks, Elias M., concerning his claim to headright, 204.
Eubanks, Elias N.,


do do 204.



Falvel, M. J., heirs of, relief of, 218.
Fitzgerald, Jabez, estate of, relief of, 55.
Flanagan, Webster, permitted to practice law, 147.
Foster, William L., heirs of, relief of, 183.
Foy, Frederick, relief of, 202.
Franks, A. M., relief of, 183.
Frazor, James, relief of, 85.
Freeman, Thomas J., relief of, 172.


Galveston College, incorporated, 74.
Galveston, Corporation of, certain powers granted to, 11.
Galveston and Red River Railway Company, supplementary to an act to

establish the. 142.
Galveston City Corporation, supplementary to an act granting certain pow.

ers to, 181.
Galveston Dry Dock Company, incorporated, 215.
Garcia, Casimiro, relief of, 15.
Gilmer, Town of, incorporated, 48.
Gibbs, William, heirs of, relief of, 22.
Glavecke, Adolphus, relief of, 176.

Goodman's Turnpike Company, incorporated, 27.
Goliad, Town of, charter of amended, 85.
Goacher, James W., deceased, heirs of, relief of, 190.
Gonzales College, incorporated, 193.
Governor, authorised to obtain the Portrait of George Washington belong-

ing to the State, and now in the city of Houston, 129.
Grand Bluff Turnpike Company, incorporated, 94.
Granger, Marcello, relief of, 130.
Gray, E. M., vested with the right of constructing a Toll-bridge across the

West Fork of Angelina river, 177.
Greenville, Town of, incorporated, 155.
Green, Nathaniel, heirs of, relief of, 171.
Greer, J. A., guardian of J. A. Greer, jr., authorised to receive any money

deposited in the Treasury, by order of the county court of Grimes

county, 10.
G fin, Jackson H., relief of, 217.
Grooms, Wiliam, relief of, 38.
Gross, James, relief of, 147.
Guyman, William, heirs of, relief of, 95.


Hamilton, George, heirs of, relief of, 18.
Hamilton, A. J., Treasurer authorized to pay the sum of $1,500 to, for sev.

vices as counsel for the State, 111.
Hanks, Wesley, W., relief of, 31.
Hardin, Joel B., relief of, 181.
Harrison, Andrew J., heirs of, relief of, 58.
Harness Peter C., relief of, 60.
Hennessee, Thomas, relief of, 171.
Hedgecoxe, Oliver, relief of, 31.
Henderson and Burkeville Railroad Company, incorporated, 97.
Henderson, Town of, incorporated, 114.
Henry, Maj. Wm. S., donating a league of land to heirs of, 173.
High, Peter, relief of, 181.
Hill, David, authorised to construct a bridge across the Sabine river, 21.
Hillburn, Ambrose, relief of, 33.
Huntsville, Town of, reincorporated, 38.
Hughes, Robert T., relief of, 77.
Holcombe, H. F., lief of, 111.
Hughes, William, relief of, 220.
Hunt, Memuean, relief of, 106.

I & J

Independence, town of, incorporated, 88.
Jasper Collegiate Institute, incorporated, 3.

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