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vided, however, That no guano shall be taken from said island, rock, or resident therein, as aforesaid. And provided, also, That said discoverer being used therein, and to none others, and at the price aforesaid, and to

real estate shall be by bill in equity, verified by the oath or oaths of the party sell

. How made,

and proceedings or parties, in which all the facts shall be distinctly set forth, upon the existence of which it is claimed to be expedient that such sale should be decreed; which facts shall be proved by competent testimony. Such of the issue contemplated by the limitation as shall be in existence at the time of the application for the sale of such real estate, shall be made parties defendant to the bill, and if minors, by guardian ad litem, together with all who would take the estate in case the limitation over should never vest. Such

of the parties defendant as shall be of the age of fourteen years or more shall answer in proper person, on oath, and all evidence shall be taken upon notice to the parties and to the guardian ad litem. SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That the proceeds of the sale of Disposition of

. such real estate shail be held under the control and subject to the order of the Court, and shall be vested, under its order and supervision, upon real and personal security, or in government securities ; and the same shall, to all intents and purposes, be deemed real estate, and stand in the place of the real estate from the sale of which such proceeds have arisen, and as such real estate, be subject to the limitations of the deed or will. This act shall be in force from its passage.

APPROV ED, August 18, 1856.
Chap. CLXIV.-An Act to authorize Protection to be given to Citizens of the United Aug 18, 1856.

States who Deposiles of Guano.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled, That when any citizen or
citizens of

the United States may have discovered, or shall hereafter dis- discovered by cover, a deposit of guano on any island, rock, or key not within the law- belonging to othful jurisdiction of any other government, and not occupied by the citizens er countries,may of any other government, and shall take peaceable possession thereof, and be considered as occupy the

same, said island, rock, or key may, at the discretion of the the United President

of the United States, be considered as appertaining to the States. United States: Provided, however, That notice be given by such discoverer Proviso. or discoverers, as soon as practicable, to the State Department of the United States, of such discovery, occupation, and possession, verified by affidavit

, describing said island, rock, or key, and the latitude and longitude thereof,

as near as may be, and showing that such possession was taken in the name of the Únited States, and that satisfactory evidence be furnished to the State Department that such island, rock, or key was not, at the

time of the discovery thereof, or of the taking possession and occupation

thereof by the claimants, in the possession or occupation of any other government or of the citizens of any other government. Sec. 2.

And be it further enacted, That the said discoverer or discov- Rights of diserers, or bis or their assigns, being citizens of the United States, may be casesers in such allowed, at

the pleasure of Congress, the exclusive right of occupying said island, rocks, or keys, for the purpose of obtaining said guano, and of selling and delivering the same to citizens of the United States, for the purpose of being used therein, and may be allowed to charge and receive

every ton thereof delivered alongside a vessel, in proper tubs, within reach of ship's tackle, a sum not exceeding eight dollars per ton for the

or four dollars per ton in its native place of deposit: Prokey, except for the use of the citizens of the United States, or of persons

rs, or his or their assigns, shall first enter into bonds, with

es or securities as may be required by the President, to desa id guano io citizens of the United States, for the purpose of

necessary facilities for that purpose within a time to be fixed

Guano islands

best quality,


or discoverer such penalti. liver the

provide alu


in said bond. And any breach of the provisions thereof shall be taken

and deemed a forfeiture of all rights accruing under and by virtue of this Transportation Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the introduction of guano of suchi guano, from such islands, rocks, or keys, shall be regulated as in the coasting how regulated. trade between different parts of the United States, and the same laws

shall govern the vessels concerned therein. United States Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this act contained muito boundstondes shall be construed obligatory on the United States to retain possession of

the islands, rocks, or keys, as aforesaid, after the guano shall have been

removed from the same. Land and naval forces may be

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United employed to en- States is hereby authorized, at his discretion, to employ the land and naforce said rights. val forces of the United States to protect the rights of the said discoverer

or discoverers or their assigns, as aforesaid. Provision Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That until otherwise provided by on such islands. law, all acts done, and offences or crimes committed, on every such island,

rocks, or keys, by persons who may land thereon, or in the waters adjacent thereto, shall be held and deemed to have been done or committed on the high seas, on board a merchant ship or vessel belonging to the United States, and be punished according to the laws of the United States relating to such ships or vessels and offences on the high seas; which laws, for the purposes aforesaid, are hereby extended to and over such islands, rocks, or keys.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

Aug. 18, 1856. CHAP. CLXV.-An Act to extend the Jurisdiction of the Corporation of the City of

Washington over the lower Eastern Branch or Navy-yard Bridge, and to regulate Travel upon the upper Eastern Branch, or Benning's Bridge, und for other Purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Corporation of States of America in Congress assembled, that the bounds of the corWashington to poration of the City of Washington, be and the same are hereby ex: embrace Navy- tended so far as to comprehend the lower Eastern Branch, or Navy-yard

bridge ; and the said corporation is hereby empowered to adopt rules and regulations for the safety and security of property and of ihe persons

crossing the said bridge. Regulation of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall not be lawful for persons travelsing on

any person or persons to ride, drive or lead any horse, mule, or other bridge.

animal over the wooden part of the upper Eastern Branch,
Bridge at a faster gait than a walk; or to discharge any gun or other fire-
arm on or under the said bridge, or from the causeway leading thereto:
and all persons violating either of the provisions of this section shall for-
feit and pay, for each and every such offence, a penalty of not more than
ten, nor less than five dollars, to be recovered in the name of the United
States before any magistrate of the county of Washington and District of
Columbia, the money when collected to be handed over to the levy court
and by them applied to such repairs and improvements of the road, lead-
ing to the bridge, as from time to time may be required.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.


or Benning's

Aug. 18, 1858. Chap. CLXVI. — An Act to fix the Graduation Periods for Lands in the Greensturg

District, in the State of Louisiana. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United In Greensburg States of America in Congress assembled, That in classifying the una district the peri- sold and unappropriated public lands in the district of Greensburg, subods to be reck- ject to sale, in the State of Louisiana, under the act entitled, “ An act to

oned from time

For repairs of Castle Pinckney, Charleston harbor, ten thousand
For repairs of Fort Morgan, mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama, twenty-

graduate and reduce the price of the public lands to actual settlers and the land became cultivators," approved August fourth,

eighteen hundred and fifty-four, the subject to prirespective periods therein referred to shall be computed from the dates 1864, ch. 244. on which the lands became subject to private entry, after the first or original offering of the same.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856. CHAP. CLXVII. - An Act making Appropriations for Fortifications and other Works Aug. 18, 1856.

of Defence, und for Repairs of Barracks and Quarters, for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be and they are hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the construction, preservation, and repairs of certain fortifications, barracks, and quarters, for the year ending the thir- Appropriations. tieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven.

For Fort Montgomery, outlet of Lake Champlain, twenty-five thousand dollars ; For Fort

Knox, at the Narrows of the Penobscot River, Maine, sixty thousand dollars ;

For Fort Winthrop, Governor's Island, Boston harbor, ten thousand dollars; For Fort

Richmond, at the Narrows, New York harbor, seventy-five thousand dollars ;

For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, twenty thousand dollars ;
For Fort

Delaware, Delaware River, one hundred and fifty thousand
For Fort

Carroll, Baltimore harbor, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; For Fort

Calhoun, entrance to Hampton Roads, Virginia, fifty thousand dollars ;

For Fort Sumpter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, fifty thousand dollars ;

For Fort Pulaski, Savannah River, Georgia, nineteen thousand dollars ;

For Fort Clinch, entrance to Cumberland Sound, Florida, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For Fort thousand dollars ;

McRee, and preservation of its site, Florida, twenty-five For Fort

Barrancas, Pensacola harbor, Florida, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama, fifty thousand dollars ;
For Fort

Taylor, Key West, Florida, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, Florida, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For fortifications at Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California, two hundred thousand dollars ;

For fortifications at Fort Point, entrance of San Francisco Bay, California, three hundred and fifty thousand

dollars ; For repairs of Fort Jackson, Savannah River, fourteen thousand dol


lars ;

five thousand

sand dollars =

me contes on "Battery at Fort Jackson, Mississippi River, ten thou



For repairs and extension of Fort St. Philip, Mississippi River, thirty

thousand dollars; Contingencies.

For contingent expenses of fortifications not herein mentioned, the preservation of sites, the protection of titles, and repairs of sudden damages to forts, thirty thousand three hundred dollars.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

Aug. 18, 1856.


CHAP. CLXVIII.-An Act to establish certain Post-Roads.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established
as post-roads :-

From Burnt-Corn, via Andalusia, Elba, Indigo Head, Hawkridge,
Westville, Daleville, Newton, Abbeville, to Fort Gaines, Georgia.

From Clayton, via Louisville, Justice's Store, Rocky Head, Haw-
Ridge, Indigo Head, to Elba.

From Burnt-Corn, in Monroe county, to Ft. Gaines, Georgia.
From Elba, via Old Town, to Almaranti

, in Florida.
From Elba, via Indigo Head, and Rocky Head, to Louisville.
From Greenville via Starlington, to Sparta.
From Elba, via Indigo Head, Rockyhill, and Louisville, to Clayton.
From Greenville, via Milleville, Cook's Store, Greenland, to Elba.
From Genoa, via Barber's Ferry, to Andalusia.
From Andalusia to Williams' Mill, in Covington county.
From Eufala, via Fort Browden, Spring Hill, Enon, to Tuskagee.
From Jonesboro' to Mudd Creek.
From Jonesboro' to Waldrop's Mill.

From Fort Gaines, Georgia, via Abbeville, Newton, Daleville, Indigo
Head, Elba, Andalusia, Sparta, to Burnt-Corn, Alabama.

From Louisville in Barbour county, via Justice's Store, Rocky Head, to Indigo Head, in Coffee county.

From Woodshop, in Dale county, to Newton.
From Elba, via Greenland, Cook's Store, Millville, to Greenville.
From Abbeville, via Flag Pond, to Big Creek, in Dale county.
From Andalusia, in Covington county, to Ucheanna, Florida.
From Perote, in Pike county, to Monticello.

From Mount Meigs, via Lime Creek, Bruceville, Arbor Vitæ, Perote,
Indian Creek, to Mount Andrew.

From Waverly, via Home, to Wind Creek.

From Oxford, via Arbacoochu, Bowdon, and Cawatton, (Georgia) to
Newman, (Georgia.)

From Benton, by Pleasant Hill, Cantonville, and Richmond, to Camden.
From Greenville, via Oaky Streak, to Andalusia.

From Marion, in Perry county, by Burrough's Ferry, on the Cahaba
River, Ford's Mill, and James Griffins, to Randolph, Bibb county.

From Abbeville, via Flag Pond, to Big Creek.
From Newton, via William Britt's and Barker's Mills, to Genoa.
From Andalusia to Uchee Anna, (Florida.)
From Beaverton to Orin Davis', (at Thornhill.)
From Eufaula, via Fort Browden, Springhill, Enon, to Tuskegee.

From Winchester, on Mobile and Ohio Railroad, to Linden, Merango county, Alabama, via Jersey, Butler, Mount Sterling, and Tompkinsville, in Choctaw county, Alabama.

From Thornhill, Hancock county, to Moscow, Marion county, via Greene Haley's.

From the Lauderdale Springs, in the State of Mississippi, via Livingston, in Sumpter county, Alabama, Demopolis, Spring Hill, Dayton, and

mon River

From Pine Bluff, in Jefferson county, to Aberdeen in Prairie county.

Salmora, Izard county, to Locust Grove, in Leary county.
Poplar Bluffs, in the State of Missouri.
Placerville to Genoa, Carson county, Utah Territory.

MIcKinley, in Marengo county, Orville, Cahaba, to Selma, in Dallas Alabama.
county, Alabama.

From Oak Level, via Pumpkin Pile, Georgia, to Cedartown, Georgia.

From Wetumpka, via Buycksville, Travellers' Rest, Weogufka, Marble Valley, Talladega Springs, and Fayetteville to Syllacogga.

From Columbiana via residences of James M. Walhn, Henry Webster, and E. Cook, to Crosswell.

From Asheville to Levi C. Blair's.
From Crawford, via Waughtula, to Society Hill.
From Van Buren to Asheville.

From Gadsden, via Fairview, Lookout Mountain, Hendrixville, to

From Asheville, via Chesallyric, to Blountsville.

From Asheville, St. Clair county, to Blountsville, via Chepultepec, Blount county.

From Wedower, via Haywood, K. B. Shorts to Franklin, Georgia.

From Mount Meigl, via Line Creek, Bruceville, Arbor Vitæ, Perote,
Indian Creek, to Mount Andrew.

From Jacksonville via Nances Creek, to Cedartown, Georgia.
From Shippersville via Summer Hill, to Newton.
From Oak Bowery, via Kendall's X Roads, to Dudleyville.
From Newton to Woods hoss.

From Newton, (east of the river,) via Wm. Buitt's, Barker's Mill, to

From Perota, via Monticello, to Troy.
From Shippersville in Dale county, to Newton.
From Fredonia, via Hickory Flat, to Roanoke.
From Jasper, by Thornhill, to Russellville.
From Mobile

, via Hollywood, to Donnelly's Mills, Baldwin county.
From Crawford, via Waughtula, to Society Hill.

From Pocahontas, via Cherokee, to Poplar Bluffs, Missouri.

Pocahontas, by James D. Cross', in Randolph county, to Doniphan, in


St. Charles, via De Witt, to Brownsville, in Prairie county.

London to Jones', St. Francis county.
From Danville, up Dutch Creek, to Waldron.

Desarc, Prairie county, to Oakland, St. Francis county.
rison's Bluff, to Roseville, Franklin county;

Chienla, Yell County, via Pleasant Valley, Shoal's Creek, MorFrom and Big

Mount Ida, Montgomery county, by Maddox Sulphur Springs

Bend, to Pautlier, Polk county. From

Desarc, in Prairie county, to Cotton Plant in St. Francis county. Froin

Holly Point, Ashley county, by Hazzard's Store, Newport, Cooper's Store, and D. P. Stevens', in Drew county, to Monticello. From

Hot Springs, via Howell's, P. P. Pytchlins, Robinson, in Polk county, Suckfata, and Wright's Ferry, on Red River, to Paris, in Lamar county, Texas.

Pocahontas, in the State of Arkansas, via Cherokee Bay, to


inidad, in Kalamnath county, by Orleans, Bar Forks of Sal-
and Bestville, to Petersville.



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