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xi-xii. Collegii Balioliensis Ichnographia, et ejusdem Coll.

Frontispicium. Parr sc. xii-xiv. Collegii Mertonensis Ichnographia, et ejusdem Coll.

Frontispicium. xv. Collegii Mertonensis Latus Meridion. et Latus Orient.

Toms sc. xvi-xvii. Collegii Exoniensis Ichnographia et Frontispicium. xviii-xix. Collegii Orielensis lchnographia et Frontispicium.

xx. Collegii Orielensis Prospectus. xxi-xxii. Collegii Reginensis Ichnographia et Prospectus. J. Sturt

xxiii. Elevatio utriusq. Lateris Bibliothecæ. J. Sturt sc. xxiv-xxv. Collegii Novi Ichnographia et Prospectus. Toms sc.

xxvi. Ejusdem Coll. Capella, &c. Xxvii-xxviii. Collegii Lincolniensis Frontispicium, Ichnographia,

&c. et ejusdem Coll. Atria bina. xxix-xxxi. Collegii Omnium Animarum Ichnographia; ejusdem

Coll. Frontispicium, &c. et Atrium novuin. xxxii-xxxiii. Collegii B. Mariæ Magdalenæ Prospectus et Iehno

graphia. xxxiv. Ejusdem Coll. Latus Septentrionale ut designatum. XXXV-xxxvi. Collegii Ænei Nasi Ichnographia et Prospectus.

xxxvii. Ejusdem Coll. ut designatum. xxxviii, xxxix, xl. Collegii Corporis Christi Ichnographia; ejus

dem Coll. Frontispicium, &c. et Prospectus Meridion. xli. Collegii Ædis Christi Ichnographia. xlii. Ejusdem Coll. Frontispicium, &c. xliii. Ejusdem Coll. Latus Meridion. et Latus Septentrion.

Majoris Atrii. xliv. Ejusdem Coll. Atrium Peckwateriense. xlv. Collegii Stæ Trinitatis Prospectus. xlvi. Ejusdem Coll. Capella. xlvii. Ejusdem Coll. Atria bina. xlviii. Collegii Divi Johannis Baptistæ Prospectus. Toms sc. xlix-1. Ejusdem Coll. Frontispicium, et ejusdem Coll. Atria bina.

li-lii. Collegii Jesu Ichnographia; et ejusdem Coll. Atria bina. liii, liv, lv. Collegii Wadhamensis Ichnographia, Frontispicium

et Prospectus. lvi. Collegium Pembrochianum. lvii. Collegii Vigorniensis Frontispicium et Íchnographia. lviii. Ejusdem Coll. ut designatum. lix. Aula Sancti Albani. lx. Aula Cervina, seu ut mavult vocari Collegium Hertford

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Ixi. Aula Sti Edmundi. lxii. Aula Beatæ Mariæ Virginis. Ixiii. Aula Novi Hospitii. lxiv. Aula B. Mariæ Magdalenæ. Ixv. Ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum in Oxonia. W. Thorp sc.

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XXXVI. Views of OXFORD, by T. MALTON. LONDON: Published 4th June, 1810, by White and Co. Fleet

Street; and R. Smith, Oxford. Folio. 1. Magdalen College, from the New Bridge. (1802.) 2. The First Quadrangle of Magdalen College. 3. Magdalen Bridge and 'Tower. An outline. 4. Queen's College, from the High Street. 5. The principal Quadrangle of Queen's College. 6. The Chapel of Queen's College. 7. University College, from the High Street. 8. Entrance to All Souls College, and St. Mary's Church,

from the High Street. 9. East Front of the principal Front of All Souls College. 10. West Front of the principal Quadrangle of All Souls Col

lege. 11. The Library of All Souls College. 12. Inside of All Souls College Chapel. An outline. 13. First Quadrangle of New College. 14. The Ante Chapel of New College. 15. The Chapel of New College. 16. First Quadrangle of Brazen Nose College. 17. The Front of Oriel College, and St. Mary's Spire. An out

line. 18. Entrance to Merton College, and Tower. An outline. 19. Merton Church. 20. Corpus Christi College, from the Garden. 21. North Front of the Library of Christ Church College. 22. West Front of Christ Church. An outline. 23. Staircase to the Hall of Christ Church College. 24. The Hall of Christ Church College. 25. Christ Church, from the Chaplain's Court. 26. The Cathedral of Christ Church. 27. North Front of the Divinity School. 28. The (Interior of the) Divinity School. PART II.


29. All Saints Church, and part of the High Street. An out

line. 30. The Clarendon Printing House.

N. B. In consequence of the Death of the Artist the Plates in outline were never finished.

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Doors, Windows, Bvttresses, Pinnacles, &c. with the Measvrements, selected from ancient Bvildings at Oxford, &c. Drawn and etched on Sixty-one Plates by F. MACKENZIE and A. PvGIN. LONDON : Published by J. Taylor, No. 59, High Holborn,

Demy quarto.

PLATES. 1. Monument of Sir Bernard Brocers, St. Edmund's Chapel,

Westminster Abbey. Forming the Title-page. 2. Western Doorway to Iffley Church, Oxfordshire. 3. Door leading from Westminster Abbey to the Cloisters. 4. Door into the South West Cloister, Westminster Abbey. 5. West Door of St. Mary's Church, Oxford. 6. Doorway in the Quadrangle of Balliol College. 7. Doorway leading from the Hall to the Kitchen, Christ

Church College. 8. Doorway in the Great Quadrangle, Christ Church College. 9. Door adjoining Abbot Islip’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey. 10. The old Gateway, Magdalen College. 11. Archway in Magdalen College, Oxford. 12. Porch of St. Peter's in the East, Oxford. 13. Gable end of All Souls Chapel. 14. East end of Wadham College Chapel. 15. Window of the Cloister, Magdalen College. 16. Side Window, New College Chapel. 17. East Window of the Ante Chapel, Merton College. 18. Window of St. Peter's in the East, Oxford. 19. Window of the Divinity Schools, Oxford. 20. Window, &c. St. Mary's Church, Oxford. 21. Window of Merton Chapel Tower. 22. East Window, Merton College Chapel. 23, Window and Niche in Magdalen Chapel.

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24. Window and Landing of the Great Staircase, Christ Church

Hall. 25. Window in the Cloister Passage, Christ Church College. 26. North side of St. John the Evangelist's Chapel, Westminster. 27. East side, Poet's Corner, Westminster, shewing Chaucer's

Monument. Folded. 28. Interior Window of the Ante Chapel, King's College, Cam

bridge. 29. Window in one of the small Chapels, King's College, Cam

bridge. 30. Windows and Chimnies, St. Alban's Hall, Oxford. 31. Dormer Window, Merton College. 32. Oriel Window, Balliol College. 33. Oriel Window, Garden Front, St. John's College. 34. Oriel Window, Lincoln College. 35. Arch and Capitals, North Transept, Oxford Cathedral. 36. Upper Window in the North Transept, Oxford Cathedral. 37. Archway Entrance to Merton College. 38. Principal Entrance to Merton College. 39. Niches over the Entrance to All Souls College, and over the

old Gateway, Magdalen College. 40. Statue of Cardinal Wolsey, Christ Church, Oxford; and a

Statue and Niche on the North side of Merton Chapel. 41. Buttresses of the Divinity School, Oxford. 42. Buttresses at the East end of Merton Chapel, and to Mag

dalen Church, Oxford. 43. Pinnacles in the Angle of the Ante Chapel, New College

Chapel. 44. Turret of All Souls Chapel. 45. Pinnacles and Battlements of the Divinity Schools and of

All Souls College, Oxford. 46. Pinnacles and Battlement of Merton Chapel Tower. 47. North side of Magdalen Tower, Oxford. 48. Principal Entrance, or Tom's Tower, Christ Church Col

lege, Oxford. Folded. 49. A Turret of King's College Chapel, Cambridge. Folded. 50. North side of the Spire of St. Mary's Church, Oxford.

Folded. 51. Spandrel over the arched Entrance to the Great Staircase,

Christ Church College; also Pendants in the Divinity

Schools. 52. Pendant in the Choir of the Cathedral, Oxford. 53. Bracket and Pendant of the Roof in Christ Church Hall,


54, 55. Grotesque Ornaments in St. John's and Magdalen Col

leges. 56. Parapet of St. Mary's Church, Oxford, and the Parapet

Tower of the Divinity Schools. 57. Parapets of Magdalen Church and of St. Peter's in the

East. 58. Battlements over the West Entrance of Magdalen College. 59. Entrance Court, with the Stone Pulpit, Magdalen College. 60. Entrance to All Souls ('ollege, Oxford. 61. Tower of St. John's College, (Oxford.)

N. B. There are copies of these Etchings on IMPERIAL PAPER.


UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. 1. ANNALES Rerum Gestarum Ælfredi Magni, Auctore Asserio

Menevensi, recensuit FRANCISCUS WISE, A.M. Coll. Trin. Soc.

OXONII: A.D. MDCCXXII. Octavo. Title-page as above, printed in red and black ink. To the Reader, dated E Bibl. Bodl. Aug. 18, 1792, 4 pages. Another Title-page, in black ink, giving the Contents of the

Volume, with a Quotation from Bale's Preface to Leland's

New Year's Gift, on the reverse : in black letter. Preface, by Archbishop Parker, with his Portrait on the letterpress


page !, engraved by G. Vertue, [b-c] p. i–xvi. Typographus (Camdenianus) 'Benevoli Lectori S. P. and the

Saxon Alphabet, p. xvii-xviii. De Vita et Scriptis Asserii, [d 2-e 3] p. xix-xxx. Half Title: “ Annales Rerum Gestarum Ælfredi Magni.” Dedication, with a Head of Alfred, from an ancient Stone over

the Door of the Refectory of Brazen Nose Coll. Oxford. Asserius de Rebus Gestis Ælfredi et Testamentum Regis Æl

fredi, &c. [A 2-M 2] 91 pages ; with a Portrait of . Ant.

Van Dyke pinx. on p. 91. Chronologia Vitæ Regis Alfredi, ex Appendice ad Vitam Æl

fredi, a D. Joh. Spelmanno, Anglice primo conscriptam, deinde à Cl. Walkero Lat. editam, Ao D. 1678, (N-O 3] p. 93

106. Testimonia de Ælfredo Rege ex Floribus Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ

Nicolai Smith, Episc. Chalcedonensis, (o 4-Q2] p. 107-120. Epistola Fulconis Rhemorum Archiepiscopi ad Ælfredum Regem,

[Q 3-R 3] p. 121-130.

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