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correspond with the border ; it usually reaches Egyptian or old English characters engraved as within a quarter of a yard the bottom of the a motto, are a trinket or ornament entirely new dress, and is invariably trimmed with a lace at in the fashionable world. Shoes and gloves conthe bottom, put on easily full.

tinue much as our last communication, except The sleeves of this dress are of the same mate. that white kid are now painted at the toes and rials as the apron. Some of our elegantes only on the quarters, to represent a sort of coloured shade the bosom by a simple drawn tucker of marble. The prevailing colours are dove, pink, lace. The front of dresses are rather lowered of pale morone, shaded purples, and jonquille. late, in compliment, we presume, to the back Fawn-colour, though still much worn by the and shoulders, which still continue their public multitude, is not now considered as genteel. exhibition, braving both moral and physical declamation. The short sleeve, worn in full

LETTER ON DRESS. puckers on the shoulder, confined at the bottom with a broad armlet corresponding with the other ornaments, is considered as elegant in full dress;

Oh! Julia, Julia! did not Truro contain ob. while some, on the contrary, wear the short sleeve nearly plain, trimmed at the edge similar withjects very dear to me, I should not care to visit

it again these dozen years! But this dear be. the dress, and crossed to a point in the centre of the arm. The simple frock sleeve, with a cuff witching London, now more enchanting than

ever! oh! I could wish to live and die in it. I of lace, is much esteemed, with dresses of coloured Italian crape.

do not in the least wonder now, that Squire G's We think the waist a little increased in length Lady used to reside here eight months in the of late; and the square and round bosom, plaited year, rather than imprison herself in that gloomy

seat within a mile of our town. How odious or gored with lace, have an equal portion of

must she have found the croaking of her rookcelebrity.

ery, after the enchanting, soul-moving harmony The decorations for the head were never more

of the Opera; And how offensive must have tasteful and elegant, than at this season. The

been the starched and stubborn antiquity of the tiaras o guld, silver, steel, or bugles, are most

two maiden sisters, R. and S. stuck opposite to graceful and becoming ornaments. The small

her in our country church, when contrasted in half handkerchief, in black, white, or morone net,

her mind with the graceful images of London embroidered in cotton, gold, or silver, is now so

fashionables that flocked there. I cannot aç. much in vogue, that scarce fashionable woman

quiesce, my dear friend, in your highly-coloured appears in public without them. They are often

panegyric on a country life; being rather inplaced at the back of the diadem, falling in irre

clined, at this moment, to echo the song of our gular points on the back of the neck; others

old Steward, wear them with the point in front, à la Mary Queen of Scots. Some intermix them with the “ But if that in shades I am destined to dwell, knot of hair behind, or on the crown of the head,

“Oh! give me the sweet shady-side of Palland bring the ends under the chin. When worn

Mall.” in this last mentioned style, there is generally an Cousin Mary laughed heartily at your humourornament in front of the hair.

These chiefly ous description of Truro envy, on your brilliant consist of flowers, or fruit, in silver or gold; we exhibition at the quarterly assembly. And so have seen a small cluster of the hop-flower in you really danced Sir John Stuart's Strathspey silver, or bunches of currants, have a most ani with the new Member, and procured yourself an mated and striking appearance. But of all these host of provincial rivals. I recommend to these ornaments, that which has most excited our ad. dear friends a composing draught, or the fresh miration, was a bunch of snow-drops, frosted provocative I am about to subjvin, may increase with silver, placed very low on the forehead, their disorder beyond a cure. nearly over the left eye. Although the bouquet You must needs smile, my clear Julia, at the makes but a very partial display, yet, at the sudden contrast between my observations of yesOpera, we observed some few sprigs of lilies of terday and I wrote to you then of the the valley, American heath, and Labradore rose. mild and spring-like season, and gave you the Brooches are now formed in imitation of small description of a new spenser, which appeared in natural flowers. Some of the damask rose, the Park on the Sunday; which was, if you rewith gold leaves; others of hearts-ease, sweet collect, quite as fine as a bright May-day. – pea, &c. &c.

Scarce had my packet been closed in the mail, The Egyptian amulet, in crosses or brooches, when the whole face of nature was changed, and are also considered as a useful and interesting or a Southern spring converted into a Northern nament; and the broad gold hoop-sing, with winter. The spenser, in consequence, is con

signed to the wardrobe, and the Russian costume tell you how this is managed: she has a plain again resumes its sway. In my catalogue of yes round gown of white satin, made with a short terday, I described all that was most new and train; die boitom, the bosom, and sleeves, elegant in this style of habiliment, as well as trimnied as fancy shall direct; Mary's is in vanwhat was general in others. My letter, there- l dyked silver net. The shawl is of patent lace, a fore (like the cabinet of grediartists) will contain full yard and lialf square, embroidered in a light the more curious and choice specimens of my border of silver vine leaves; shc takes one corner talents, and exhibit a chef d'iuvre of fashionable of this shawl and pins it in the centre of the intelligence.

back, then brings the adverse end under the left I have lately experienced a great loss, my dear arn, crosses it over the right shoulder, and Julia, in my charming cousin. She left us three fastens it at the corner of the bosom, with a days since, to offieiate as bride's muid to one of brooch, or diamond pin, allowing the short end her friends. Now as this fair cousin of mine is

10 flow negligently to the bottom of the waist, considered the mirror of taste, and aluss of fashion, while on the opposite side it forms a tunic, and I know not how I can better accomplish the behind a loose pointed drapery. I should tell purpose of my leiter than by describing to you you that the three corners which are visible, are those articles which were exclusively ordered for finished with a tassel corresponding with the this occasion. First, then, an Hibernian vest trimming of the shawl. and hat, of velvei, shaded much like the breast I send, agreeably to your request, a quantity of your favourite red pigeon, with ruby clasp and of dove-coloured Italian crape, which you can brooch; a ridicule of the same, trimmed with have made in a dress according to the following ruby-coloured fringe and tassels; this formed the directions:-A round dress very scanty, with out-door, or carriage costume. Her morning short train, a plain square bosom, and twisted dresses were conpused by her own special direc frock sleeve, without lining; round the bottom, tion, and consisted of the cambric tunic, and bosom, and sleeves, must be placed a satin ribpeasant's gown. The former is made precisely band in reversed plaiting, the colour of the dress; as a child's robe, with long sleeves in open hens, with a sash of the same, tied in irregular bows and plaited waist. is ornamented down the and ends hehind. You must wear it over a satin sides of the tunic, round the bottom and bosom, or sarsnet slip; but if your very good and discreet with footing lace, or work, let in plain; and a mamma should think this too expensive as an cambric shirt, embroidered in a triangular form under dress, get your calender to glaze (but not to correspond. \Vith this dress she wears a stiffen) some fine cambric muslin, which will Parisian nighi-cap, composed of spotted cobweb have an equally good effect. With this dress muslin, trimmed round the face with a fall of a white velvet tiara, in silver frost-work and broad lace, which nearly obscures the hair, and I spangles, is a very chaste and suitable ornament is gathered over the left eye in a gold brooch, I for the hair. A white satin pelerine trimmed formed to represent the peacock's fa?; and a with fine gossamer fur, white satin shoes, and similar ornament fastens the tunic at the bosom. white kid gloves, completes this attractive cosThe peasant's gown is composed of a dove tume-in which I wish my dear Julia a decided coloured, or pale ulive cambric, made a walking || conquest. length, with frock back, round bosom, and short I must not forget to tell you that the small sleeves; it is laced in front of the waist, at a half handkerchief, now so much esteemed, is wide distance, with pink ribband, and two rows worn in net of divers colours; Mary has one in of the same colour is laid flat round the bottom, violet, with a rich border of silver; mine is in bosom, and sleeves. A sash of sarsnet ribband, pink, but in morone, in black, in gold, and in the colour of the dress, tied in long bows and white, they are equally fashionable. In disposing ends on the left side. The hair, with this dress, these ornaments, dear Julia, it is necessary to is simply twisted in a knot on the left side of the consult the cast of your features. The mode head, and worn in dishevelled curls in front, dis a la Niary Queen of does not agree with playing much of the forehead.

the Roxalana nose, or the Euphrosyne contour, and Her evening, and full dresses, are as fanciful is best adapted to the Roman and Grecian style and various, that it is impossible to give you a of countenance. Our old favourite head-dress, full description. Cousin Mary, when considered the Spanish hat, seems to be reviving; at the as a girl of fishion and fortune, is by no meins Opera I saw a few formed of white frosted satin, profuse or extravagant; she has a ready inven. with drcoping Argus feathers. These feathers are tion, and a correct taste, which embellishes her now much introduced, and are often formed in person and spares her purse. She has lately in bands for the hair, which has an effect most troduced a new style of wearing the shawl, so as singular and pleasing. I observed some few to make it furin a sort of cunic drapery. I will hearls dressed in the Madona style, but they were

. In entire new padlern for shirts, or border of dresses.

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Designed & printed for La Belle A

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·signed to the again resumes terday, I desc elegant in thi what was gen fore (like the the more curi talents, and e: intelligence.

I have latel: Julia, in my c days since, to her friends. considered the I know not 1 purpose of m those articles this occasion. and hat, of ve of your favour brooch ; a rid ruby-coloured nut-door, or dresses were c tion, and cop peasant's gowi as a child's rol and plaited w sides of the tu with footing 1 cambric shirt, to correspond Parisian night muslin, trim broad lace, w is gathered ov formed to rei similar orname The peasant's coloured, or p length, will f sleeves; it is wide distance, of the same ca bosom, and sli the colour of ends on the le is simply twist head, and wor playing much

Her evenin and various, t' full description as a girl of fis profuse or ext tion, and a coi person and spi troduced a ne to make it for

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