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titled "An act concerning the weighing of grain at public elevators and warehouses, and providing for track scales at such elevetors and warehouses, and weighing grain thereon."

By Senator C. F. Hurrel: Senate bill No. 178, An act to amend paragraph 1033 of the General Statutes of 1901.

By Senator Chaney (by request ): Senate bill No. 179, An act making an appropriation to Eric E. Walgren, a private soldier and member of battery “B” of the Kansas National Guard, for leg broken while performing military duty and acting under orders of his superior officers.

By Senator Henley: Senate bill No. 180, An act for the appropriation of certain money to the University of Kansas for its support, and for the following purposes: For a sewer system, for furnishing its new medical laboratory, for completing tunnel, for library improvements, for enlarging and equipping pharmacy laboratory, for repairing and extending its light, heat and power plant, for claim of the city of Lawrence for sewer and paving tax, for making cases for museum collection, for moving museum collection from Snow hall to the natural history building, for rearranging Snow hall, for completing the chemistry building, and for the erection and equipment of a law building

Also, Senate bill No. 181, An act for the appropriation of certain money for the building and equipping of a gymnasium building for the University of Kansas.

By Senator Simons: Senate bill No. 182, An act to authorize the Executive Council to provide for the construction and equipment of a vault for the insurance department of the state of Kansas and to provide an appropriation there. for.

Also, Senate bill No. 183, An act relating to cities of the second class and providing for appeals from the police court of such cities in certain cases.

By Senator Morehouse: Senate bill No. 184, At act fixing the salaries and compensation of the county treasurer, county attorney and county superintendent of Morris county, Kansas, and providing for the payment of the actual postage used by all the county officers of said county in the transaction of public business.

Also, Senate bill No. 185, An act relating to the practice of pharmacy and permitting Richard Williams to pay the State Board of Pharmacy the sum of five dollars and be reinstated as a registered pharmacist.

Also, Senate bill No. 186, An act vacating a part of the town of Dwight, in Morris county, Kansas.

By Senator McMillan: Senate bill No. 187, An act to amend section 3 of chapter 47 of the Session Laws of 1901, relating to the publishing of biennial reports of the State Board of Agriculture, and making an appropriation to defray the cost of the same.

Also, Senate bill No. 188, An act to define "franchise,” to make public the value of railroad, to declare the effect of judicial and other sales of railroads, to limit the amount of stocks and bonds and other indebtedness that may be issued by railroad companies, and to regulate the manner of issuing, registering and securing the same, to prescribe penalties, for violating the provisions of this act, and to prescribe the duties of the Board of Railroad Commissioners and the attorney general in relation thereto, and repeal. ing all acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act.

By Senator Noftzger: Senate bill No. 189, An act relating to fees and salaries of clerk of the district court, sheriff and probate judge of Kiowa county, Kansas.

Also, Senate bill No. 190, An act to provide for the deposit of public funds now in the state treasury or that may hereafter be paid into the state treasury in the banks or banking institutions of the state and providing penalties for the violations of certain provisions, and repealing all acts and parts of acts in conflict therewith.

Also, Senate bill No. 191, An act making an appropriation to reimburse the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company for moneys advanced by it to the state of Kansas to pay the salary of a live-stock sanitary inspector during a portion of the year 1899.

Also, Senate bill No. 192, An act to amend section 1 of chapter 180 of the Session Laws of 1897, entitled "An act relating to the establishment of county high schools in counties having a population of less than 2500."

Also, Senate bill No. 193, An act for the protection of antelope.

Also, Senate bill No. 194, An act to amend section 1 of chapter 223 of the Session Laws of 1901.

By Senator Miller: Senate bill No. 195, An act author. izing the levy of road tax, providing for the appointment of township road overseers and prescribing their duties, and providing for the removal of the same 'for cause, authorizing the collection of certain road tax by suit, and repealing sections 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 of chapter 154 of the General Statutes of 1897.

By Senator Sponable: Senate bill No. 196, An act to authorize the treasurer of state to designate a state fiscal agency in the city of New York for the state of Kansas, to designate a state fiscal agency within the state of Kansas, and to amend sections 1 and 2 of chapter 75 of the Laws of 1874, and to repeal said original section of said act, to repeal all laws or parts of laws in conflict with this act, and for other purposes.

Also, Senate bill No. 197, An act to amend sections 1264 and 1265 of the General Statutes of 1901, relative to the charter fees of corporations, and for other purposes.

By Senator Codding: Senate bill No. 198, An act making appropriations to the Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Kansas Conference, Pottawatomie county, Kansas, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1901, and for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905.

Also, Senate bill No. 199, An act to provide a penalty for coercing or influencing or making demands upon or requirements of employees, servants, laborers, and persons seeking employment.

By Senator Leidy: Senate bill No. 200, An act to promote the attendance of pupils in schools, to prevent truancy, to provide for the appointment of truant officers, to define the rights and duties and compensation of such officers, to prescribe the penalties for violation of this act, and to repeal chapter 23 of the Session Laws of 1874, being paragraphs 6120, 6121, 6422 and 6123 of the General Statutes of Kansas, 1901.

By Senator Hurrel: Senate bill No. 201, An act relating to judicial districts, defining the boundries of the thirty-fifth and thirty-sixth judicial districts, and providing for holding terms of court therein, and defining certain duties of the trial court in regard to cases undecided in Pottawatomie county at the time of the taking effect of this act, and repealing all acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act.

By Senator Vincent: Senate bill No. 202, An act authorizing the refunding of the legally existing bonded indebtedness of disorganized and merged school districts.

By Senator Wright: Senate bill No. 203, An act authorizing the board of county commissioners of Lyon county to build a bridge across Cotton wood river.

MESSAGES FROM THE HOUSE. The sergeant-at-arms announced a message from the House, by its chief clerk, as follows:

Mr. PRESIDENT: I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the speaker has appointed the following committee on the part of the House on Senate concurrent resolution No. 6, Relating to the coal famine: Messrs. Lewis, Stavely, and Jones of Trego. Also, appointed the following committee on the part of the House, on Senate concurrent resolution No. 7, Relating to the International Harvester Company: Messrs. Hill, Godshalk, and Jenks.

W. P. Mason, Chief Clerk. MR. PRESIDENT: I am directed by the House to inform the Senate that the House has concurred in Senate concurrent resolution No. 15, Relating to the election of United States senator. The resolution is herewith transmitted. W. P. Mason,

Chief Clerk. SECOND READING AND REFERENCE OF BILLS. Senate bill No. 142, An act to prevent and punish the desecration of the flag of the United States.

Referred to Committee on Federal Relations.

Senate bill No. 143, An act making appropriation for certain improvements and repairs at the Kansas State Industrial Reformatory, at Hutchinson, for the purchase of pasture land and live stock, and for current expenses and salaries of officers and employees for said State Industrial Reformatory for the fiscal years ending June 30, 1904, and June 30, 1905.

Referred to Committee on Penal Institutions.

Senate bill No. 145, An act relating to state printing, providing for the election of a state printer and fixing his salary, and defining the duties of the Executive Council, the secretary of state and the state printer in relation thereto, making an appropriation to carry out the provi. sions thereof, and repealing all acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith.

Referred to Committee on Ways and Means.

Senate bill No. 146, An act to authorize the governor to work the coal-mines of the state and sell coal to the people at cost, and to authorize the condemnation of coal lands.

Referred to Committee on Mines and Mining.

Senate bill No. 147, An act to prevent the public exhibition of the eating or pretending to eat of snakes and other reptiles.

Referred to Committee on Public Health.

Senate bill No. 148, An act making it unlawful to trapshoot any living bird or fowl and providing a penalty for its violation.

Referred to Committee on Agriculture.

Senate bill No. 149, An act fixing the fees and salaries of the clerks of the district court in the counties of Linn, Anderson, and Woodson, in the state of Kansas.

Referred to Committee on Fees, Salaries, and Mileage.

Senate bill No. 150, An act in relation to school-land sales and extensions of maturity of school-land certificates, amending section 239, article 14, chapter 93, of the General Statutes of 1901.

Referred to Committee on Educational Institutions.

Senate bill No. 151, An act amending section 7309 of the General Statutes of 1901, regulating the investment of the permanent school fund, State Agricultural College, State Normal and State University funds.

Referred to Committee on Educational Institutions.

Senate bill No. 152, An act to vacate all of Sweet's addition and certain lots in Booth's addition to the city of Jetmore, Hodgeman county, Kansas,

Referred to Committee on Cities of the Second and Third Class

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