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Potatoes were first cultivated in the United States, by some industrious and Good Boy.

Thread was first made in Great Britain, and done up in A Skein New. Stereotype printing invented by Ged, is nicer work than digging

A Canal

The Diamond mines of Brazil, produce a stone that is more valuable than

The Quadrant invented by Godfrey, is divided into



Since Chain-bridges were constructed, they have afforded a passage for many

A Cart.

Since Bank notes were first issued, they have been the
cause of many
A Quarrel.
Handkerchiefs made at Paisley, are much like

A Scarf

China-ware made in England, is manufactured while
Clay is New.
New Style was introduced into England, and some
days added, as the year was on the
Identity of Lightning and Electricity was discovered by
Franklin, while in the Pennsylvania


The First Canal in England, the Duke of Bridgewater's, had in it many A Thick Lock. Achromatic Lenses invented by Dollond, are more transparent than Thick Lava. Crayon drawing invented by Bonnett, is now practiced by many A School-boy. The Chronometer invented by Sir John Harrison, is a time-piece that will Tick Each Year. Longitude was first discovered by Sir John Harrison, with his Chronometer, that would Tick Each Year. The Spinning Jenny invented by Arkwright, made spinning Dog-cheap. Lightning-rods were invented by Franklin, who received for his invention the homage of


Hydrogen Gas discovered by Cavendish, will burn quicker than

Oxygen Gas was discovered to be a part of atmospheric air, by some philosopher or Gay King. Tar and Pitch were first made from pit-coal at Bristol, and Stuck in a Cup. The Argand Lamp was invented, and used in lighting

Cocoa Oil


Banks were first established in the United States, to negotiate loans, not to make

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A Gift.

A Gift.

The Planet Herschel was discovered by Sir Wm. Herschel, who received from his sovereign Air-balloons were first used by Mongolfier, who soared above the clouds, and thought it Gay Fun. Sunday schools were first established in England by Raikes, and they have made immortal their Giver. The Power-loom invented by Arkwright, has driven weaving from nearly every Oak Hovel. Agricultural Societies established in England, showed how to drive A Calf in a Yoke. Mesmerism or Animal Magnetism, has put every one on the Qui Vive. The Rail-roads first built in England, had cars that would Out-walk a Boat. The Money first coined in the United States, was probably A Thick Penny. The Cotton-gin was invented by Whitney, to clean the cotton of every Twig and Beny Vaccination was first practiced by Dr. Jenner, a London physician, who had a splendid


Galvanism discovered by Galvani, is nearly powerful enough to bring to life An Oak Bee-hive. Lithography invented by Schenefelder, is an elegant way to copy

The Planet Ceres was discovered by Piazzi, some years before the discovery of




The Planet Pallas was discovered by Olbers, perhaps
while taking
A View of the Sun.
Life-boats invented by Greathead, show on the stormy
A Safe Scene.
Steel pens were first made, and used in nearly every
Office and Home.


The Planet Juno was discovered by Hardinge, but it did not, like the goddess Juno, have A Face of War. Phrenology was discovered by Dr. Gall, who could by that Science detect A Thief Easily. The Mnemotechnic Alphabet was invented, and if you can hear lectures on the subject, 1 Advise you to Go. The Planet Vesta was discovered by Olbers, while taking A View of the Sky. Steam first used to propel boats, made them run faster A Heavy Scow. Lancasterian Schools established in Europe, had some




Gas first used for lighting streets in London, made the nights as light as A Feather.

The Kaleidoscope invented by Brewster, exhibits as brilliant colors as we see in a peacock's Feather. The Steam cars first used in England, went very


Infant Schools were first established, in

A Devout Age.

The Safety Lamp invented by Davy, has prevented many an explosion and fatal Feu-de-joie. Musical Boxes when first invented, could be played without any Engraving on steel was first invented by Perkins, who received for his services A Fat Fee.


Gas first used for lighting streets in the United States, made the night as light as A Fine Day. Egyptian Hieroglyphics were first deciphered by Champollion, though they are not yet Half Known.

McAdamizing streets was commenced in London by McAdam, who laid paving stones in A Fine Row. The Hydrostatic bed was invented, to afford rest in the


The Stomach Pump was invented, to have a safer in

strument to put in the stomach than A Heavy Knife. The Electro-Magnetic Telegraph was invented, that letters could go by lightning and Save Money Sea-water purified for drinking, will quench thirst better than Foam or Air. Daguerreotype portraits were taken by Daguerre, who could copy a landscape, making A Heavy Map. Penny postage established by Rowland Hill, forwards all letters for a penny that are sealed with Wafers. Gutta Percha, a late discovery, is used in many

A Tavern. Mnemotechny now taught in the United States, will soon be known Everywhere.

Postage was reduced to five and ten cents by Congress, the members acting their own Free Will. The Planet Neptune, discovered by Le Verriere, looked to him brighter than An Ivory Watch. Gun-cotton, first made by Schonbein, makes

A Fiery Show. The Perfect Alphabet invented by Dr. Comstock, should be used through all future time, and in Every Age. Letheon and Chloroform, will prevent all sharp pains, and Every Ache. The Sewing Machine, invented by Thimonnier, has needles as sharp as

A Fork


The learner has now come to a new principle in Mnemo technic Science. It is that of rhymes, or Homophonic Anal. ogies.* Most learners on looking at the first application of this principle, are prepossessed against it. Some well-informed persons have at once condemned the whole principle. Let them not be too hasty to reject a principle sanctioned by Feinaigle, Aimé Paris and others. At least, give it an examination before condemning it. The circumstances under which we use Homophonic Analogies or rhymes, are numerous. We use them in all cases of Statistics connected with proper Names or Scientific terms, and also in Definitions learned by Mnemotechny, like the Sentiments of Flowers, which will be explained in connection with that subject. The varieties of Statistical Science where we use the principle, are, Dates of Battles, Eras of Distinguished Men, Tables of Sovereigns or Presidents; Latitudes and Longitudes of places, lengths of Rivers, heights of Mountains, &c., in Geography; Specific Gravities, Chemical Equivalents, &c., in Chemistry; Distances, Time, &c., in Astronomy; and all other cases where figures are to be remembered in connection with proper names of persons or places, or technical terms in any of the Sciences. It is that natural or easily acquired method of associating difficult and unknown words or names with terms that are more familiar to us.


Battle of Platea,
Battle of Dettingen, .


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Homophonic is derived from the two Greek words bμos like, and wvn sound,—Hence Homophonic-like sounding. A Homophonic Analogy-a like sounding phrase.

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