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IN attempting to sketch even a brief Memoir of a friend, whose existence had been for many years blended with our own, there are difficulties which may be more easily conceived than described.

It is hard to restrain the pen from the expression of feelings which to others would be tedious and uninteresting. It is hard also to speak fully and freely of the immediate subject of the narrative, without an apparent self-obtrusion. This, however, shall be carefully avoided in the present little work; the object of which is, simply, to collect the Remains, and record a few particulars of the life and character of one, little known to the world; but who, throughout the circle in which he moved, excited an interest which cannot easily be forgotten, and diffused blessings with which his name and his memory will long be held in grateful association.

Amidst the pensive recollections awakened by an attempt to record the life of a departed friend, there may be much to afford comfort and instruction to one's self, which it would be difficult, perhaps impossible, to convey to an uninterested reader. It can easily be conceived in general, with what a tender and prevailing influence the instructions received at former periods

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