Report of the Secretary of Agriculture ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1876

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Página 333 - That no lands acquired under the provisions of this act shall in any event become liable to the satisfaction of any debt or debts contracted prior to the issuing of the patent therefor.
Página 333 - ... years from the date of such entry; and if, at the expiration of such time, or at any time within five years thereafter, the person making such entry, or, if he or she be dead, his or her heirs or legal representatives, shall prove by two credible witnesses that he or she or they have planted...
Página 446 - It was there determined that the president and secretaries should be a committee to mature and adopt a plan for a convention of delegates from the various agricultural societies of the Commonwealth, to be holden at some convenient time and place, " the object of which shall be to concert measures for their mutual advantage, and for the promotion of the cause of agricultural education.
Página 333 - ... thereon, shall have had under cultivation, for two years, one acre of timber, the trees thereon not being more than twelve feet apart each way, and in a good, thrifty condition, for each and every sixteen acres of said homestead, shall, upon due proof of said fact by two credible witnesses, receive his or her patent for said homestead.
Página 334 - That the fifth section of the act entitled " An act in addition to an act more effectually to provide for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States, and for other purposes...
Página 333 - ... fail to do the breaking and planting required by this act, or any part thereof, or shall fail to cultivate, protect, and keep in good condition such timber, then, and in that event, such land shall become liable to a contest in the manner provided in.
Página 441 - State is divided for such representation. The terms of one-half the members expire annually, and their places are filled by election, held at the annual convention of delegates from county and district societies on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January of each year.
Página 332 - ... who are citizens of the United States or who have declared their intention to become such...
Página 150 - Magnolia glauca, or White Bay, grows and matures its flowers and fruit in some portions of Massachusetts, where it attains only the size of a large shrub. It, however, steadily increases in size in situations farther south, until in Georgia and Florida it attains the size of a large tree. In some places, the same plant appears as a shrub or a tree, under different circumstances, in closely contiguous localities. Dr. Chapman, who made the collection of the trees of South Florida, says: "I was much...
Página 173 - Ait. — Beech. — Eastern United States. The Beech is one of our loftiest trees, sometimes reaching the height of 100 feet. It grows from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It is wanting in the prairie districts of the West. The wood is hard, fine-grained, and compact. It is largely used for shoe-lasts and handles of tools. It is also employed in the frame-work of buildings. The wood is in great repute as fuel. The nuts have a delicious flavor, but are too small to make them of much economic importance.

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