Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, Volumen41


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Página 76 - Future estates are either vested or contingent. They are vested when there is a person in being who would have an immediate right to the possession of the lands upon the ceasing of the intermediate or precedent estate.
Página 389 - Each stockholder of any company formed under this act, shall be individually liable to the creditors of such company, to an amount equal to the amount unpaid on the stock held by him, for all the debts and liabilities of such company, until the whole amount of the capital stock so held by him shall have been paid to the company...
Página 29 - The term felony, when used in this act, or in any other statute, shall be construed to mean an offence for which the offender, on conviction, shall be liable by law to be punished by death, or by imprisonment in a State Prison.
Página 387 - ... as they may deem proper. If any stockholder shall neglect to pay any installment as required by a resolution of the board of directors, the said board shall be authorized to declare...
Página 112 - Upon claims arising out of the same transaction, or transactions connected with the same subject of action, and not included within one of the foregoing subdivisions of this section.
Página 566 - The damages must be such as may fairly be supposed to have entered into the contemplation of the parties when they made the contract, that is, must be such as might naturally be expected to follow its violation ; and they must be certain, both in their nature and in respect to the cause from which they proceed.
Página 334 - The absolute power of alienation shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition whatever, for a longer period than during the continuance of not more than two lives in being at the creation of the estate, except in the single case mentioned in the next section.
Página 387 - ... properly directed to him at the post-office nearest his usual place of residence, stating that he is required to make such payment at the time and place specified in said notice, and that, if he fails to make the same, his stock and all previous payments thereon will be forfeited...
Página 110 - ... the plaintiff may unite in the same complaint several causes of action, whether they be such as have been heretofore denominated legal or equitable or both where they arise out of : 1.
Página 71 - for and during his natural life, and after his decease to his heirs and their assigns.

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