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Letters from Italy, the Alps, and the Rhine. By | heart, considering that the battle, in spite of

J. T. HEADLEY. New and Revised Edition, appearances, was already won." (with a good portrait of the author.) New During the battle of Resaca, Corporal Far. York: Baker & Scribner.

rel of the Fourth Infantry came with only ten

men to Lieut. Hays, of the same regiment, ex. We cau only say of these Letters, that when claiming, · Lieutenant, if we had but an officer they first appeared, we read them with delight. to lead us, we would tame that piece,' at the Mr. Headley's free and glowing imagination same time pointing to one that was destroying appears in none of his writings to better ad- numbers of our men. “You shall not say that vantage than these. His descriptions of Alpine you had no officer to lead you—follow me! scenery, and of the impressions of foreign

was the reply from Hayes. They dashed manners and historic associations, are certainly forward, stormed the battery, and carried it." brilliant and delightful; and he has as great power of holding the attention, as any modern writer with whom we are acquainted.


Besides those mentioned in our last, the folloy. The Taylor Anecdote Book. Anecdotes of ing additional errors (some of which have been

Zerchary Taylor, and the Mexican War. By occasioned by the indistinctness of the original TOM Owen, the Bee-Hunter.

manuscript, others are alterations made after

Together words by the author,) occur in the article on the with a brief Life of General Taylor, and his

“Adventures and Conquests of the Normas in Letters. Illustrated with Engravings. D. Italy during the Dark Ages,” in our number for Appleton & Co. New York : 1848.

June. The title of this book is enough to attract

Page 615, for Ralph read Rolph.

618, readers, and we can assure our readers they

Ralph read Rolph. 619,

« Fuleo read Fulko. will tind it richly worth the purchase. After

620, * Cotentin read Coutances, they have read the capital anecdotes of the war,

623, Budolphus read Rudolphus. of which there is a large assortinent, let them

623, “ Betena read Bebena. peruse the letters of the General himself, and


“ Giannono read Giannode. consider the virtue of honesty, and whether it


Jerard read Gerhard. would do the country any material harm to


Kalayers read Kaloyers. have an honest man for President! Only one


King Trode read King Frole. will do: a single four years' interruption of

627, beg read be at the dynasty will put such life into the nation

627, Jiaretta read Giaretta. that it will go on of itself almost for a long

628, “ 1071 read 1061. time afterward.

628, " Trainæ read Traina. The following are some of the anecdotes in

629, Läuderverwaltung read Lari:

verwaltung this book; we take them at random :

629, “ In the early part of the action of the 23d,

Chaligate read Khalifate.

629, « Rev. Italic read Rer. Italicar. when the enemy had succeeded in turning the

629, “ Maratori read Muratori left wing of our little army, and secured a

629, accipitrium read aecipitrun. seeming advantageous position in rear of our


Vareblanc read Vaubanc line, at the base of the mountain; when a por

630, aufugiant read aufugiuni tion of our troops, overpowered by the supe

630, Cotentin read Coutances riority of numbers, were forced to retire in .hol

630, Estrap read Estrup. haste;' when, indeed, the fortunes of the day


" Genita read Geniti. seemed extremely problematical, to every one

631, perderat read præerat. save the indomitable and self-poised old hero,

Gyrant to dama read Grat. an officer of high rank rode up to General

clama. Taylor, and announced the temporary success

631, vetare read velare. of the enemy, and expressed his fears for the

631, “ Danmartes read Danmarks success of our army.


Matthai Taris read Matt Fa. * Old Rough and Ready's reply was perfectly

præstolibantur read preces characteristic of the man. "Sir,' said he, ‘so


631, singules read singulis long as we have thirty muskets, we can never

631, Tyen read Fyen. be conquered! If those troops who have


Normanii read Norman abandoned their position, can be rallied and

631, officiatur read efficiatur, brought into action again, I will take three

631, Falcaud read Falcand. thousand of the enemy prisoners. Had I the


* lors read tors. disposition of the enemy's forces, I would myself 631,

“ tribue read trébue. place them just where they are.'

“ Chronologio read Chraol. • The officer resumed his duties with a light


631, " Albufeda read Abulfede


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