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29-844 (Pt. 1) O 74 - 49

APPROPRIATION TITLE: Construction, General - Local Protection Project (Flood Control)


Southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky (Continuing)

LOCATION: The project is located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, on the left bank of the Ohio River between river miles
616 and 630 downstream from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This location is contiguous to and downstream from the existing
local protection project for Louisville.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The project is a system of earth levees, concrete floodwalls, pumping plants and related items for the protection of
Southwestern Jefferson County, Kentucky from Ohio River floods 3 feet higher than the record flood of 1937.

Earth Levee 68,500 feet Concrete Wall 1,550 feet

JUSTIFICATION: The project when completed will eliminate flood damages in 24,100 acres of land (1970 population 52,800) in southwestern Jefferson County. About 50 percent of the protected area has been developed as suburban to Louisville and includes 13,063 residential units, 42 public units, 2 industrial units and 356 commercial units, together with all the usual municipal utilities except sewage collection and treatment. The major industries in the area are Kosmos Cement Manufacturing Company and a Louisville Gas and Electric Company steam-electric generating plant. The principal concentration of commercial establishments is along U. S. Highway 31-W which traverses the length of the area. Lines of the REGION: OHIO DIVISION: OHIO RIVER Southwestern Jefferson County, Ky.


The value of

Louisville and Nashville and Illinois Central Railroads also pass through the area. The undeveloped portion of the pro-
tected area includes about 5,100 acres of agricultural lands and about 7,500 acres of unimproved lands.
development in the protected area is about $642.7 million (1973 values). The maximum flood of record occurred in
January 1937. A recurrence of this flood under current conditions of development would cause damages estimated at about
$131.2 million (1973 values), all of which would be prevented by the project. Average annual benefits are estimated at

[blocks in formation]

FISCAL YEAR 1975: The requested amount of $3,000,000 will be applied to:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The funds requested are required for construction during the Budget Year.

NON-FEDERAL COST: The initial investment required of local interests in construction of the flood control features of the authorized project is estimated at $8,700,000 (1973 values), broken down as follows:

Lands and Damages
Relocation of Roads & Utilities


Local interests are required to maintain and operate the flood control features at an estimated annual cost of $117,000,
including major replacement costs.


Jefferson County Fiscal Court will be the cooperating agency for this project.

Assurances of the intent of the Jefferson County Fiscal Court to participate in implementation of the authorized im-
provements are contained in Resolutions adopted by that agency on 25 November 1964 and 22 November 1966.

Southwestern Jefferson County, Ky.

A bond issue, sponsored by the Jefferson County Community Improvement District, for separate financing of seven county improvement projects, including one for the Southwestern Jefferson County local protection project in combination with extensive drainage improvements in the area, failed to receive voter acceptance, except for a hospital project, in the 3 November 1970 general election. A later bond issue to provide funds ($17.0 million for the floodwall and drainage improvements) for meeting requirements of local cooperation was resubmitted to Jefferson County voters in the 7 November 1972 general election and was approved by 62% majority.

Formal assurances of local cooperation for the flood protection portion of the Southwestern Jefferson County Project executed by resolution of Jefferson County Fiscal Court adopted 17 September 1971, were accepted by the District Engineer 23 September 1971.

By letter, dated 27 December 1971, the Jefferson County Fiscal Court, Department of Public Works furnished a deed and authorization-of-entry for a part of the rights-of-way required for the project. Authorization-of-entry for the entire 1st Section Levee was furnished by the County on 31 August 1973. It is expected that authorization-ofentry for the 2nd Section Levee will be furnished by the County by July 1974.

A permit for construction of the 1st Section Levee in a floodway was obtained from the Commonwealth of Kentucky on 26 July 1973.

COMPARISON OF FEDERAL COST ESTIMATE: The current Federal cost estimate of $31,100,000 is an increase of $1,100,000 over the latest estimate ($30,000,000) submitted to Congress. This change includes increases of $2,487,000 for higher price levels; and $419,000 for Supervision and Administration to cover rental charge for GSA controlled building space in conformance with Public Buildings Amendments Act of 1972 and salary increases. These increases were partially offset by a decrease of $1,806,000 for Levee and Floodwall based on receipt of favorable bids for and minor reduction in length of the 1st Section Levee.

BENEFIT TO COST RATIO: The Benefit to Cost Ratio last presented to Congress (FY 1974) was 2.1 to 1. The current Benefit to Cost Ratio is 2.2 to 1. The Benefit to Cost Ratio is based on the ultimate project functioning independently.

STATUS OF ENVIRONMENT IMPACT STATEMENT: The Final Environmental Impact Statement was filed with the Council on Environmental
Quality 12 July 1973.


Funds to initiate preconstruction planning were appropriated in FY 1970 and for construction in FY 1973.

Southwestern Jefferson County, Ky.

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