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The requested amount of $1,044,000 will be applied to:

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NON-FEDERAL COSTS: None required; pumping plant will be constructed on existing right-of-way.

Local interests are required to operate and maintain the pumping facilities upon completion. Average annual cost of operation and maintenance is estimated to be $20,600.

STATUS OF LOCAL COOPERATION: Requirements of local cooperation, as set forth in authorizing legislation, have been fully complied with for the completed levee. Formal assurances of local cooperation were executed by the Mason J. Niblack Levee District on 28 December 1960 and authorization of entry was furnished 30 April 1963. The State of Indiana, on 27 September 1963, executed assurances covering maintenance of the floodway free from obstructions. project was transferred to the Levee District for maintenance and operation on 22 January 1965. The levee has been well maintained since that time.


Modification of the authorized project to include pumping facilities provides that local interests are required to operate and maintain these facilities after completion. Supplemental assurance agreements consistent with Section 221, 1970 Flood Control Act and the Uniform Relocations Assistance & Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 were sent to the Levee District for execution 1 November 1973.

COMPARISON OF FEDERAL COST ESTIMATES: The current Federal cost estimate of $1,510,000 is an increase of $290,000 over the latest $1,220,000 submitted to Congress. This change includes increases of $87,000 for higher price levels; $181,000 for construction based on change to a three pumping plant plan in lieu of a two plant with channel improvement plan for environmental considerations; and $22,000 for Supervision and Administration to cover rental charge for GSA Controlled building space in conformance with Public Buildings Amendments Act of 1972, and salary increases.

BENEFIT TO COST RATIO: Benefit to cost ratio is not applicable to this project.


Environmental Impact Statement was filed with CEQ, 28 October 1971.

Mason J. Niblack Levee, Ind.


Funds to initiate preconstruction planning were appropriated in FY 1970 and allocated in FY 1971, and
Construction has not started due to time required for completion of preconstruction planning.
for construction in FY 1973.
It is expected that this planning will be completed about February 1974.

Mason J. Niblack Levee, Ind.

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LOCATION: The dam site for Patoka Lake is located on Patoka River about 118.3 miles above its confluence with the Wabash River, which location is about 0.7 mile northeast of Ellsworth in Dubois County, Indiana. The lake area lies in Dubois, Orange and Crawford Counties, Indiana.

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1/ Initial cost only. Estimated cost to include future recreation development is $47,690,000 ($30,292,000 Federal) and ($17,398,000 non-Federal).

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Roads: 8.22 miles ($4,575,000)
Cemeteries & Utilities ($773,000)

Lands & Damages: Acres: 26,960; Type Predominantly
agricultural; Improvements: Typical farm and
Residential units

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JUSTIFICATION: Patoka Lake will control a drainage area of 168 square miles on the Patoka River which is about
19.4 percent of the Patoka River Basin or 0.5 percent of the entire Wabash River drainage area. The project, in com-
bination with the other fifteen presently authorized lakes in the Wabash Basin, will aid in the reduction of flood
flows along the Wabash River and, to a lesser degree, to the reduction of major flood flows along the Ohio River below
the Wabash River. Flood flows arising in the Patoka River Basin contribute to flood damages in the downstream plain of
the Wabash River. Flood damages along the Wabash River are partially reduced by the operation of completed projects
and will be further reduced upon completion of local protection projects now under construction. However, recurrence
of major floods will continue to cause widespread damages in the Wabash River Basin. The values of all properties
along the reaches of the Patoka and Wabash Rivers below the proposed dam, excluding the property protected by the
Mount Carmel, Illinois local protection project now completed, are estimated at about $55.5 million and $146.7 million,
respectively (1973 values). The record flood of 1913 caused damages amounting to about $1,489,000 in the reaches of
the Patoka and Wabash Rivers affected by this project, excluding Mount Carmel. A recurrence of this flood under
present conditions of development and values would cause damages estimated at $14,036,000 (1973 values), of which
$1,589,000 would be prevented by this project. No major floods have occurred during the last five years. In
addition, the project would provide storage for low-flow augmentation in the interest of water quality control and
water supply and for general and fish and wildlife recreational opportunities. Average annual benefits for the project
are estimated at $3,967,000.

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