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APPROPRIATION TITLE: Construction, General Local Protection Project (Flood Control)

PROJECT: Evansville, Indiana (Continuing)

LOCATION: Evansville is located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, on the right bank of the Ohio River, 792.2 miles below Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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The project is a system of earth levees, concrete floodwalls, pumping plants and related items for the protection of Evansville, Indiana (1970 population, 137,997) from Ohio River floods 3 feet higher than the record flood of 1937. project is divided into three sections, as follows:


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The Knight

JUSTIFICATION: The project, when completed, will protect the City of Evansville, Indiana against Ohio River floods. Severe floods occurred in 1913, 1937, 1945 and 1964. In the 1937 flood, the maximum of record, flood damages in Evansville were estimated at $4,793,000. In 1945, flood damages in the city were estimated at $1,108,000. Township Section, although only partially complete at the time of the 1945 flood, provided some degree of protection to the overflow area in the eastern (upstream) section of the city. In 1964, flood damages were estimated at $977,300. completed Knight Township and Howell Unit 1 Sections afforded partial protection to the city and prevented additional damages estimated at $3,339,000.


In recent years, considerable expansion of industry and housing has taken place and flood damages for a recurrence of the 1937 flood would be much higher. The city is served by several railroads and highways and is an important communication route between north and south. The property to be protected by the project has a value in excess of $1,223,000,000 (July 1973 values). Average annual benefits are estimated at $2,185,900 all for flood control.

FISCAL YEAR 1975: The requested amount of $1,600,000 will be applied to:

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The funds requested are required for construction during the Budget Year.

NON-FEDERAL COSTS: The initial investment required of local interests in construction of the authorized project is estimated at $4,681,000 for Lands and Damages.

Local interests are required to maintain and operate the project upon completion. Average annual cost for operation
and maintenance of the Pigeon Creek Section, Unit 2, levee and pumping plants, is estimated to be $30,000.

STATUS OF LOCAL COOPERATION: The City of Evansville, Indiana, by an ordinance passed by the Common Council of the city in 1938, indicated its intent to fulfill the requirements of local cooperation for flood protection. Under date of 7 April 1958, the Common Council of the city passed a resolution requesting early completion of the Riverside Drive Unit and the Pigeon Creek Section and giving assurances to fulfill the requirements of local cooperation.

The Evansville-Vanderburgh Levee Authority District executed formal assurances of local cooperation on 11 February 1963, which assurances were accepted by the District Engineer on 20 February 1963. These assurances are considered applicable for Pigeon Creek Section Unit 2. Supplemental Assurances covering the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (PL 91-646) were received from the Levee Authority District on 16 July 1971 and accepted by the District Engineer on 23 July 1971.

Evansville, Ind.

The State Highway Commission proposed a plan for a raised highway connecting Pennsylvania Avenue and points west of
the city with U. S. Highway 41 on the east. This highway extends along Riverside Drive and also serves as the floodwall
for the Dress Plaza area of Unit 1, Pigeon Creek Section. Construction of the combined floodwall-highway improvement
facility, completed in July 1964, was a cooperative undertaking of the Evansville-Vanderburgh Levee Authority District,
the Indiana State Highway Commission, the Bureau of Public Roads, and the Corps of Engineers.

A contract for construction of the closure structure for U. S. Highway 41A at the floodwall (not built under original
floodwall contract because of uncertainty at the time as to exact road alignment) was entered into with the Indiana State
Highway Commission. Construction was completed December 1967.

Operation and maintenance of completed works is the responsibility of the Levee Authority District. Knight Township
and Howell Section Unit 1 were transferred to the District in January 1949, and Pigeon Creek Section Unit 1 was transferred
in January 1967.

A $2,000,000 bond issue, to provide funds for purchase of rights-of-way for Pigeon Creek Unit 2, was approved by the
City and County Councils, and the Indiana State Board of Commissioners in June 1971, and sold in August 1971.
Authorization-of-entry for Pigeon Creek Unit 2 Pennsylvania Avenue to Cedar Street was furnished 27 June 1973. Acquisi-
tion of rights-of-way for the Pigeon Creek Unit 2 Cedar Street to Stringtown Road Section is in progress and expected to
be completed by July 1974. It is anticipated that remaining rights-of-way will be furnished as required.


The current Federal cost estimate of $26,700,000 is an increase of $2,200,000 over
the latest estimate ($24,500,000) submitted to Congress. This change includes increases of $1,437,000 for higher price
levels; $110,000 for Lands and Damages for relocation cost of displaced families and/or individuals during the period
January 1971 to June 1972 in compliance with the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970;
$368,000 for reanalysis of Engineering and Design based on costs to date covering extensive coordination with local
interests, and current estimate of remaining requirements; and $285,000 for Supervision and Administration to cover rental
charge for GSA Controlled building space in conformance with Public Buildings Amendments Act of 1972 and salary increases.
BENEFIT TO COST RATIO: The benefit to cost ratio last presented to Congress (FY 1974) was 1.8 to 1. The current benefit
to cost ratio is 1.8 to 1. The benefit to cost ratio is based on the project functioning independently.

mental Quality 19 November 1973.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement was filed with the Council on Environ

OTHER INFORMATION: Funds to initiate preconstruction planning and construction were appropriated in FY 1938. Appropriation
of construction funds was stopped in FY 1945. Appropriation of preconstruction planning funds was resumed in FY 1957.
Appropriation of construction funds was resumed in FY 1959, and stopped in FY 1967. Appropriation of construction funds
was again resumed in FY 1970.

Evansville, Ind.

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Construction, General Local Protection Project (Flood Control)

PROJECT: Greenfield Bayou Levee Indiana (Continuing)

Greenfield Bayou Levee is located in Vigo County, Indiana, on the left bank of the Wabash River between river
miles 188 and 200 above its confluence with the Ohio River.

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1/ In addition, local interests have expended about
$85,500 for construction and repairs of the existing

2/ Reduction assigned as savings and slippage and
transfers due to additional delays.

Allocation for FY 1974


Allocations to Date





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Appropriation Requested for FY 1975
Balance to Complete After FY 1975

JUSTIFICATION: Flooding along the Wabash River occurs almost every year and often several times a year. At the stream
gaging station in Terre Haute, Indiana, approximately 15 miles upstream from the proposed project, damage stage for the
Greenfield Bayou area was exceeded 198 times in the 67 year period of record, from 1905 to 1973 or an average of about
three occurrences per year. These rises have occurred in every month of the year. The record flood occurred in March
1913, inundated portions of the area to maximum depths of about 17 feet, and remained above damage stage for 26 days.
Recently, damaging floods have occurred in January, April and June 1973, April 1972, February and December 1971, April and
May 1970, and February 1969. The existing levee is of the spur type with no closure being made to high ground at the
downstream end and, consequently, provides protection for only low and medium stage rises. The February 1969 and
February and May 1968 floods overtopped the existing levee and caused damages estimated at $182,000, $177,000 and $318,000
(all 1973 values) which would be entirely prevented by the project. Since 1943, the Federal Government has repaired the
existing Greenfield Bayou Levee three times at an approximate cost of $33,600.

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