Holland-tide ; The Aylmers of Bally-Aylmer ; The Hand & Word ; The Barber of Bantry, Etc

James Duffy, 1857 - 373 páginas

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Página 363 - And hang their heads with sorrow. Good grows with her; In her days every man shall eat in safety Under his own vine what he plants, and sing The merry songs of peace to all his neighbours.
Página 345 - I love my love in the morning, I love my love at even; Her smile's soft play is like the ray That lights the western heaven: I loved her when the sun was high, I loved her when he rose; But best of all when evening's sigh Was murmuring at its close.
Página 341 - I'm no way dry at all.' Well and good, in he came, and he sat among them telling stories until past midnight, eating and laughing ; and every now and then, when he'd stop in the story, he'd turn about and make as if he was taking a good drink out of the can. ' You seem to be very fond of that tin can, whatever you have in it ;' says one of the men that was sitting near him. ' Oh, its no signify,' says Mun, shutting it up as if not anxious to share it.
Página 331 - When the old knight heard this, he felt as if somebody was running him through with a sword. " And this," said he, " was the way poor Garret spent the hundhred pounds! Oh, murther! murther! my poor boy, what had I to do at all, to go turn you adhrift as I done, for no raison ! I took the wrong for the right, an
Página 136 - The guests sit round the bridal bed, And break the bridal cake ; But they sit by the dead man's head, And hold his wedding wake. The bride is praying in her room, The place is silent all ! A fearful call ! a sudden doom ! Bridal and funeral. Ululah! Ululah) A youth to Kilfieheras" ta'en, That never will return again.
Página 4 - ... may yet diminish his little store : he sees the potatoes ; they are his and his pig's by right, and he and his pig are merry fellows while they last, and while they can procure a turfen fire, or the smoke of a fire, to warm the little cabin about them.
Página 349 - She was rewarded for this effort of heroism, by a fervent pressure of the hand from her betrothed ; and the exchange of accoutrements was presently effected. The Knight mounted Cormac's mare, and prepared to depart.
Página 352 - She seems as if she would more willingly omit that office," said the Englishman. " The maiden droops sorely for your misfortune, Knight." " Poor girl !" Cormac exclaimed, venturing to look round upon her for the first time since his capture — " it is little wonder that she should wear a troubled brow. You have disturbed her bridal feast.
Página 339 - I'll be bound he'll come home to us a good hand at his business,' says he. Well and good, they sent off the boy to Kerry, and bound him for seven years to a thief that was well known in these parts, and counted a very clever man in his line. They heard no more of him for the seven years, nor hardly knew that they were out, when he walked in to them one morning, with his ' Save all here !' and took his seat at the table along with them — a fine, handsome lad, and mighty well spoken.
Página 349 - They listened for a considerable time to the changeful rushing of the night wind among the trees that clothed the hill side — and the howling of the wolves, who were disturbed in their retreats by the sounds of combat. Those sounds, renewed after long intervals, and in an irregular manner, gradually approached more near; and they could plainly distinguish the trampling of horses' feet, over the beaten track that winded among the crags as far as the cottage door. Again, and with great earnestness,...

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