The Village Manual for the State of Minnesota: A Complete Guide for Village Officers in Their Various Duties Under the Revised Laws, 1905, and General Laws, 1905, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1912, and 1913

W.S. Booth & son, 1913 - 315 páginas

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Página 42 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof before any court of competent jurisdiction shall be punished by a fine...
Página 40 - ... person to vote or refrain from voting at any election, or to vote or refrain from voting for any particular person or persons at any election, or on account of such person having voted or refrained from voting at any election.
Página 40 - Advances or pays or causes to be paid, any money or other valuable thing, to or for the use of any other person with the intent...
Página 81 - That whenever an investigation shall be made by said Commission, it shall be its duty to make a report in writing in respect thereto, which shall include the findings of fact upon which the conclusions of the Commission are based, together with its recommendation as to what reparation, if any, should be made by the common carrier to any party or parties who may be found to have been injured...
Página 173 - ... guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished for the first offense by a fine of not less than twenty-five...
Página 108 - A person operating a motor vehicle shall, at request or on signal by putting up the hand, from a person riding, leading or driving a restive horse or horses, or other draft animals, bring such motor vehicle immediately to a stop, and, if traveling in the opposite direction, remain stationary so long as may be reasonable to allow such horse or animal...
Página 109 - No person shall operate a motor vehicle on a public highway at a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper, having regard to the traffic and use of the highway, or so as to endanger the life or limb of any person...
Página 40 - ... valuable consideration, to or for any voter, or to or for any person on behalf of any voter, or to or for any other person in order to induce any voter to vote, or refrain from voting, or shall corruptly do any such act as aforesaid, on account of such voter having voted or refrained from voting at any election : 2.
Página 215 - ... annually on all the taxable property in the city, such tax to be levied and collected in like manner with other general taxes of said city, and to be known as the
Página 41 - ... compel, induce, or prevail upon any voter either to give or refrain from giving his vote at any election, or to give or refrain from giving his vote for any particular person or persons at any election.

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