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Abstracts 600 - 603

EUROPE (Cont'd)
herself well, and this act of clemency will make happy, many a desolate


600 - DTD Jan. 10; ed: 2/2 We have received full particulars of the late "stroke" by Napoleon, and the detailed account of his usurpation, published by his authority. These facts are settled: That the blood shed in Paris was caused solely by the despot himself; that the number of innocent persons murdered has been sadly underrated by his authority, and that he stimulated the soldiery especially legions brought over from Algeria to commit every excess; that his despotism grows more severe daily, and the censorship of the press is now complete. The vote for Napoleon is large, but even in the army and navy, the minority against him is decided,


601 - DTD Jan. 10; ed:2/2 - The vote for Napoleon is large, but even in
the Army and Navy, the minority against him is decided. This vote indi-
cates nothing. Neither the distant soldiers or marines, bad time to
understand the villainy of the man, or his atrocious despotism. But bis
extreme action has alarmed the despots of Austria and Russia; especially
his entire "trust" in the army and navy. He must be an atheist of wild-
est unbelief who dreams for a moment that the usurper can live and con-
tinue long the despot of France. The speculation of the British prints
turns chiefly now on this point - what effect will Napoleon's action
have upon the peace of Europe, and one line will describe their posi-
tion. That peace the usurper will respect only as long as his interests
are opposed to war.

"No reliance, consequently, can be placed upon his word. No treaty, no convention, will be held worth a grot while France is in his hands."


602 - DTD Jan. 12; ed: 2/2 Hungary, with a territory of 126,000 miles,
has 14,000,000 inhabitants; nearly thrice as many as this country con-
tained when it burst the bonds which politically bound it to the throne
of Great Britain. Surely, a people who so won their freedom and nation-
ality cannot have resolved to rid themselves of all eyes, ears, and
hands, that the iron heel of "the Beardless Nero" may remain on the
necks of those 14,000,000 Hungarians!


603 - WTD Jan. 14; ed: 4/4 - Various writers denounce Louis Napoleon and other despots who aid him.

The plan of the despots is to divide Europe into three great empires. The plan seems to have united the English people. Wires from Europe tell us Great Britain will stand firm on liberal grounds, and that despots mean, if they can, to tame her spirit and crush her power.

A war against whatever freedom exists in Europe will be a war against Switzerland and England. The despots know that unless these powers are subjugated there will be no peace or safety for them. "Hence, if the


Abstracts 604 - 606

EUROPE (Cont'd)
United States shall remain neutral, we may look for a bold and bloody
endeavor, on their part, to annihilate them."


604 - DTD Jan. 27:2/3,4 - In a letter to the editor, J. T. from Paris says: "The importance of the events now developing in this country may lend an interest to details which at another time would not claim attention. France, so lately looked upon by the friends of free government as the great hope of European renovation, seems herself fast going back into the despotism that has again and again fallen amid the blood and tears of her people.

"More than fifty years ago Napoleon the first said: 'It is the destiny of France when she is moved, to shake the whole world.' Mingled with the vanity and extravagance of this toast there is much yet of truth. The restless energy and versatile genius of the people, give them a confessed supremacy among the nations of Europe. Foremost in art, science and civilization, known not less by the achievements of intellectual labor, than by her triumphs of industrial skill, her position seems to point to her as the leader in the liberty that at once unfetters intelligence, and fosters and rewards industry. Unfortunately her follies and her failures have too often only furnished rejoicing tyrants....

"Of all these fatal precedents none can be more so than that of the president chosen by almost the unanimous voice even, of universal suffrage, assuming the prerogative of irresponsible power, and the mockeries of imperial station.

"Although the attending circumstances render the suffrages on record a fallacious test of public opinion, there cannot be a doubt that a majority of the ration has consented however constrained or reluctantly, to Louis Napoleon's application for a ten years lease of power, unshackled by any conditions, Whatever just grounds of suspicion there may be as to whether this anomalous vote has been fairly taken, and truly reported, the large amount of open adherence he has received, and the common expression of opinion in his favor, would seem to confirm the plausibility of the result. If not convinced of the justice of his course, they appear at least to recognize the wisdom of Pompey's philosophy, that 'it is better to worship the rising than the setting sun! (42)

605 - WTD Jan. 28:2/3 - Switzerland, in elections lately held, declares herself to be, and is a liberal government. "'Tis well. She has barriers which the bayonets of usurpers cannot pierce, and passes through which their soldiers will not dare attempt to pass.


606 - DTD Feb. 3; ed: 3/2 - In the war for Hungarian independence, Governor Kossuth had 400,000 volunteers upon his list, but only about 150,000 muskets to give them. With 200,000 muskets more, notwithstanding Gorgey's treachery and Russian intervention, the Hungarian cause would probably have triumphed.


Abstracts 607 - 611

EUROPE (Cont'd)

But to arm these volunteers and transport the armaments required involves a heavy expenditure such as local or private contributions cannot meet and which can only be supplied from the generous sympathy and through the collective small subscriptions gathered in the giant hand of the people.


607 - DTD Mar. 10; ed: 2/2 - "When Louis Napoleon was in the Prison of Ham he wrote a thick pamphlet in defense of communism. Now his is engaged in breaking up the business partnerships formed some time ago by artisans and other working people in Paris. He said, in giving a reason for his doing so, that these partnerships tend toward socialism and are injurious to the people. This despotic destruction of these partnerships will cause large numbers to leave France. Many of them will come to America. Because of their mechanical skill, industry, and good habits, they should be valuable to our country.


608 · DTD Mar. 26; ed: 2/2 - Lord John Russell, seeking to compliment
"Napoleon the Little" declared the latter had learned, what his uncle
was never able to see that the opinions and feelings of neither the
English government nor the English people could be judged by the English

"If Louis Napoleon has learned that, it is one of the many things he would do well to unlearn."


609 · DTD Mar. 30; ed:2/1 "France is quiet. What despotism is not? Bonaparte moves along as if not only the coronet were his for life but as if all men should slave themselves before him without stint.

"The arm is now nerved which will lay the tyrant low, and the more he presses down upon the people...the surer and sooner will it fall upon him with a deadly and avenging blow."


610 - DTD Mar. 30; ed:2/1 · "Switzerland is said to have yielded to France · We doubt it. The spirit of independence is not yet dead in that mountain land... if she has expelled the refugees, and if Sardinia follows suit, as she will, no known republican will tread the soil of the continent of Europe. ... We may pity the sufferers and the suffer ing; yet what but a martyr's fate or martyr's spirit can redeem fallen Europe?"


611 - DTD Apr. 2; ed:2/1 "The HERALD omits no opportunity to hurt the cause of European freedom, and tries hard to persuade the public that the interest in Kossuth is becoming weaker and weaker."

Kossuth is pleading the right of self-government because the czar of Russia decrees not only that royalty and its classes must be sustained, but that any nation in Europe, whose people atttempt to set up self-government must be crushed. When Hungary rid herself of the Austrians, Russia immediately interfered and saved Austria.


Abstracts 612 - 616

EUROPE (Cont'd)

"Yet the HERALD affects to believe, and labors to make all men believe, ... that the cause of Freedom in Europe staggers from weakness, and that the American heart cares not for it. It is libel upon our people, and he is mercenary or cased in cold selfishness who utters it."


612 - DTD Apr. 21; ed:2/1 - "Louis Napoleon's 'Speech' to the Legislative Assembly is published, and like all such speeches, it really amounts. to nothing.

"Of course the Prince President swears fealty to the new order of things.... He is for peace. What despot is not, except when it suits him to proclaim war for the maintenance of law and order?...

"The glory of France - the good of the people - these are his ends, and if the chamber and the public will only let him have his way, he will prove the fact by his acts....

"The oath is a sham. The Legislature an appendage.... The hand which is to smite him is uplifted. It waits only for the fulness of him to deal upon the tyrant's head an avenging blow."


613 - DTD Apr. 27; ed:2/1 Prince Felix Schwarzenburg, who was born Oct. 2, 1800, devoted his life to uphold despotism. He left behind him a trail of blood.

"Such was Prince Felix Schwarzenburg! And who shall lament his death? Who not anticipate good, and good only, from the removal of such a monster from earth?"


614 - DTD Apr. 27; ed:2/2 - "The physicians of the Emperor of all the Russias have prescribed for him the waters of Schwalbach, and he is soon to establish there his court.

"A fine oppurtunity, and a fit place, for him to regulate the affairs of Europe. Near France and Belgium; Prussia servile; Austria, at his feet; secure spot for full and well settled plans to uphold despotism!"


615 - DTD May 7; ed:2/1 - Louis Napoleon is preparing to "grab" Italy for the French Empire.

"It is evident the Prince President believes his destiny to be to establish, and rule over, a mighty Empire, and that he neither sees dangers, nor counts on difficulties, in his endeavors to grasp it."


616 - DTD May 10; ed:2/1 - The late Prince Schwarzenburg sent a note to the courts of Europe stating that he believed Napoleon had done a great service to the conservative system, and he should receive both the sympathy and support of the "regular" governments.

"Napoleon is bent upon empire and he will have it. A majority of the French deputies... have announced... that their to proclaim it."


Abstracts 617 - 624

EUROPE (Cont'd)
617 - DTD May 12; ed: 2/2 - Armand Goegg, late member of the Baden Re-
public, will address his countrymen tonight at eight o'clock at Weiden-
koff's on behalf of freedom in Germany.

"We trust our German friends will meet, take council together, organize, and, from this time forward, strike steady and hearty blows in favor of that policy, which shall...scatter the rule of absolutism, and let the nations be free."


618 - DTD May 18; ed:2/1 - "It is evident that Louis Napoleon means to
continue his 'reign of terror' in regard to political offenders; for it
appears... that Colonel Espinasse... has informed the President that he
has been altogether too merciful."


619 - DTD May 24; ed: 2/2 - "It is evident that fealty to Napoleon is not so hearty as it was.... Napoleon fears the People, and their Democratic bent, and will run directly athwart it."


620 - DTD May 24; ed: 2/2 "Austria is uneasy. The spirit of the peo-
ple of Hungary boils up, and alarms her. Martial law has been pro-
claimed at Presburg!... And there are signs besides, that Austria
does not like France... The bolder the fray between these Despots,
the better for freedom."


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621 DTD May 24; ed: 2/2 "The monster King of Naples has been driven back, at last, by public opinion, to a more merciful course towards political offenders. Lighter chains are used; they are allowed more exercise. Those found guilty without being tried are to be released."

(1) 622 · DTD May 27:3/3 - In a letter to the editor, "J. S." from Constantinople says: Constantinople is one of the most beautiful pictures nature could paint. "In Turkey the religion of the state and the law of the land protects the property of sectarians against government



623 · DTD May 29; ed:2/1 - According to news by the CAMBRIA, Nicholas
of Russia, the emperor of Austria, Windischgratz, Jellachich, and the
Duke of Bordeaux were together at Vienna. "There is mischief afoot.
Austria is evidently to be the centre of action, and that action is to
be for tyranny and in its hardest form."


624 - DTD June 24; ed:2/2 The papers indicate a coming rupture between Belgium and France.

"The conflict, if it shall come, will be no light one. It is Nicholas or Napoleon. We need not say that it will set the whole continent in a blaze and make such a stir there as the world has never witnessed. Who may fall, it boots us not to enquire (sic). We care not as regards the tyrants. But in such a conflict will the people be still? Will

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