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347 - DTD Nov. 1:3/1 The court of common pleas adjourned on Oct. 30.
On Nov. 3 they will sit for the purpose of giving naturalization papers.


348 - DTD Dec. 20:3/1 - In the Cuyahoga county common pleas court between Oct. 11 and Nov. 20, aliens numbering 567 declared their intentions of becoming citizens, obtaining their "first papers."


CITY DIRECTORY. See Printing & Publishing
349 DTD Mar. 29:3/1 - At the city council meeting on Mar. 26, the re-
lease of S. G. Russel from paying certain $5 notes was approved.


350 - DTD Mar. 29:3/1 - At the city council meeting on Mar. 26, $300 was appropriated to pay the city clerk.


351 - DTD Apr. 20:2/2 - "B. L. Spangler was appointed alderman of the third ward in the place of the Mayor who had resigned. He appeared, was qualified, and took his seat."

The following appointments have also taken place: President of council, L. M. Hubby; city clerk, J. B. Bartless; city attorney, J. C. Grannis. Twelve committees of three men each were also appointed.


352 - DTD Apr. 20:2/3 - City council last night accepted the resignation of Brownell as alderman of the third ward,


353 - DTD Apr. 20:3/1,2 - Mayor Brownell, in his inaugural address, said to the councilmen: "I have the fullest confidence that under your prudent legislation, its general interests and improvements will keep pace with a rapidly increasing wealth and population.

"Laying aside all private interests, we should work together for the common good.

"Of the Public Schools...I find that the Present system...consists of 20 primary and intermediate schools, and one Central High School, employing 38 teachers.

"Two school-house lots have been purchased, and the building erected upon them the past year....

"We have a well organized Fire Department, consisting of six companies, numbering 260...efficient members, the just pride of our city....

"The subject of introducing pure water into the city, has been... investigated...closely...and accumulated many valuable statistics....

"The foreign credit of the city now stands high, and effectual means, should be adopted to sustain it. To this end I would recommend the issue of one denomination of Bonds... to absorb the small amount of floating debts now due."




Abstracts 354 - 361

CITY GOVERNMENT (Cont'd) 354 - DTD Apr. 21:3/1 - The city council last night appointed J. B. Bartlett, city clerk; L. M. Hubby, president of the council; 0. F. Welch, weigher of hay; Paul Chase, harbor master; Clark Warren, market clerk; David Schuh, sealer of weights and measures; and J. W. Gray, city printer.

(8) 355 - DTD Apr. 29:3/2 The city council last night adopted a resolution adopting the rules of the last council.


356 - DTD May 1; ed:3/1 - Who is the city surveyor? The truth is, anybody is city surveyor whom the people choose to employ. Saxton is county surveyor - but that does not constitute him surveyor for the city.


357 - DTD May 27:2/3,4 - At the city council meeting on May 25, a resolution was passed providing that we recognize the city of Alton and cultivate its friendship.


356 - DTD Sept. 2:2/1 City council met last night and transacted the following business:

Petitions received - One asking that an invitation be extended to the military companies of neighboring cities to visit Cleveland and take part in the encampment during the state fair;

One from Cataract fire company No. 5 for an appropriation of $700 towards the purchase of a new $1,400 engine. This was referred to the fire and water committee.

Contracts approved - Committee on fire and water was directed to contract with James Lloyd for the building of reservoirs.

Ordinances adopted The mayor was authorized to issue new bonds for all old ones and for those due prior to Jan. 1, 1853. Bonds in all orders issued before May 15, 1852 of $100 or more will bear not more than seven per cent interest and will run not less than three years nor more than ten years. The tax and sinking funds are provided for in the ordinance. (8)

359 - DTD Nov. 11:2/3 - City council last night passed a resolution requesting the clerk to draw an order in favor of Lambert White for $100 to apply on his salary as market clerk for the present year.


360 - DTD Nov. 11:2/3 City council last night passed a resolution that the clerk draw an order in favor of Paul Chase for $50 to apply on his salary as paymaster.


361 - DTD Nov. 23:3/3 At the city council meeting on Nov. 20, the mayor, Alderman Hubby, and the city clerk were appointed a committee to examine the new law regulating cities and to procure from the legislature such amendments and alterations as may be required for the management and government of our city.


Abstracts 362 - 368

CITY GOVERNMENT (Cont'd) 362 - DTD Dec. 2:3/3 - At the city council meeting on Nov. 30, it was resolved that orders be issued in favor of Marshal Lawrence for $150 and of the city clerk for $200 to be applied on their salaries for the cur

rent year.



363 - DTD Apr. 29:3/2 - City council last night passed a resolution authorizing the city treasurer to borrow $500 for the use of the road fund. (1)

364 - DTD Apr. 29:3/3 The statement of the receipts and expenditures of the city of Cleveland, for the year ending Apr. 17, 1852, is as follows: General Fund: Total receipts, $28,428.53; total expenditures, $27,939.63; balance in treasury, $488.90. Road fund receipts, $12, 106.87; expenditures, $12, 120.64; academy lot fund receipts, $4,016.07; expenditures, $3,998.29; balance in treasury, $17.48. Poor house and hospital fund receipts, $4,835.61; expenditures, $1,000.00; balance in treasury, $3,835.61. School fund receipts, $22, 318.88; expenditures, $10,367.60; balance in treasury, $11,451.28. Funded debt receipts, $2,670.71; expenditures, $1,004.77; balance in treasury, $1,665.94. Cemetery fund, $117.46; school house fund, $31.19.

Statement: receipts, $7,031.58; expenditures, $7,031.58. (Signed) J. B. Bartlett, city clerk.


365 - DTD May 14; ed:2/1 "Why is it that the experience of cities is so little known, or if known, so little heeded." Cincinnati and New York have wasted thousands of dollars through the lack of an efficient system of management.

"Shall Cleveland profit by these examples?" The common interest requires: "That our city government fairly and fearlessly shall map out what is needed, and should be done, and establish a system which will enable us to do, at the cheapest rate, but well, what we shall have to do eventually, cost what it may, for the good of the city."


366 - DTD Aug. 12:3/2 - City council last night passed a resolution directing the city treasurer to borrow $1,000 for use of the road fund in anticipation of the revenue of the said fund for the current year.


367 - DTD Aug. 26:2/3 City council last night passed a resolution requesting County Treasurer G. C. Dodge, Esq., to pay to the city treasurer the discrimination tax collected by him and assessed to pay for planking and paving Ontario st., from the south side of Public Square to five feet past Hurlbut's shop.


368 - DTD Sept. 9:3/5 - City council last night passed a resolution that the mayor be and is hereby authorized and requested to issue the bonds of the city for the sum of $700 payable one year from date with interest at six per cent, these bonds being for the benefit of Fire company No. 5.



Abstracts 369 - 372

CITY GOVERNMENT Finance (Cont'd) 369 - DTD Oct. 29:2/4 - City council last night passed a resolution authorizing the city treasurer to borrow $8,000 in anticipation of revenues of the current year.


370 - DTD Dec. 16:3/2 - At the city council meeting on Dec. 14, the city treasurer was authorized to borrow $5,000 for the use of the general fund and the police fund and $1,000 for the purpose of paying orders drawn on those funds after this date.


See also Community Growth - Suburbs; Districts & Annexation; subjects of ordinances

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371 - DTD Aug. 7; ed:2/2 - "Sagacious minds, as if by instinct, snuff
tyranny, as it taints the breeze, afar off, and prepare to meet it. Dan-
iel Webster, in an earlier and better day, foresaw the coming of the
hour, when free speech would be assailed in our Republic....

"Yet where is it enjoyed? Where does free speech exist as a reality. In the Slave South it is not even asserted. It was only the other day we received a notice from a subscriber there, saying, 'I am not allowed to take out your paper and read it.' This home-bred right which years ago Mr. Webster declared, boldly, 'is not to be drawn even into discussion. This 'high constitutional privilege' sacred alike in private and in public both as a principle, and a duty, which he was willing to defend 'within Congress and without Congress,' and which should be defended 'in all places in time of war, in time of peace at all times' - this birth-right of Freedom is in peril. The great indignant words of the heroic poet should be at this time and on this theme, in the hearts and upon the lips of every Freeman."

Is this the land our fathers loved?
The Freedom which they toiled to win?
Is this the soil whereon they moved?

Are those the graves they slumber in?
Thirteen more verses are printed.


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372 - DTD Jan. 7; adv:3/9 - R. H. Mills, 128 Superior st., has opened
a new and well selected stock of Gentlemens Furnishing Goods, and ready
made linen, wholesale and retain at lowest price for cash.

Shirts of every description manufactured to order at short notice.


Abstracts 373 - 377

CLOTHING TRADE (Cont'd) 373 - DTD July 17; adv:1/2 - Mrs. Hubbard, 22 North side of Public Square, is a milliner, dressmaker, and importer of fashions.



DTD Jan. 9; ed:2/1 - See Railroads

374 - DTD Aug. 21:3/4 - The coal market is dull, but with no variation in prices. Wholesale, Briar Hill, ton - $2.87-1/2 @ 3; Cuyahoga Falls $2.50,


375 - DTD Dec. 3:2/1 - Coal is cheaper in Cincinnati than in Cleveland at this time.




376 - DTD June 24; ed: 2/2 Baldwin Institute, Berea. "This institution is in a flourishing condition. The Cataogue of '51 - '52 is just published, and we find that the pupils number 223 - males 131, females 92. The faculty are well and favorably known, and under their able instruction the scholars are making rapid progress; ... "Rev. Owen T. Reeves is principal of the Berea Institute; the teachers are G. M. Barber, Milton Baldwin, Theodore Scheffler, J. Newton Lee, Miss J. Swartwood, Mrs. G. M. Barber and Miss Mary Banker." John Baldwin is the real founder of the institute. "By hard industry he has made money, and obtained influence; but he uses both, as every man should use them, only to help the needy, and save the ignorant."


Cleveland University

377 DTD Mar. 17; adv: 4/4 - Cleveland university, situated on "University Heights," has 14 chairs of instruction.

The several courses of study shall be so arranged as to enable a student to pursue to the best of his advantage any single course he may choose for any period of time, and to allow students who are candidates for degrees to pursue the necessary studies in a longer or shorter time as may be convenient for themselves, the faculty having the right to direct the studies of such students.

Students entering the university as candidates for degrees will be examined accordingly, while those who enter some particular course will be examined in reference to that only. All students must bring testimony of good moral character. The most approved authors will be used; the aim of the course is to awaken in each student a consciousness of his energies and thus lead him to think and create thought.


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