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2721 - DTD Dec. 15; abv: 2/5 - Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Conner present
HAMLET at the Melodeon tonight. The program will be concluded with


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TRADE. See Retail Stores & Trade; Wholesale Trade

TRANSPORTATION. See means of transportation, as Railroads

TREES 2722 - DTD June 15; ed:3/1 - The New York TRIBUNE has been shown, a 20year-old maple tree with a large wolf trap thoroughly imbedded in it.

"There is no room for doubt that the wood has actually grown over and imbedded the trap, which evidently had a panther's foot in it when it was lodged there. The most remarkable feature of the business is the perfect preservation of the trap, which is but slightly oxidized." It was discovered by a timber cutter in western Canada.


Abstracts 2723 - 2727


Post Office Department

2723 - DTD DEC. 14; ed:2/1 - The postmaster general's report shows a large increase in the number of employees. As partisan politics play a large part in the increase, the postmaster should be elected by the people.

"The Department has not supported itself. But it will. And whether it does or not, postage can never be increased. That is settled. S

Still, if that department were conducted, as it had been under Judge Mc Lean, it would pay, and do its whole duty to the country, with steady certainty."(5)

2724 - DTD Apr. 1; ed:2/1 - "Our army costs us a round sum.

"The startling fact is established that the rate of each soldier is 1000 dollars.

"... it is this enormous outlay which explains the meaning of the deficiency bill now so hotly debated in Washington. Fifty millions was appropriated last year and spent, now three millions more are demanded. For what? No explanation is offered; no accounts given.

"For money received the government should give an account. He who refused to... show that he spent prudently and well the means entrusted to him, should not be trusted with another dollar. And what is true of the individual, is true of the government."

Let the House and the country have the details of how these vast expenditures have been incurred.


2725 - DTD May 4; ed: 2/1 - Colonel Fremont is in Fleet st. prison, Lon-
don, for indebtedness that was incurred during his conquest of terri-
tory during the United States war with Mexico. He received supplies
and depended upon the Union to support him; but due to delays an appro-
priation covering his debts has not yet been given.

"We suppose the Senate bill will speedily pass, unless there be something wrong in the claims of Colonel Fremont."


2726 - DTD June 5; adv:2/4 - Attention, volunteers, and state troops: The law of Congress passed Mar. 22, 1852 gives land to all who have been paid by the United States, whether marched to the seat of war or not. Land warrants, pensions, back pay, extra pay, etc., can be procured promptly by application to G. F. Lewis at Merchant's bank, Cleveland. (1)

2727 DTD June 22; ed: 2/3 - The Cleveland Light artillary designs going into camp on July 3, remaining in camp until July 6. They will therefore be out during a Sabbath, and it is the desire of its officers that so far as possible the Sabbath should be religiously observed.

"We hope one of our city churches will extend an invitation to the company to attend upon public worship, and have seats provided for fifty

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Abstracts 2728 · 2731

or fifty-five. It was the custom of Gen. Washington whenever his army
was in camp over Sabbath, to attend public worship, and we should be
pleased to see this company provided with proper seats."

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2728 - DTD Apr. 13; ed:2/2 - We received a copy of an address on "Our
Navy," delivered by Wm. Maxwell Wood, M.D., surgeon, U. S. Navy. "It
is a perfect excoriation of our present Naval system. Nevertheless the
author is ardently in favor of a Navy based on Republican principles,
and has served twenty-five years in our intensely anti-Republican one.
We derived so much satisfaction from reading Surgeon Wood's very able


2729 - DTD Apr. 17; ed: 2/2 - The secretary of the navy sent a communi cation to the Senate relative to the exploring expedition.

"If it satisfies the Senators, we shall be surprised. It gives information, and valuable information, too; but not the information desired.

"This 'secrecy' in government action is, or should be a policy of the past. No honest government, as a general rule, need conceal any action which it may be called upon to perform.... Let us have open work in all things. That, certainly, should be the general principle, and if there be an exception... that can be easily and safely met.

"The Secretary of the Navy, however is evidently bent upon telling only what he must, and not what he should tell."


2730 - DTD May 12; ed: 2/2 - "The Naval Institutions Of A Republic," is an address by William Maxwell Wood, M.D., surgeon of the U. S. Navy.

"The character of this able pamphlet is such, that, were a copy of it placed in the hands of every voter in the country,... We believe our present Naval system would not be suffered to exist another twelvemonth. In our opinion, that is just as certain as it is that those voters are not destitute of hearts and brains. Yet, the author, himself...seeks only to place that arm of the National defense on a Republican foundation, its present basis odiously aristocratic one."

Wood discusses the expenditures, unfair classification of sailors, court martial, court procedure, and punishments as carried on in the Navy and gives his remedial measures.


See Post Office; Postal Service; United

States - Post Office Department

2731 - DTD Jan. 13; ed:2/6 - The federal secretary and judges of Utah
have sent a report to the President on the condition of that territory.

It appears from this long-winded report to President Fillmore for
the territory of Utali, signed by Samuel G. Brandebury, chief justice of
the U. S. Supreme Court, Perry D. Brocchus, associate justice of the
same court, and B. D. Harris, secretary of Utah territory, that those


Abstracts 2732 - 2734

officials have not been able to perform, nor even begin to perform, the
functions of their respective offices.

This report, some parts of which have already been questioned by
Utah representatives in Congress, and which can be deemed good for lit-
tle until the other side shall have been fully heard, gives a horrible
account of the doings, politically, ecclesiastically, and morally, of
the Mormon saints.


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UPHOLSTERING 2732 - DTD May 27; adv: 2/6 - New Establishment, Upholstery of every description made to order by the subscriber, Thomas Morgan, over Morse's clothing store, Superior st.


2733 - DTD July 1; adv:1/2 - James C. Wilson, 67 River St. Upholsterer Manufacturer of Lounges, Easy Chairs, and dealer in Curle Hair, Feathers, Moss Sofa Springs, etc.


2734 - DTD Aug. 20:3/1 - Our friend G. W. Berry has bought out J. C. Wilson's upholstering establishment, and holds himself ready to put our readers in possession of easy chairs, so that they can enjoy themseleves while looking over morning papers.


Abstracts 2735 - 2745

2735 - DTD Apr. 29:3/2 - In city council last night a petition was pre-
sented for the construction of two reservoirs in the fourth ward,


2736 - DTD July 24:3/2 - City council last night passed a resolution authorizing the committee on fire and water to contract with James Lloyd to build three reservoirs and three wells, agreeable to his proposals on file, on a credit of eight nonths.


2737 - DTD Aug. 26:2/3 - City council last night passed a resolution that the committee on fire and water advertise and receive proposals to build three reservoirs in the second ward and one at the intersection of Euclid and Clinton sts, in the fourth ward.


2738 - DTD Nov. 1:2/4 - City council last night passed a resolution that 500 copies of the report of the committee on water works be printed in pamphlet form for the use of the council and the citizens.


2739 - DTD Nov. 1:2/4 - City council last night passed a resolution thanking the committee on water works for their able report.


2740 - DTD Nov. 3:3/1 A large reservoir is being constructed on St. Clair st., opposite the medical college.


2741 - DTD Nov. 11:2/3 - City council last night adopted a resolution authorizing the clerk to draw an order in favor of William Murphy for $500 in part payment for building reservoirs.


2742 - DTD Dec. 2:3/3 - At the city council meeting on Nov. 30, an order was issued in favor of W. Murphy for $2,000 for constructing reservoirs,


2743 - DTD Jan. 7:3/1 - Yesterday was one of winter's own. It blew
hard all day; the snow fell fast at times, and it was hard to walk
against the wind.


2744 - WTD Jan. 21:2/2 - The usual opinion is that the weather of Jan. 18 and 19 was the severest this winter. This winter is the coldest in 16 years.


2745 - WTD Jan. 28; ed:1/1 - The mercury was 16° below zero yesterday.

"This is probably the coldest weather ever known in Ohio, and almost equals the coldest in Minnesota." It is hard on the poor.

"God help the Poor, who have no fire,

Such bitter days as these,
When e'en the breath we expire

Doth nearly freeze!..."

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