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CHURCHES & SECTS Clergy (Cont'd)
To us, the presence of such doctors is certainly the very worst snarl in
all 'this tangled web' of which Dr. D. so learnedly discourses.


266 - DTD Feb. 4:3/1 Dr. Samuel C. Aiken spoke in behalf of the clergy at the Kossuth meeting last evening at the Melodeon. He said: "Permit me to welcome you, and assure you of the great respect we entertain for you as friend of humanity and advocate of civil and religious liberty. May the God of Heaven direct and prosper you, and yet make you the honored instrument of overturning despotism, and in establishing upon its ruins constitutional liberty, not only in Hungary but throughout the world.

Kossuth replied: "Whenever ministers honor me, I receive it with profound emotion as a consolation of religion. I know that though every man would forsake my country's cause, our Father in leaven will not, because that cause is righteous and just. Reverend gentlemen, I beseech you to bless my country's cause, and thank you for the benefit of your approbation and sympathy."


267 - DID Feb. 25; ed:2/1 "The Rev. Mr. Fairchild of Boston has been delivering in that city sundry addresses in vindication of his character against the aspersions of sundry of his clerical and lay bretheren. We think that when a clergyman has been tried by his country, and pronounced guiltless of all offenses charged against him, as in the case of Mr. Fairchild, it is not quite the thing for his own bretheren in the ministry to fall pellmell upon him, like a pack of pickpockets. We believe it was sheer cowardice, a selfish fear of encountering public opinion, that made any of that gentleman's clerical bretheren abandon bim, in the outsel; and an equally base love of consistency, that has made such persist in their opposition to him.'


268 - DTD Mar. 22; ed:2/1 - The Rev. Thomas T. Stone of Salem, Mass., has been banished from his church because he has preached that "God is to be obeyed rather than Fillmore."

"We have known many a preacher equally bold, and apparently more so, than Mr. Stone; but seldom have we met with so much boldness combined with so much meekness and spirituality, so much patience, long-suffering, and forbearance."


269 - DTD Apr. 9; ed: 2/2 - We are assured by the Reverend Perry that the errata appended to the address of his which was noticed in our columns corrects not a fifth part of the errors actually committed in the printing of that address.

"Justice to our Reverend friend demands that we should also say, that he is not to be understood as admitting the correctness of our critical observations in respect even of those parts of the address which are not marred by mistakes of the compositor.'


Abstracts 270 - 273

CHURCHES & SECTS - Clergy (Cont'd) 270 DTD Apr. 24; ed: 2/2 - The late Bishop Hedding is being praised in all the churches. The bishop is said to have been a Wesley disciple, but the two differed greatly upon the slavery question.

John Wesley declared slavery to be "the sum of all villainies, ..." while the bishop advocated slave-holding.

"Could we have been assured of his defending such views not without some twinge of conscience, the assurance would have been a relief to us, as furnishing a new reason for hoping he would one day abandon them....

"But while we may not deny that Bishop Hedding was as honest and as pious as his 'brother Wesley,' we will say that the latter's teachings have... done the world more good than it will ever have derived from the former's honesty and piety."


271 - DTD May 14; ed:2/2 - "Doctor Bentley, of Salem, Massachusetts, was, we suspect, more distinguished by certain eccentricities of character than by his wit....

"He cared as little for honors, even those that are coveted by most clergymen, as for dry feet....

"But Doctor Bentley's greatest eccentricity consisted in fancying, that having been married to his church, he could not well wed a woman without committing a sort of bigamy; and so... he lived and died but half a man." (14)

DTD May 15; ed: 2/2 - See Politics & Government

272 - DTD June 23; ed:2/3 - The Rev. James Freeman Clark is reported to have been lately invited to the "charge of the Second Unitarian Society of Brooklyn, N. Y." There was a rumor that he intended to settle in Cleveland. "But the 'local habitation' of such a man is a matter of the smallest consequence since Mr. Clark belongs to that small number of clergymen whose best services, wherever they may be and whether salaried or unsalaried, the world is always sure to get. What signifies the priest's right believing when compared to the Samaritan's welldoing. What is the chaff to the wheat - saith the Lord."


273 - DTD Dec. 4; ed: 3/2 - "There is a painful lack with many ministers, , of knowledge of human nature in its daily actings. They are not ignorant men; know all about the Council of Trent. But to the living, acting, laughing, weeping, tempted and sinning world around them, they are well nigh strangers.

The Western Episcopalian and Gambier Observatory, in an article on "The Ignorance of Ministers."

"In truth, it always, saving now and then in the rare case of a Buckminister or a Beecher, seemed to us one of the most incongruous of all spectacles, that of a beardless theologian set to teach grown men and women how to live here, and get to heaven hereafter."



Abstracts 274 - 280



274 - DTD Jan. 14:2/7 - Public worship will be held regularly every Sunday at 10:30 p. m. in a house lately fitted up on Prospect st. Those who wish to unite in the organization are requested to present their letters to any of the following persons: A. Fuller, H. Bingham, E. W. Andrews, E. H. Merrell, C. E. Bailsy. The church will be called the "First Congregational Church of Cleveland."


275 - DTD May 29:2/3 The Rev. C. B. Boynton will preach in the First Congregational church on Prospect st. at the morning service May 30.

The Rev. J. B. Walker of Mansfield will preach in the evening at the same place.


276 - DTD June 15; ed:2/1 The state Congregational convention meets in Mansfield on June 23 at 11 a.m.

"This Convention will be an able and interesting one. There will probably be 200 clergymen present. The subject of Slavery is to be thoroughly discussed."



277 - DTD June 30; ed:2/1 - On the afternoon of July 4, a Free Congregational church will be organized at the village of Euclid, similar to Dr. Edwin H. Nevin's church, the Wood st. Presbyterian of this city. "A few years hence, such organizations, on the Reserve, will be numerous.

(1) 278 DTD Sept. 28:2/1 - The Rev. E. D. Taylor of Chagrin Falls performed the introductory services Sept. 21 at the ordination of Irwin Allen as an evangelist for the Congregational church.



279 - DTD May 28; ed:2/2,3 - "The Episcopal Convention at Philadelphia, by a tie vote, decided that the Church of the Crucifixion should not be retained in union with the convention. The members of that church are colored; its rector and vestry, white. The majority...made a strong report, through Judge Stroud, in favor of admitting the delegates from 'this church of their colored bretheren.' The minority, through J. R. Ingersoll, combatted...the arguments.... The 'impropriety' of the step, the 'danger of causing differences' in the church, were the chief arguments urged against the admission of the delegates. The debate lasted all day and consumed all evening."


280 - DTD July 10:3/1 · The Christian anti-slavery convention of the Protestant Episcopal church met in Middlefield, on June 16. The meeting was called to order by the Reverend Thomas Burrows. On a motion John


Abstracts 281 - 285

CHURCHES & SECTS Episcopal (Cont'd) Bowers Esq. was chosen chairman, pro tem, and R. G. Porter was chosen secretary, pro tem. The committee appointed to nominate permanent officers reported for president, the Hon. John P. Converse; vice president, J. Bowers, Esq.; secretary, R. G. Porter. The business committee discussed 14 resolutions.

On the second day the convention was called to order by the vice president, the president being absent. Ten resolutions were passed and others were discussed. On motion it was unanimously voted that the CLEVELAND TRUE DEMOCRAT be requested to publish the proceedings of this convention, and that the CHARDON FREE DEMOCRAT and WESTERN RESERVE CHRONICLE be requested to copy.

Soul stirring anti-slavery music was played at intervals. On motion, thanks of the convention were tendered to wardens and vestrymen of the Protestant Episcopal church for so kindly opening their house for the use of the convention.


281 - DTD July 19; ed:2/1 We are glad to see it announced that Bishop Doane has been acquitted of the charge brought against him by the committee of investigation. In 1839 as a candidate for holy orders, he applied for admission into the General Theological seminary of the Episcopal church. That application was referred to a committee of six and it was rejected. Why? Because the candidate's skin was dark and his hair curly. All the wrongs we ever heard imputed to Bishop Doane could he be proved guilty of them all, were in our judgment the sheerest bagatelle in comparison of that single act of those cutaneous Episcopalians against which the former sought to enter his indignant protest upon the records of their national convention.


282 - DID Oct. 23:2/4 - Dr. Perry will deliver a lecture tomorrow at St. Paul's church. The subject is "Curiosity, Ambition, Knowledge, and Association as Elements of Character."


283 - DTD Nov. 13:3/1 - The Rev. Gideon B. Perry will deliver his fifth sermon to young people at St. Paul's church tomorrow. He will speak on some things which young men should consider and do that they may attain unto the highest wisdom.


284 - DID Nov. 20:3/1 - The Rev. Gideon B. Perry will deliver his last sermon to the young in St. Paul's church tomorrow. The subject will be "A Young Man Entertaining the Question of Duty in Regard to Eternal Life."

(1) 285 - DTD Nov. 30:3/1 - The Rev. Gideon B. Perry preached a farewell sermon on Nov. 28 in St. Paul's church. He will hereafter preach in Grace church.


Abstracts 286 - 293

CHURCHES & SECTS - Episcopal (Cont'd)
286 - DTD Nov. 30:3/1 - The trustees of Trinity church have purchased
a lot on the South side of Superior st., opposite the head of Bond st.
They plan to erect a church on the site.


287 - DTD Dec. 11:3/1 - St. Paul's church will be open tomorrow. R. B. Claxton will officiate.

The Rev.


Methodist Episcopal

288 - DTD May 28:2/1 - The general conference of the Methodist Episcopal church elected four bishops on May 25: The Rev. L. Scott of New York, the Rev. M. Simpson, the Rev. C. C. Baker of New Hampshire, and the Rev. E. R. Ames of Indiana. The conference also elected five editors for its publications and a corresponding secretary of the missionary society. (2)

289 - DTD July 10:3/1 - Dr. Simpson, newly elected bishop of the Methodist Episcopal church, will preach in the church on St. Clair st. tomorrow. He is one of the ablest divines of that large and respectable denomination.


290 - DTD Nov. 23:3/1 The Rev. G. B. Hawkins will preach in the First Methodist Episcopal church, corner of Wood and St. Clair sts., this morning. His subject is "Improvement, a Source of Thanksgiving.


291 - DTD Dec. 24:3/1 - The Friends of the Rev. D.Prosser will pay him a donation visit in the Methodist Episcopal church, corner of Wood and St. Clair sts., on Dec. 28.


Missions & Missionaries

292 - DTD May 25; ed:2/3 - An account of bow Dr. King in Athens, Greece, spent his days of imprisonment in jail and his nights at home with his family was carried in the Boston TRAVELLER.

"How a 'Missionary of the Cross' could have written such a doleful deal of balderbash about such an imprisonment of his person...quite passes our understanding."


293 DTD Sept. 25; ed: 2/2 The American board of missions met in Troy, N. Y., lately and proposed to spend $300,000 to send missionaries to all parts of the earth.

"But we take leave to submit, if, since the doors of the great slaveprison of this Nation are bolted and barred against the Bible and its missionaries, it should be a primary business of the Missionary and Bible Societies to help the Abolitionists break those bolts and bars, and throw open those doors."


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