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Abstracts 1991 - 1994

POLITICAL PARTIES (Cont'd) relies.... Under such a state of facts, the time could not well be earlier....

"And now, Friends of Freedom... let us make one universal gathering of ourselves, select our standard bearer, avow our principles, and go forth... to do battle for liberty and humanity."


1991 - DTD May 25; ed:2/3 - J. A. Harris, we should have said yesterday, departed May 22 for Baltimore for the Whig national convention. The last convention was in Philadephia, but the "Whigs having since then been steadily moving in a southerly direction do but display a decent regard for the fitness of things in pitching the big tent...nearer the heart of 'our great American system.'"


1992 - DTD July 1; ed:2/1

- The Free Soilers of Massachusetts are to meet in state convention, July 6, at Worcester. "There will be a mighty gathering against Franklin Pierce, the unwavering supporter of the slave power, voting steadily with it against the right of petition, and against every anti-slavery measure of whatever nature or degree. They will make no terms. Against 'the disgraceful resolutions' of the Whig platform for which 'the entire Whig delegation of Massachusetts voted with every mark of cordial, and unreserved approbation' they declare unyielding opposition. Against 'the thoroughly pro-slavery position of both parties' they will 'fight now, and fight forever.""


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1993 - DTD July 9; ed:2/2 - The Free Soil convention is being held at Worcester, Mass. "We hope tomorrow to receive the official proceedings the moment they reach us, we shall publish them - for we regard this state convention as the most important which has been held. Old Massachusetts knows how to speak, and when she speaks the country will hear her." (3)

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1994 - DTD July 9; ed:2/2 - Yesterday we received a copy of a "Democratic Circular" consisting of a letter from Dr. Townsend to the democracy of the 21st congressional district. It is an "Appeal to honest Democrats" in

" general and to "Democrats of Lorain" in particular enforcing with great earnestness sentiments embodied in resolves and extracts from "Pierce's Letter of Acceptance," showing how thoroughly - as well as infamously both are committed to all manner of anti-Democrat monstrosities.

"We wish the Circular might find its way into the hands of every 'honest Democrat' in which case, we should feel certain enough that no such Democrat would ever be found tickling the Devil by casting a vote for Pierce and King."


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1995 - DTD July 10; ed:2/2, 3 The New York TRIBUNE says: One of the greatest anti-slavery meetings ever held in Massachusetts, or in any part of the United States, was the Free Soil state convention held in Worcestor. It took everybody by surprise, so multitudinous was it, so


Abstracts 1996 - 1998

POLITICAL PARTIES (Cont'd) strong in men and in determination. The most distinguished and ablest men in the state were there. The meeting was held in the afternoon in a tent and numbered fully 5,000 persons. Letters were then read by the Hon. E. L. Keyes from distinguished gentlemen who were unable to attend the convention. The letters were from the Hon. Horace Mann, the Hon. Charles Sumner, and the Hon. S. P. Chase.

"It was a magnificent demonstration. The people were there in the might of numbers, and were animated by an enthusiasm in the cause far surpassing that which we have seen manifested upon any former occasion. Long before the hour arrived at which the convention was called, the spacious City Hall was densely crowded, including the aisles and galleries, by the delegates assembled from every part of the States."


1996 - DTD July 12; ed:2/2 - "We have over and over again expressed our conviction, that conventions are now, and will hereafter be, mere machines to concentrate powers in the hands of the few.

"We cannot disguise the fact that the caucus is a king. No other despotism is worse, as far as it goes - no other more tyrannical or insolent. It decides

It decides - a few dictating and that decision throttles the judgment, and thralls the conscience.

"The truth is, that all our conventions, county state and national, are subversive of every principle of freedom. Who manages them? Who makes their decrees? Not the people. They are kept ignorant of plans and purposes which sway those who control them, and are sought to be used as mere registers of the will of selfish partisans and ambitious aspirants.'


1997 - DTD July 20; ed: 2/2 - "We did not suppose that a man possessed of

a common honesty, would dispute over, or could deny the meaning and purpose of the foreign plank in the Democratic platform. But the PLAIN DEALER does both.

"How the democracy bears itself with dogmatic and lordly path, when it seeks to bully anti-slavery men, and oppress the weak; how plain and strong its language, and how it goes directly to the point here; yet when it speaks or affects to speak, to Power abroad, for the oppressed abroad, how like a quibbler and a sneak it talks. It knows by instinct the presence of the slave-holder, and his strength, and does as he bids; but recognizes not Kossuth, the representative of millions of down-trodden Europe, nor begins to do what he asks, or what they crave. Is this not enough? Would not this contrast show where the Democracy stands, and where it meant to stand, in regard to our foreign policy? It does. For the earnest heart never fails to tell its wants. It speaks them out and will be heard,"


1998 - DID Aug. 5:2/1 - The central committee of Cuyahoga appointed Aug. 7 at 3:30 p.m. the time for Free Soilers of each township to assemble at their usual place of meeting and select delegates to attend the Free Soil national convention at Pittsburgh to be held on Aug. 11.


Abstracts 1999 - 2004


Let there be no limit to the number assembling. The more the better. The stronger our array, the greater will be the impression we make.

Those of Cleveland will assemble at the court house, and those of Ohio City will assemble at the usual place of meeting.

"Cuyahoga is down for 100 delegates! Let the number be larger! Wm. Tousley, Chn Cen. Com."


1999 - DTD Aug. 6; ed:2/1 - The Free Soilers of New York state are moving. There being no Free Soil central committee in the state, the convention recommended that every congressional district of New York be represented at the national convention on the eleventh day of August. "Let it be so. A state organization will follow that, and New York will speak out for Free Soil."


2000 - DTD Aug. 6; ed:2/2,3 - The Painesville FREE PRESS considers us "fanatic" because we think as we do of the Whig platform. What of the New York TRIBUNE, sir? That journal declares it to have been penned by an ass. "We execrate, we defy, we spit upon it," it says.

"True this does not make our opinion right. Yet considering the source whence it comes, it is pretty strong backing. If the FREE PRESS will publish and meet fairly the critique of the TRIBUNE upon the Whig platform, we will cheerfully acknowledge our error. That platform is negative when it should be positive, with the exception of rivers and harbors; utters old truisms on subjects wherein it should be clear and decided; and is, virtually for serfdom in Europe and slavery in the United States. This is our opinion. It is the opinion of the TRIBUNE and the majority of the New England press."


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2001 - DTD Aug. 7; ed:2/1 - The Free Soil convention will be held in Ohio City this evening at the Pearl st. House. "Let every man of the party be there. Let there be a full turn out.


2002 DTD Aug. 7:2/3 - In a letter to the editor, "J. W." of Martin's Ferry says: "For myself I have talked in this part of the state; I say Amen to the sentiments of the Painesville meeting; 'J. P. Hale would have been nominated against all opposition.'

"Our best men, our old tried anti-slavery men, will be found fighting enthusiastically for Hale who will be chilled by nomination of one who could best manifest his hatred of oppression and his love for truth by supporting Gov. Wood, when that glorious old veteran, Samuel Lewis, was alive and to be voted for."



2003 · DTD Aug. 9:2/1 - The Free Soilers of Berea met a few days ago.
Dr. H. Parker' was chosen chairman and A. McBride was chosen secretary.
The following persons were among the nine appointed delegates to
Pittsburgh: , J. Watson, A. McBride, and H. Parker.


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2004 - DTD Aug. 9; ed:3/2 We thank a fair young correspondent of ours for the following spirited, and appropriate lines. "May the 'convention'


Abstracts 2005 - 2010

to which it appeals, be animated by the same spirit which breathes in

Free Soil Convention
Rouse ye, freemen, for the struggle!
Up from God's free earth arise,
Loud proclaim the power of justice

Beneath his glorious skies.
Nine more stanzas are printed.


2005 - DID Aug. 10:2/3 - At a meeting of Free Soil citizens of Brooklyn township held at the Pearl st. House in Ohio City Aug. 7, E. Rogers, Esq., was elected president and B. R. Beavis was elected secretary. The following were among the 12 chosen as delegates to attend the Free Soil convention in Pittsburgh: E. Wade, F. Judson, and R. E. Dennis.

"On motion it was resolved that J. P. Hale, of New Hampshire, is our first choice for president of United States, and Samuel Lewis, of Ohio, is our first choice for vice president, and that this delegation is hereby instructed to endeavor to secure their nomination."


2006 - DTD Aug. 10:3/1 - The Whigs have bought up the Germania of this city in support of General Scott.


2007 · DTD Aug. 10:3/1 · Our Free Soil friends now on their way to Pittsburgh are tendered the freedom of the TRUE DEMOCRAT'S offices. "We wish to take them all by the hand,"


2008 DTD Aug. 10:3/1 - The Free Soilers of Cleveland met at the court house Aug. 7 to elect delegates to the Pittsburgh convention. B. Barker was elected president of the meeting. The delegates chosen were instructed to vote for J. P. Hale for president and Samuel Lewis for vice president. The Hon. R. P. Spaulding, W. Herrick, and B. Stedman were among the 13 delegates chosen,


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2009 · DTD Aug. 12:2/1 · In a letter to the editor from Pittsburgh, "C" says: "Arriving here late last evening we found it next to impossible to obtain a lodging on account of immense crowds that have been congregat. ing here for last ten days for the Free Soilers convention. Very spir• ited addresses were delivered by prominent men at Masonic Hall, one of them being Mr. Bradburn of Cleveland.

"Every one is enthusiastic for llale, notwithstanding his letter declining to be a candidatę,"


2010 - DID Aug. 14:2/2,3,4 · In a letter to the editor from Pittsburgh, a

/ writer says: The committee of arrangements in this city secured Masonic llall for the assembling of the Free Soil convention today.

The Hon. Samuel Lewis of Ohio called the convention to order, and nominated Judge R. P. Spaulding of Ohio as chairman, pro tem, and L. M. Booth of Wisconsin as secretary. They were unanimously elected.


Abstracts 2011 - 2013


The mass meeting was then called to order and General Wilson, president of the Massachusetts senate, was nominated as chairman. Owing to his being à delegate, the general asked the convention to excuse him. He suggested that the convention nominate some man who was not engaged in that capacity. The Hon. J. P. Converse of Ohio was then made presiding officer and a Mr. Oliver was made presiding secretary.

The president, after thanking the meeting for the conferred honor in calling him to the chair, said that he was happy to introduce to friends of freedom the Hon. Amasa Walker, secretary of state of Massachusetts, who addressed the convention in a very eloquent and impressive manner. Walker remarked that the only real difference between the two parties which had lately held their convention in Baltimore was the scramble for spoils of office and $50,000,000 of revenue.

In the afternoon session Austin moved that a committee of one be appointed from each delegation as a national committee. The motion was withdrawn when the committee on organization reported 19 persons for this committee, among which were the following: President, Gen. Henry Wilson of Massachusetts; vice presidents, S. Patrick of Maine; T. Hutchinson of Vermont, and A. B. Brown of New York. These officers nominated by the committee were then unanimously adopted.

"While Mr. Hopkins of Massachusetts was speaking, General Wilson received a telegraphic. dispatch from Washington City, stating that Messrs. Drayton and Sayres, who have for some three years past been confined in prison in the District of Columbia, for assisting men to maintain what the Declaration of Independence says every man has a right to do, viz. the right to 'life, liberty and property,' have been liberated, and are now in Philadelphia.

Amasa Walker, after the dispatch had been read, stated that it was through the efforts of the Hon. C. Sumner that these men have at last obtained their freedom, and such a shout, while three hearty cheers were proposed for the Honorable Senator of Massachusetts would have made his heart beat for joy, and undoubtedly made him feel amply compensated for his nine months of hard labor for liberation of these men.

"Every delegate, from Maine to Iowa, says 'we must have' John P. Hale, notwithstanding his letter declining the nomination." "You will hear of Hale's nomination before you get this."


: 2011 - DTD Aug. 16; ed:2/1 - There will be a Free Soil rally at Medina

on Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. The Hon. R. F. Paine of Cleveland and other prominent speakers will be present. "Rally, friends, and give a strong pull in Medina."


2012 - DTD Aug. 16; ed:2/1 - A Free Soil convention will be held in Ravenna on Aug. 19. "Let there be a grand rally of the Freemen of old Portage."

(2) 2013

DTD Aug. 16; ed:2/1 - There will be a Free Soil rally at Mansfield on Aug. 21. "Let our friends in Richland county turn out by thousands."

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