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Abstracts 1426 - 1429


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1426 - DTD Mar. 29:3/1 - At the city council meeting on Mar. 26, the
board of aldermen was authorized to secure a building and to transfer
to it paupers from the old poor house.


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1427 - DTD Jan. 12; ed:2/1 - The PLAIN DEALER is over-sensitive. A
good suggestion, come whence it may, we will cordially second and de-
fend. We did, in noticing Governor Wood's message, declare what we
thought our true policy in regard to juvenile offenders or house of
correction or of refuge.

We think the plan we suggested is the best plan. Let the state give
of her treasures to this object; and for this end let one institution
be in the southern, one in the middle, and one in northern Ohio. We
ought to have houses of correction for juvenile offenders and must
have them. If our scheme shall not answer of "take," we will find an-
other. As to the plan proposed, will the PLAIN DEALER express an
opinion! The best way to get a decision is to discuss some plan. Happy
shall we feel if it will second ours!


1428 - DTD Aug. 7; ed:2/3 - Another report of the brothers Skupinski
is "going the rounds. "Men and women, too, must love blood to listen
to these tales of blood. Enough is it to say, that the second report
is vamped up only to gratify such. It is all false. The inspector of
the prison, where they are confined, declares it to be so."


See also Crine & Criminals; Juvenile Delinquency

PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS 1429 - DTD Jan. 5; ed: 2/2 Perhaps no "family newspaper" ever obtained a more extensive circulation, with so decided a home influence, than the HOME JOURNAL. It visits every section of this broad and populous empire, is read everywhere with avidity and its opinion are quoted as standards of fashion and good taste, while the abstract it gives of the news of the day, or of interesting events, forms the subject of conversation in almost every social circle.


Abstracts 1430 · 1435


"The HOME JOURNAL is no less useful and improving than it is entertaining and original."


1430 · DTD Jan. 4:2/5 · A new publication, the INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, is published by Stringer and Townsend of New York. It is for sale at Sanford's. The price is $3.

This is an excellent monthly, containing about 1800 octavo pages annually of the most interesting literature of the day. It contains pictures of Kossuth and his family. The article on the "Ancient Monument of Greece," with illustrations is valuable.

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1431 - WTD Jan. 21; ed:2/4 - The SATURDAY VISITOR, an interesting journal published at Pittsburg, is to start its fifth year of existence.

"We wish that thousands of those who now take delight in reading the trashy publications of the day would be wise enough, before it is too late, to subscribe for, and read the VISITOR."


1432 - WTD Jan. 28:1/4 - The OHIO FARMER, containing a vast amount of
interesting matter, is published today. The terms are $2 a year, or
two copies for $3.


1433 · WTD Jan. 28; ed: 4/3 - THE ORGAN OF TEMPERANCE is a new weekly journal published in Cincinnati.

"We wish the Organ success, and hope the friends of Temperance throughout the State will give it their support."


1434 - DTD Feb. 11:3/1 · THE OHIO JOURNAL OF EDUCATION is the title of an education, the first nimber of which has just been published. It hails from Columbus, and is issued in compliance with a resolution passed at the late session of the Ohio State Teachers' association. The editors are: A. D. Lord, H. H. Barney, J. C. Zachos, M. F. Cowdrey, L. W. Andrews, and A, Freese of Cleveland,


1435 - DTD Mar. 15; ed:2/3 · "This is the organ (the AMERICAN WHIG REVIEW) political, literary, and philosophical, of the great Whig party" of these United States. It comes to us, monthly, under the auspicious ly high recommendation of several hundreds of Whig gentlemen, many of them members of Congress, and all of them distinguished members of the party to which they belong...

"How has it met that just expectation? Must we tell our readers? It is then, decidedly, one of the feeblest of Monthlies, whether viewed under a political, a philosophical, or a literary aspect, which any respectable party has yet brought forth, or permitted to breathe the breath of life for a single twelve months, after it had managed to get itself born. It is inferior even to the DEMOCRATIC REVIEW, the monthly organ of that other great souless political party of the country. Nay, logi. cally, psychologically, and philologically, many of its articles would do no honor to a second-rate newspaper.


Abstracts 1436 - 1445

1436 - DTD Mar. 26:2/4 - GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE for April is a rich and
beautiful number both in embellishments and reading matter.


1437 - DT) Mar. 29:2/1 - The WESTMINSTER REVIEW is published by Leonard Scott and Company of 79 Fulton st., New York. The table of contents contains the following articles: "Representative Reform," "Shell Fish, their ways and works," and "The relation between Employers and Employed."

(3) 1438 - DTD Mar. 31:2/3 - GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK for the month of April gives a detailed account of James Watt and his labors on the steam engine, with numerous engravings.


1439 - DTD Apr. 2:3/2 The American press has not issued a work of more merit or as useful to the mechanic or engineer than APPLETON'S MECHANIC'S MAGAZINE.


1440 - DTD Apr. 9; adv:2/3 - The March number of Blackwood's EDINBURGH MAGAZINE contains the following: "Miss Mitford's Recollections," "Struggles for fame and fortune - Part III." "Sketches from the Cape," "My Novel in varieties of English Life - Part XIX," "English Administrations," and "Thibet and the Lamas."


1441 - DTD Apr. 10:2/3 - The journal, THE PLOUGH, LOOM, AND ANVIL, started and conducted by F. C. Skinner until his death, has had no equal in the country as an agricultural magazine.


1442 - DTD Apr. 16:2/4 - GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK for May contains an amount of fine illustrations and good reading that must render it even more attractive and popular than it has heretofore been.


1443 - DTD Apr. 16:2/4 The leading articles in HUNT'S MERCHANT'S
MAGAZINE for April are: "Money, its Nature and Functions," by S. Col-
well; "The Fisheries of the United States"; "Chicago, its Trade and
Growth"; "The United States in 1850"; "Statistics of Population," and
"The Book Trade."


1444 DTD Apr. 16:2/4 Among the leading articles to be found in the AMERICAN WHIG REVIEW of April, which is published by C. Bissell of New York, are: "The Administration," "The party, what has been done, what is to be done"'; "Democratic Candidates for the Presidency"; and the "Biography of Post Master Hall."


1445 - DTD Apr. 16:2/4 - It is sufficient praise to say that the KNICKERBOCKER for April, which is published by Samuel Hueston, is as good as usual. The "Editors' Table" is overrunning with good things.



Abstracts 1446 - 1452

ENGINEER'S JOURNAL for April contains: "McCallum's Patent Timber
Bridge," "What to Observe," "Marine Steam Engine," "Bourden Gauge,
and Ocean steamer."


1447 - DTD Apr. 30; ed: 2/1 "Every enterprise, which is designed or intended to advance public education, should be received by the public, with heartiest cheers."

A periodicaly under the title of the AMERICAN EDUCATIONIST, formerly published in Indiana by Prof. A. D. Wright, is being published in Cleveland by B. K. Maltby.

The April number "is well filled with original and selected matter; ... and promises to be alike interesting and instructive."


1448 - DTD May 4:3/1 - The HOMEOPATHIC JOURNAL, recently removed from Cincinnati to Cleveland, is a valuable work being edited by Doctors Pulte and Gatchell.


1449 - DTD May 13:3/1,2 - A, fictional story called "Midsummer Eve" was written by "Dora" of Cleveland for the OHIO FARMER.


1450 - DTD May 17:2/2 - We have received the May number of the most admirable "Journal of Health...and the exposure of Quackery," THE SCALPEL.

"We have not read it, but knowing as we so well do its editor, Dr. Nixon, we experience more pleasure in the anticipation of reading it at our first leisure moment, than... in the ... perusal of any other medical periodical."


1451 - DTD May 21:2/2 - In a letter to the editor, D. F. Newton, editor of the GOLDEN RULE, says: Owing to a fire which destroyed the GOLDEN RULE office, type, and plant in general, the June number of this sheet will be delayed for two or three weeks.


1452 - DTD July 28; ed: 2/3 - The AMERICAN MAGAZINE, devoted to homeopathy and hydropathy, is published monthly in Cleveland and Cincinnati, and edited by J. H. Pulte, M.D., and H. P. Gatchell, M.D.

"We hope to receive due credit for this exhibition of bravery - we will dare to say a word of it, or at least of a single article in its current number, at the risk of provoking some fanatis of some opposing school of medicine to follow the example of Professor Kirtland.

"It is a review of Holcombe's Scientific Basis of Homeopathy, by H. P. Gatchell, M.D. Whether Homeopathy is true or false; whether its 'basis' is scientific or sciolistic, we have no business even to conjecture; since like most others, we have not mastered the means of forming a philosophic conjecture in the premises. But this we may say without all peradventure, that if the world is ever to have a Science and an Art of Healing, it is to be so blessed through minds like the one displayed in the article before us. Neither this art nor that science is to come of either empiricism or inspiration. And, since we have


Abstracts 1453 · 1459

PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS (Cont'd) body, which may need doctoring, which is very sure to get doctored, as in truth, it has been so served, and by Doctors of we know not how many schools, it would be absurd in us to disclaim all personal interest in this matter of medicine. We heartily wish, that its multudinous schools may speedily send daylight through it."


1453 · DTD Aug. 12; adv:2/3 · . The WESTMINISTER REVIEW has been released. H. B. Pearson of this city is agent for L. Scott and Company. They have reprints of Foreign Quarterlies, also among its articles are "Secular Education," "England's Forgotten Worthies," "Fortune of Geology." It will be seen that this is a good number of the WESTMINISTER. Terms $3 a year. They also have HUNT'S MERCHANT'S MAGAZINE for August and the KNICKERBOCKER.


1454 · DID Oct. 9; ed:2/2 · The OHIO JOURNAL OF EDUCATION is published monthly under the auspices of the Ohio State Teacher's association.

"The Editors deserve well of the people of Ohio for the interest they have taken in the education of our State, and we hope will be well sustained."


1455 - DTD Oct. 16; ed:2/1 · The ARTISTS' JOURNAL of Cincinnati has commenced a series of sketches of Cincinnati artists.

"This journal is the organ of the Artists Union of Cincinnati, which is doing much for the encouragement of fine arts in the West."


1456 · DTD Oct. 18:3/1 - THE JOURNAL OF THE UNITED STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY is edited by Dr. Lee. It will be a kind of embodyment of our national agricultural literature. Published by United States Agricultural society, it will be a repository of proceedings of the association,


(7 )

1457 - DTD Oct. 25:2/4 - APPLETON'S MECHANIC'S MAGAZINE AND ENGINEER'S JOURNAL is published by D. Appleton and Company of New York. It is sold by J. B. Cobb and Company, It contains "The Immersive Coffer Improvement of a plate, United States Mail steamer BALTIC," and several other articles.


1458 · DTD Oct. 29:2/2, 3 · THE AMERICAN ARCHITECT is published by C. M. Saxon, New York. The object of this publication is to introduce the original designs of county seats. Every variety of rural residences will be embraced. The cost of building from plans are given.


1459 · DTD Nov. 9:2/3 - ANNALS OF SCIENCE by Prof. H. L. Smith, Cleveland. A record of the inventions and improvements of applied science. This magazine will benefit those who have no time to read American and foreign periodicals. Published on first and 15th of each month. Subscription, one dollar per year.


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