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Abstracts 94 - 97

is written by P. L. Simmonds.

"This volume is fresh from the press; treats of the subject which has for a time engrossed attention in this country and England. A very hasty glance at its contents convinces us that it is an interesting volume."

The book has just been published in New York by George H. Derby and Company and is for sale at R. D. Vaughans.


95 - DTD Feb. 23:2/2,3 LECTURES ON THE HISTORY OF FRANCE is written by the Right Hon. Sir James Stephen, K.C.B., L.L.D., professor of modern history in the University of Cambridge.

"Even were the facts, the opinions, and the suggestions, which Sir James Stephen has presented to the public in this elegantly printed volume, as valueless as they are valuable, we should still be disposed to praise the volume as one would praise very few works that are laid upon our table. For in such case, we would praise it for its style along, which is so noble, and so well nigh perfectly free from even the smallest verbal inaccuracies, that no cultivated person whose vernacular is the English, can read it, and not feel proud of the flexibility, the force, the beauty, and even the barmony, of his native tongue. We perceive there is something approaching a Hibernicism in that last sentence; for we are not of those who fancy a noble style possible in an author who is not accustomed to think somewhat sharply, as well as very clearly; albeit a very big brain, with a heart to match, is, sometimes as in the instance of our author's countryman, Cromwell, joined to a tongue that stammers shockingly."

The book is published by Harper Brothers of New York and is sold in Cleveland by Smith, Knight and Company.


96 - DTD Feb. 23:2/3 NARRATIVES OF SORCERY AND MAGIC is written by Thomas Wright, M. A., F. S. A.

"The insight given in this volume of the popular faith in sorcery and magic, by which the world was widely influenced in the middle ages, supplies a broken link in some of the histories of those troublous times. The enormities here related present to the mind a fearful picture of the borrors of superstition, when suffered to outstrip the bonds of reason, and become the tool of fanatical persecution....

"The book is got up by Redfield in his very best style and we will venture to say that the purchaser will be satisfied that he has got the worth of his money." The book is published in New York by Redfield.


97 - DTD Feb. 24:2/1 THE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS is written by the Rev. J. G. Forman, minister of the Second Congregational church in Nantucket.

"Here is a sermon that is a sermon. It comes to us all the way'


Abstracts 98 - 100

from the island of Nantucket, sounding like the voice of John from
Patmos. It is full of the spirit of the Patmos prophet. We almost re-
gret, that so faithful a preacher should have got settled 'so far away.
We should quite regret it, did we not know, that often the most faith-
ful pastors must needs preach where their preaching is least needed; we
mean of course, if 'it is necessary for them to live' by their labors....

"Mr. Forman's sermon is a well-written and an able defense of every person's right 'to obey God.' A wonder of posterity's will be, that such a defense should be needed at this mid-day of the nineteenth century, in a country abounding in Bibles, and boasting itself to be the freest on the surface of the whole earth. And while posterity shall wonder at the existence of such a need, now and here, let us hope it will sympathize with a preacher who has done so much to supply that need." The book is published in Boston by William Crosby and H. P. Nichols.

(17) 98 · DTD Feb. 27; ed:2/2 · "We were told by an astute publisher, that the name of a book, has much to do with its success, and so, undoubtedly, it has, unless the author is already known. Caroline A. Briggs has lately put forth in Boston, a volume of Poems, under the title of UTTERANCES, OR PRIVATE VOICES TO THE PUBLIC HEART.

"We, certainly, should not have the courage to look into a book so named. Yet the N. Y. POST has looked into it and says its poems 'are thoughtful, tender, unaffected, and gracefully versified.""



99 - DTD Mar. 2; ed:2/1 "Judging as well from what we have heard and read as from what we know - and we have taken some pains to inform ourselves in the premises, Noah Webster's DICTIONARY, as a definer of words, - and we suppose a lexicon should be valued chiefly for its definitions - is abundantly entitled to be called the best English Dictionary extant. And therefore no writer and few readers can afford to do without it.

...our first copy of Webster cost us some twenty five dollars which with Johnson's, Walker's, Richardson's Cobb's and Worchester's, lying on our shelves, we have always felt was money well laid out, and would have been so, had we been forced to saw wood to earn it. That first copy of ours, though, was the first quarto edition in two volumes; which, however, contains fewer words than Merriams edition, and would not be deemed by some to be very much more valuable for the Grammar prefixed to it, about, to ourselves that Grammar was worth more than all the others we ever studied."


100 - DTD Mar. 2:2/3 DAILY BIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS was written by John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A. It was just published in New York by Robert Carter and Brothers, and is now on sale by Jewett, Proctor and Worthington, publishers.

"... the author remarks on the Psalms, the Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and


Abstracts 101 - 105

the Song of Songs, evinces a thorough study of his subjects, and places
them in a most attractive manner before the readers.... His expositions
are exceedingly interesting... the typeographical part of this work is
very handsome, and we have no hesitation to promising the purchaser, a
full equivalent for the price of it."


101 - DTD Mar. 8; ed:2/2 - SIR JOHN FRANKLIN AND THE ARCTIC REGIONS is a new book recently published by George H. Derby and Company of Buffalo. It is on sale at Smith, Knight, and Company.

Long has the public mind been excited on the subject. The style of the book is concise and clear and the descriptions of the progress of the exploration of the Arctic seas must be interesting to every lover of the strange and wonderful. Those who love danger and adventure, or who at least enjoy the perusal of them, will find an ample store of entertainment in the interesting details given in this book.


102 - DTD Mar. 11:2/3 - KOSSUTH AND HIS GENERAL is a book written by Henry W. Deputy. It presents in convenient and popular form the most important and interesting facts in the annals of Hungary. It is on sale at T. H. Nichols, 24 Main st.


103 - DTD Mar. 12:2/1 RECOLLECTIONS OF A LITERARY LIFE is a book written by Miss Mary Russell Mitford. It is seldom our good fortune to read a work which so well fulfills its promise as does this volume of most delightful reminiscences and selections from one of England's most charming critics. We hope that all our readers will enrich themselves by purchasing this book. It was recently published in New York by the Harper Brothers and Company and is on sale in Cleveland at Smith, Knight and Company.


104 - DTD Mar. 20:2/3 MARGARET CECIL, OR I CAN BECAUSE I OUGHT is written by "Cousin Kate." This is one of the most beautiful and valuable stories published for many a day. It is full of noble and generous thoughts expressed in elegant style and is a joint production of two gifted minds, one an American and the other an Englishman. The book is published by D. Appleton and Company.


105 - DTD Mar. 20:2/4 - FAR OFF, OR ASIA AND AUSTRALIA DESCRIBED is written by the author of THE PEEP OF DAY.

"This is a very attractive book for the young. The style is simple and pleasing, and particularly adapted to the comprehension of youthful readers....

"The description of countries, scenery, and people...will take a strong hold on their attention....

"We cannot but anticipate for this book a ready place and a cordial welcome in every home.'

The book is published by Robert Carter and Brothers.



Abstracts 106 · 112

INFANT is written by the mother of the infant and has a preface by
the father, the Rev. George Albert Rogers. The Reverend Mr. Rogers
is also the author of JACOB'S WELL.

This book is a sweet and touching biography of an infant called to a knowledge of the savior. In the three years and five months which the infant lived it gave evidence of the development of a remarkable understanding of sacred things.

Carter and Brothers are the publishers of the FOLDED LAMB.


107 - DID Mar. 20:2/4 THE BOOK OF BALLADS is written by Bon Gaultier.

"The volume presents a handsome outward appearance, and contains some dashes of poetry, although intended merely as caricatures of a large class of celebrated poets.' The book is published by Redfield of New York.


108 - DTD Mar. 20:2/4 - FRANK NETHERTON, OR THE TALISMAN is a healthful, charming story, well fitted to "point a moral." At the same time it engages the attention and fascinates the imagination. "We have followed Frank through his school days... and find him passing safely through this ordeal with the help of his talisman. The book has good style." It is published by Carter and Brothers.


109 - DTD Mar. 22:2/3 - TEMPLETON'S ENGINEER, MILLWRIGHT, AND MECHANIC'S COMPANION is published by Appleton and Company.

This is a revision of the eighth edition of the English Work. The measure has been reduced to American standards with additional matter.


110 - DTD Mar. 23:2/2 · A BUCKEYE ABROAD or WANDERING IN EUROPE AND THE ORIENT is written by Samuel S. Cox. By his lively spirited style, his powers of observation, and his graphic description, the author has given a new interest to old ground and familiar things. The story is well worth a perusal, and being a home production it commands itself to our attention. The work is published by George P. Putman, New York.


MISCELLANEOUS POEMS is written by George H. Baker. The dramatic
sketch with which this volume opens, from the first charge of kindly
consideration to the final touching denouement, is very beautiful.
The book is published by Leonard Scott and Company.


112 · DTD Mar. 26:2/4 · UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, OR LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, is the most beautiful, truthful, and valuable book ever written or published by an American. It is published by Jewett, Proctor and Worthington of Cleveland.



JAN. 1 TO DEC. 31, 1852

Abstracts 113 - 122

BOOKS & AUTHORS (Cont'd) 113 - DTD Mar. 26:2/4 - BLEAK HOUSE is written by Charles Dickens. We have read the first three chapters and feel safe in recommending it to others. The book is published by Harper Brothers.


114 - DTD Mar. 26:2/4 - THE WIZARD'S BOOK OF CONUNDRUMS contains over 1,000 original riddles contributed by the wits of New York. It is in competition for the prizes offered by Professor Anderson of New York on Feb. 6.


115 - DTD Mar. 27:3/1, 2 - MEN AND WOMEN OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY is written by Arsene Houssaye.

"The versatility of the characters and the manner in which they are presented to the readers invest this book with a peculiar charm." It is published by Redfield of New York.


116 - DTD Mar. 27:3/2 - KOSSUTH AND HIS GENERALS is written by Henry De Puy. It is a well written and authentic account of the great Magyar and the brave men who sustained him.


117 - DTD Mar. 27:3/2 - HOOD'S OWN, includes Mr. Hood's most humorous pieces. It is the fifth number of Putnam's semi-monthly library.


118 - DTD Mar. 29:2/1 - Jacob Abbot's YOUNG CHRISTIAN SERIES has been recently published in a greatly enlarged and improved style. The third volume, THE WAY TO DO GOOD, is for sale by Younglove and Company. It is published by Harper.


119 - DTD Mar. 31:2/3 WOMEN OF CHRISTIANITY EXEMPLARY FOR ACTS OF PIETY AND CHARITY is written by Julian Kavanaug. The faithfulness and careful research evinced by the author in these biographies should alone command an attentive perusal for this volume. The book is published by D. Appleton and Company.


120 - DTD Mar. 31:2/3 - THE SWAMP STEED, OR THE DAYS OF MARION AND HIS MERRY MEN is a romance of the American revolution. Of all the men who figured during the war, not one had as much romance as General Marion. The work is published by Denitt and Davenport.


121 - DTD Apr. 2:3/2 - ARVINE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANECDOTES, No. 8, is the last number of a very useful work embracing valuable and interest ing material. The work is published by Gowd and Lincoln, Boston. (1)

122 - DTD Apr. 2:3/2 - DE BOW'S REVIEW OF THE SOUTHERN AND WESTERN STATES is devoted to the many and varied interest of the South and the west, and is deserving of a place in every man's library. Its material falls into the general classes of literature, commerce, agricul ture, manufactures, internal improvements, and statistics.


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