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EUROPE (Cont'd)
Italy or Hungary, the republican part of Germany and France, 'acqui-
esce?' The hour of the beginning of the conflict, will be the begin-
ning of the redemption of the people. We hate war. But with such a
prospect, and with no power to stay it, we are tempted to say, let it.


the press.

625 - DTD June 30; ed:2/1 - On the surface, all is quiet in France. Yet signs of trouble are thick enough. Napoleon is still at war with

will not let a Frenchman speak as he wishes, and he means that the London press, so far as Parisian correspondence is concerned, shall not have free speech. "A perilous business this! But the despot has the courage to try it, let what may happen. So be it! The London press will have the Paris news, Napoleon or no Napoleon.


626 - DTD July 5; ed: 2/2 - A grave misunderstanding has taken place between the French minister and the Mexican government, growing out of the proinise to pay $2,500,000 on account of the English debt. The French minister insists that the export duty of $200,000 on the above amount should be paid on English representation. Creditors object on the ground that it would not be in accordance with good faith.

"The Traite d'Union states that this is the cause of the conduct of the Secretary of the legation for France. It is believed that the English minister has promised his aid to the Mexican government in this affair.


627 - DTD July 19:2/2,3 - A case of oppression occurring at Turin,
Italy, excites much feeling. Mr. and Mrs. Mediai allowed their house
to be used as a place where the Scriptures might be read. For this an
accusation was brought against them. The trial lasted three days. It
was proved that the Mediai family had kept within the constitution of
Tuscany; but the concordat with the pope of Rome, signed April 1851,
destroyed every civil right; and under that this excellent man and wife
had offended the law. Mr. Mediai was sentenced to four years and ten
month's hard labor in the states prison at Volterra, and Mrs. Mediai
to three years and ten months in another prison in the same place.
The trial was secret. A few men got into court by special permission,
and in that way details were published.

"The British Minister at Florence is endeavoring to persuade the
government to change the punishment to banishment, and it is thought
he will succeed. Exile for reading the word of God! - Imprisonment
and years of hard labor among felons for listening to, or declaring the
teachings of Jesus Christ! And all this, under a concordat with the
Pope of Rome, the head of the Mother Church! This will never do. The
world will not stand it. Cases like this will rouse its public opinion
and blast such despotism."



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EUROPE (Cont'd)
628 - DTD Aug. 17; ed: 2/2 · The elections in Great Britain are over,
and the result is more favorable to ministerialists than was anticipa-
ted. They claim a majority; the opposition however, denies the claim
stoutly. We shall have to wait until parliament meets to ascertain
exactly how the parties stand.

It is now ascertained that the three northern powers have entered
into a secret treaty. It was perfected May 20, 1852. Like that of
Sept. 26, 1815, the convention is placed under the invocation of the
most holy trinity, and their majesties the emperor of Austria, the kirg
of Prussia, and the emperor of Russia; and it decrees "That the basis
of European order is hereditary right, that in that respect there is a
joint responsibility and interest - (solidarite) among all European

"The conclusion of the whole matter is, that these three despots will allow no rule in Europe, except upon the principle of bereditary right. They mean to perpetuate forever their power; to crush every people who may seek to be free, or any Usurper even who robs them of their freedom, if out of the hereditary line. How long will the world submit to this infamous rule?"


629 - DTD Aug. 25; ed:2/2 · The steamer ATLANTIC with dates of Aug. 11 from London and Paris contains only two noticeable facts: The permanent settlement of the fishery question, and immigration to Australia.

The English press printed much on the subject of the treaty, and its construction. Some of the journals attack Lord Derby, but all concur in the opinion that it will be amicably settled. That's the way. We doubt not that the British ministry has already settled the knotty question and that it will be finally disposed of on terms, satisfactory to both nations. As to Australia, all Great Britain seems to be full of it. Fifty ships are advertised for that country. Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are as much absorbed in the "Gold land" as England, and every brave poor man is making an effort to get there. The reports of the yields of the diggings are enormous. That of Alexanders, put under government escorts, from Sept. 20 to Mar. 31 consists of 268, 398 ounces of gold.


630 - DTD Oct. 23; ed:2/3 - Frenchmen deserve all the scorn which Sam
Johnson expressed for them for allowing so execrable an imitator of
humanity as Louis Napoleon to sway the French nation. "Indeed, their
extreme servility is unmatched, save by that of our American Hunkers
North who do succumb to power at once baser and more contemptible
than even that of 'napoleon the little.


631 · DTD Nov. 15; ed:2/2 - A writer has been attempting to show that Lord Nelson and the duke of Wellington were inferior to sundry Frenchman, because the former could think only of "duty" while the latter were animated by "glory."


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EUROPE (Cont'd)

"Our brain cannot conjure up a more contemptible thing than the 'glory' with which Napoleon so long befuddled the already bedeviled French."


632 DTD Nov. 22; ed: 2/2 - Twenty four men were recently executed in Italy by Swiss guards in the pay of the pope.

"A11 Europe, and America, should be roused to indignation towards this act of judicial cruelty on the part of the Pope."


633 - DTD Dec. 6; ed:3/1 A professor in Germany recently said that 40,000 persons die annually from delirium tremens.

"This is dreadful."


634 - DTD Dec. 18; ed:2/1 - The English press keeps informed on the conditions of Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte is despotic. He has proinised peace but there is no faith in his promises. Austria is casting greedy eyes upon Turkey. Russia forbears because she knows of Turkey's vast resources.

A decree was passed in Austria making the Protestant church under the absolute control of the ministry. Catholicism is the religion of the state. Hungary and other parts of the Austrian empire will feel the hand of religious persecution.

"These things cannot endure. God's law of retribution will come, and avenge the People. Tyrants like these cannot do their bloody work and escape.


635 - DTD Dec. 22; ed: 2/2 - The London correspondent of the TIMES says: The Circassians have again signally defeated the Russians. The Turkish infantry is to be armed with Prussian needleguns. The grand vizier is an energetic man and not easily cowed by threats.

"Good news! Turkey may yet be the battle ground of European Freedom. A bold front, on her part, with efficient military preparation, may do much, in itself, for 'liberalism.""


636 - DTD July 1:3/2 Professor Carling, the world-renowned glass-
worker, will give a series of his higbly popular exhibitions of fancy
glass blowing in all its beautiful varieties, commencing on the after-
noon of July 3, it will continue until the evening of July 10.

He will blow bottles in which he will place pieces of money and will
spin glass at the rate 200 yards per minute. He will also conduct
beautiful philosophical experiments and will display balloons and also
a specimen of cloth woven from glass and silk.

The admission is 12-1/2¢. Each visitor, after witnessing the beautiful exhibition, will be presented with a specimen of the work.


637 - DTD July 7:3/1 - Professor Carling is now exhibiting at Kelley's


Abstracts 638 - 640

hall the most beautiful samples of handiwork in glass that we have ever
seen. We advise every parent in the city to go and take the children.
They (we mean parents and children) will gain more useful information
there in an hour than in almost any other place in Cleveland in a week.



638 - DTD Sept. 16; adv: 2/5 - Grand and Interesting exhibition! sian Model of Beauty. Exhibited at 95 and 97 Superior street.


See also Fairs and Expositions

EXPANSION, NATIONAL. See Annexation & Expansion


See Fairs & Expositions

EXPRESS & EXPRESSMEN 639 - DTD June 8:3/1 - The American Express co. is extending its business to all parts of the United States. By purchasing J. S. Lockwood's Cleveland-Massillon-Pittsburgh Express co., it is now prepared to forward notes, gold, silver, goods, and packages to all towns along the Cleveland and Wellsville, and Ohio and Pennsylvania railroads.

The local office in the Merchant's exchange is in charge of John E. Cole.


640 - DTD Dec. 20:3/1 A. A. Perry, 136 Seneca block, has commenced running an express wagon and is prepared to carry packages to any part of the city.



Abstracts 641 - 649

641 - DTD Apr. 26:3/2,3 - A list of the premiums and the awarding com-
mittees for the third Ohio State fair to be held here Sept. 15 to 17
inclusive is given.


642 - DTD Apr. 27:3/2,3 : The conclusion of the list of premiums and the awarding committees for the Ohio States fair at Cleveland Sept. 15 to 17 inclusive is given.


643 - DTD 'May 10:372 - The 'annual exhibition of the Cuyahoga county Agricultural society will be held here Oct. 6 and 7. The executive committee has yet to arrange for the plowing match as to time and place. (A list of the premiums and awarding committees is included.)


644 - DTD May 11:3/2 - The annual exhibition of the Cuyahoga county
Agriculture society will be held in Cleveland on Oct. 6 and 7. There
are 13 general classes of produce on which premiums are offered.
(A list of premiums and awarding committees is included.)


645 DTD July 16; adv:2/4 land on Sept. 15, 16, 17.

The Ohio State fair is to be held in Cleve


646 DTD July 30; adv:2/4 - There is a museum of wonders at the Ohio
State fair for the amusement of the masses. It consists in part of a
group of moving wax statuary 24 figures of life size - representing
a scene in the late French revolution.

The entertainment will take place in a building to be erected for the purpose on the vacant lot on Pittsburgh st., near its junction with Kinsman st. The admission will be 25€.


647 - DTD July 31; adv: 2/5 - Kinney's mammoth balloon museum will exhibit at the Ohio State fair for one week, beginning Sept. 12. There will be ten different exhibitions including balloon ascensions, numerous curiosities, ballets and operas. Admission to box seats, 25¢; parquette tickets, 50¢.


648 - DTD Aug. 13:3/1 - The coming fair will be a great one and our city will be crowded to its utmost. Among the attractions to be held at that time, the balloon ascension is not the least.

(1) 649 - DTD Aug. 17; ed: 2/2 - In a letter to the editor, "D" of Tuscarawas county says: "On visiting the State Fair at Columbus last fall, I noticed numerous flaming handbills posted up, of theater, circus, prize dance, etc. - but no lectures or discussions were published, not a hall, or a church open, where those in attendance could be entertained with moral or useful subjects....

"Now I propose, that the board, in making arrangements for the coming

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