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Vol. 7.

Vol. 7,


A Political Science Monthly Magazine.

THE REPUBLIC begins its seventh volume with the July number.

Its publishers are pleased to announce that it has grown steadily in public favor and that it is regarded by all good citizens who have consulted its pages as a power for good throughout the land.

Its past course—consistent, fearless, patriotic-is the index of its future. It will defend the right, denounce the wrong, and endeavor to point out, at all times, the true path for ali who love their country to follow.

A sentinel upon the watch-tower of free lom, it will be found at its post of duty to give the word of warning, and sound the alarm should any danger threaten the peace of the Nation.

It will favor the maintenance, by all legitimate means, of free schools, devoid of sectarian influences, and will oppose any attempt to divide the school funds, believing that such division, whether made in the interest of the Catholio Church or its opponents, will ultimately destroy the system of free education, and that civil and religious toleration on which our institutions rest.

It will do all within its power to develop true friendship between the citizens of the North and the South, and for this purpose will advocate the recognition of justice and equality before the law as the only means to secure lasting friendship and its two allies, peace and security.

The Presidential contest of 1876 will be one of the most important in our history. On its issue depends the future policy of the Government. The vital question to be answered by the people is, "Shall the party that proved imitinless in war be trusted in peace, and those who saved the country be set aside for those who endeavored to destroy it?"

On this question THE REPUBLIC will take its position at the head of the loyal column, and will do its best to keep the old flag flying until the voice of the people shall apnounce that Republicanism—the synonym of justice and liberty-has again triumphed over the enemies of good government.

THE REPUBLIC calls upon its friends to aid it in the great work of the present and future. It desires each subscriber to send in at least one additional name to help swell its ranks, and thus add to its power and activity. Is it asking too much-in consideration of the valuable material furnished the cause-to ask that our friends everywhere exert themselves to secure for Tue Republic as many new subscribers as possible?

To the Republican press of the country the magazine sends greeting and cheer. The signs of the times indicate a glorious victory in November. Let no effort be relaxed to make it complete and effective. Insist upon thorough organization, a personal canvass of all doubtful or close districts, the distribution of well-considered documents, and the practice of that vigilance which alone can secure success. If our brethren of the press will but do their duty as faithfully as in the past, victory will be certain.

For their generous confidence and warm support the publishers of The REPUBLIC return thanks, and hope in the future, as in the past, to deserve by well-doing the good-will so often expressed.

TERMS: THE REPUBLIC is a magazine of sixty-four pages, published monthly, at $2 a year, or six copies for $10. The postage, in all cases, will be paid by the publishers. A few copies of the back volumes may yet be obtained, either bound or in numbers. Remittances should be made by postal money-order or registered letter.


Alex W. Fue

First, Austria. (4. 26. 1843.) THE REPUBLIC.

Devoted to the Dissemination of Political Jaformation.



No. 1.


With this number The Republic enters great work in which it is engaged. In reupon its seventh volume. On the threshold turn they receive a fund of information necof the most important political campaign in essary to an enlightened knowledge of pubour history the publishers of the magazine lic affairs to be found in no other periodical. feel the weight of the responsibilities which The information imparted through The the new volumo imposes upon them. Yet REPUBLIC, will be of especial value to those strong in the consciousness of being engaged citizens who expect to take an active part in in the cause of justice and good govern. the pending campaign. To such its value ment, animated by a just pride in the work cannot be overestimated. Its facts will be of the Republican party, impressed with the reliable ; its advice the result of experience belief that no other organization can replace and wisdom; and its conclusions as safe as it, or secure to the people so much of personal human sagacity can make them. liberty and respect at home and abroad, and

To its exchanges throughout the counencouraged by the liberal support which try The Republic sends greeting. Their has been given to the magazine by the lead. friendly notices and words of confidence ing citizens of every State and Territory, have inspired it to greater efforts to increase the pablishers of The REPUBLIC are deter- its usefulness. From their columns it has mined to take no steps backward, but to

gained a knowledge of the strength of the make the seventh volume even better than

loyal sentiment throughout the country, the ones preceding it. The work is an unselfish one. Every

and on this knowledge it bases the belief dollar of profit goes toward improving the that the victory this fall will be even more magazine and extending its field of useful decisive than that of 1872. Dess. Its leading articles are the gratuitous

Hard work is to be done everywhere. contributions of ab!e political writers, who Organization must be complete to be effecbare no selfish ends to serve, but who labor tive. There must be no drones in the hive. for the perpetuity of the Republican party Men, women, and children who love their because they see in it the only safety for country and who desire to see it prosper must the nation, the preservation of its liberties, do all they can to contribute to the general the growth of intelligence, the protection work. They may not, as individuals, do and encouragement of free labor, and much, but as organizations they can mould through these vital elements of national public opinion, and keep burning brightly strength, the advancement of civilization the camp fires of patriotism throughout the throughout the world.

land. The REPUBLIC will labor to this end, The REPUBLIC calls upon loyal citizens and it calls upon its friends to extend to it everywhere for their support. By contribu- the support which its labors require, and ting to its subscription list they aid in the which it hopes by well-doing to deserve.

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