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And be it farther ordained, by the authority aforesaid, Notes, when That all the treasury notes to be issued by virtue of redeemable. this ordinance shall be redeemable on the first day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty four, and shall then be taken in, paid, and discharged, by the treasurer for the time being, appointed as aforesaid, and shall be burnt and destroyed by the committee appointed by the ordinance before mentioned and referred to; and that the treasurer for the time being shall pay away the same, and receive the taxes imposed for the redemption thereof, for which services, and the paying away all such other sums of money as shall from time to time be issued, receiving the taxes imposed for the redemption thereof, and performing the whole business of treasurer, he shall be allowed and receive a salary of 7001. per apnum.

And be it farther ordained, That all such notes, and Paper mo; also those issued or to be issued pursuant to the said wey a lawful recited ordinance, shall be received and pass as a lawful tender in payment of any debt, duty, or demand whatsoever, so long as the same shall continue in circulation. And if any person or persons within this colony shall, during the time the said treasury notes are to remain current as aforesaid, offer to sell, or expose to sale, any goods or chattels, lands or tenements whatsoever, and shall deny or refuse to sell the same, refusing it

Penalty for or demand a greater price, unless he be paid for the same in gold or silver coin, and not in the said notes, or if any person or persons shall exchange gold or silver coiu for the said bills, and demand or take any allowance for the difference of the value thereof, or shall offer to buy or sell bills of exchange at a greater or higher difference of exchange for the said treasury bills than for gold or silver coin, or shall use any other device, means, or method whatsoever, whereby the credit of the said notes may be impaired, every person so offending shall forleit and pay after the rate of twenty five per centum upon the value of the goods or chattles, lands or tenements, so offered or exposed to sale, or of the money so exchanged, or of the bills of exchange so bought or sold, to be recovered by the informer, to his own use, before a justice of the peace, where the penalty does not amount to more than twenty five shillings; and, where it shall exceed that sum, the said penalty shall be one half to the executive power, in trust, for the use of the colony of Virginia, and to be paid to the treasurer for the time being appointed


as aforesaid, and the other half to the informer, and shall and may be recovered with costs, by action of debt or information, in any court of record within this

colony. Forging, or And be it farther ordained, by the authority aforesaid, counterfeit- That if any person or persons shall forge or countering, death

feit, alter or erase, any such treasury note, or shall tenclergy.

der in payment by way of barter or otherwise, to any person whatsoever, or shall demand a redemption of any such note at the treasury, knowing the same to be forged or counterfeited, altered or erased, every person so offending, if lawfully convicted thereof, shall suffer death without benefit of clergy.

And be it farther ordained, That the monies to be Taxes pledged for re.

raised by the duties or taxes imposed by this ordinance demption of shall stand, be, and remain, as a security for the rethe paper demption of the said treasury notes so to be issued. money,

And the treasurer for the time being, appointed as aforesaid, is hereby required to apply all such money as shall come to his hands, by virtue of this ordinance, for and towards the redemption of the said treasury notes, and to none other use, intent, or purpose, what

soever; and the said treasurer shall account with the Also the whole pro- convention, or general assembly, for the same. And perty of the if the said taxes shall prove deficient in the redemption inhabitants of the said treasary notes so to be issued, the whole esof the country.

tates, real and personal, of the inhabitants of this colony, shall be, and are hereby pledged as a security for making good such deficiency, by some future ordinance

of convention, or act of the legislature. Bond to be

And be it further ordained, That Robert C. Nichogiven by Jas, esc. treasurer, or the treasurer for tlie time being,

shall give bond, with such security as shall be approved by the executive power, in the sum of 100,0001. payable to the supreme magistrate, or the members who form the executive power, in trust, for the use of the publick, conditioned for his faithful accounting for and paying all such sums of money as shall be received by him from time to time by virtue of this ordinance; and in case of the death, resignation, or disability, of the said treasurer, the treasurer to be appointed in his

stead shall give the like security before he enters on Vacancy in the execution of his said ofiice. office of

And be at farther ordained, That in case of the death, how suppli- resignation, or disability of the said Robert Carter

Nicholas, esg. to act in his said office, it shall be law-'

the treasu. rer.


ful for the executive power, if the convention or legislature are not sitting, to appoint another fit and able person to be treasurer in his room, who shall be authorised to act in all things pertaining to the said office till the meeting of the next convention or legislature.


An Ordinance for establishing aboard

of Commissioners, to superintend and direct the naval affairs of this colony.

WHEREAS the naval preparations of this colony Naval comwill be carried on with greater expedition and success

missioners if proper persons are appointed, whose business it shall appointed. be particularly to superintend and direct the same:

Be it therefore ordained, by the delegates of Virginia, now met in general convention, and it is hereby ordained by the authority of the same, That Thomas Whiting, How organ. John Hutchings, Champion Travis, Thomas Newton, ized. junior, and George Webb, esquires, be, and are hereby appointed and declared a board of commissioners for the purposes hereinafter mentioned; and the said board shall, as soon as possible, assemble at such convenient time and place as may be appointed by the person first named of the said board, and being so assembled, and having taken an oath, to be administered to the member first named by any two other members, and afterwards by him to the rest of the board, well and faithfully to execute the duties of his or their office, shall proceed to the election of a person to preside over the board; who shall be called first commissioner of the navy. And the board shall also appoint a clerk, and such other assistants as they may judge necessary, who for their services shall receive such salary or reward 'as may, be judged reasonable and adequate thereto by the general convention, or legislature. And the board shall have power to adjourn from time to time, and to such place as they may think fit or convenient. And if igency should require an intermediate meeting of the

any ex

may act.

board, the first commissioner, and in case of his absence any other member of the board, may convene the same, and proceed to business in the same manner as if such meeting has been holden at the time to which it was

adjourned. Majority

Provided always, That a majority of the board shall have full power and authority to enter upon and execute the duties to them by this ordinance assigned; and in case of the death, sickness, or absence of the first commissioner, may choose any other of their members

to preside, pro tempore. Their pow. And be it farther ordained, by the authority aforesaid, ers and du. That the business of the said board shall be to superinties.

tend and direct the building of all vessels, whether such as are employed for the immediate annoyance of the enemy, or for expediting the transportation of troops over rivers; to manage the outfits of the same, furnish them with necessary ordnance, victualling, provisions, and naval stores; to take under their care the publick rope-walk already erected, or to erect other rope-walks and dock yards, as occasion may require; to contract with workmen, builders, or other persons, for these purposes; to provide as large quantities of timber for shipbuilding as to them shall seem fit; to audit and pass all accounts of the expenditure of money, howsoever incurred in the naval department; to recommend proper persons to the governour and council, or the executive power, to fill vacancies in the navy or marines, who are to be approved or commissioned by him or them; to inform themselves of the state of the navy, as often as possible, by requiring proper returns and reports from the officers thereof; to draw warrants upon the treasury for the sums of money necessary for the purposes aforesaid; to keep an accurate list thereof; to cause their proceedings to be fairly recorded; to hold them in readiness to be laid before the convention or legislature, whenever thereto required; to remove or suspend all officers in the naval department, upon neglect of duty or misbehaviour; and generally superintend and direct

all matters and things to the navy relating. Not to affect

Provided always, That nothing herein contained shall contracts

be construed to empower the board to alter, or in any made by manner affect, any contract heretofore made by the committee

committee of safety with builders or other persons, to of safety.

build vessels without application to them for that purpase made by the legislature (in which case they shall

determine upon the dimensions, form, size, and burthen
of the same) to draw warrants upon the treasury at plea-
sure, without having them countersigned by the execu-
tive power, or to interfere in any manner with the ju-
risdiction of the court of admiralty.
And be it farther ordained, That the board shall

Two rowforthwith provide for, and superintend, the building, gallies to be

immediately preparing, and outfitting of the two row galleys direc

built. ted to be built for the defence and protection of the counties of Northampton and Accomack, and of the boats necessary for the commodicus transportation of troops over the several navigable rivers.

And be it farther ordained, That no member of this Naval comboard, after he shall have accepted the said office, and mittee exundertaken to perform the duties thereof, shall hold any cluded from

military and military office whatsoever, or be capable of sitting or

legislature. voting as a member of the legislature; and that each of the commissioners by this ordinance appointed shall receive twenty shillings for each day's attendance at, or travelling to or from the board, in full satisfaction for his services and expenses.

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