Irish Chancery Reports: Being a Series of Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery and the Rolls Court, in Ireland...1850[-1866]...


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Página 245 - Superior Courts, in which, if judgment were obtained, he would be entitled to relief against such judgment on equitable grounds, to plead the facts which entitle him to such relief by way of defence, and the said courts are hereby empowered to receive such defence by way of plea : provided that such plea shall begin with the words " For defence on equitable grounds,
Página 391 - In such cases the occasion prevents the inference of malice, which the law draws from unauthorized communications, and affords a qualified defence depending upon the absence of actual malice. If fairly warranted by any reasonable occasion or exigency, and honestly made, such communications are protected for the common convenience and welfare of society ; and the law has not restricted the right to make them within any narrow limits.
Página 528 - Dec. 1833, no action or suit or other proceeding shall be brought to recover any sum of money secured by any mortgage, judgment or lien, or otherwise charged upon or payable out of any land or rent, at law or in equity, or any legacy, but within twenty years next after a present right to receive the same shall have accrued to some person capable of giving a discharge for or release of the same...
Página 15 - ... and may plead in general that the cause of action accrued before he became bankrupt, and may give this act and the special matter in evidence...
Página 151 - I REQUIRE and charge you both, as ye will answer at the dreadful day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, that if either of you know any impediment, why ye may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony, ye do now confess it. For be ye well assured, that so many as are coupled together otherwise than God's Word doth allow are not joined together by God; neither is their Matrimony lawful.
Página 332 - There is a known distinction between circumstances which are of the essence of a thing required to be done by an act of parliament, and clauses merely directory.
Página 423 - The following persons claim to have their names inserted in the List of persons entitled to vote...
Página 60 - It extends to all communications made bona fide upon any subject-matter in which the party communicating has an interest, or in reference to which he has a duty to a person having a corresponding interest or duty ; and the privilege embraces cases where the duty is not a legal one, but where it is of a moral or social character of imperfect obligation.
Página 97 - The whole goes upon that ; declarations in the family, " descriptions in wills, &c., all are admitted upon the principle that " they are the natural effusions of a party who must know the " truth, and who speaks upon an occasion when his mind stands " in an even position, without any temptation to exceed or fall
Página 229 - In most civilized countries, acting under a sense of the force of sacred obligations, it has had the sanctions of religion superadded: it then becomes a religious, as well as a natural, and civil contract ; for it is a great mistake to suppose that, because it is the one, therefore it may not likewise be the other.

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