Annual Report of the State Engineer and Surveyor for the Fiscal Year Ending ..., Volumen1

State Engineer and Surveyor, 1911

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Página 279 - An act making provision for issuing bonds to the amount of not to exceed one hundred and one million dollars for the improvement of the Erie canal, the Oswego canal and the Champlain canal, and providing for a submission of the same to the people to be voted upon at the general election to be held in the year nineteen hundred and three...
Página 300 - The total area mapped during the season was 831 square miles, for publication on the scale of 1 : 62,500, with a contour interval of 20 feet. For the control of the...
Página 436 - Livingston county, the fall of the water-surface is 253 feet, an average of 6.4 feet per mile. At Portage the river plunges down in three magnificent falls, and thence nearly to Mount Morris flows at the bottom of a deep gorge. From Mount Morris to Rochester the valley is broad and open and the stream is bordered by meadows subject to occasional overflow. At Rochester there is another abrupt descent over three heavy falls, amounting to about 260 feet within the city.
Página 456 - The principal sources of Hudson river lie in the wildest portion of the Adirondack mountains, in Essex county, northeastern New York. A number of branches, any one of which might possibly be considered the main stream, form its upper waters; but if the highest collected and permanent body of water be assumed as the true head, then the source of the Hudson becomes Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds...
Página 456 - At Sandy Hill, just below Glens Falls, it makes another abrupt turn and flows southward, continuing in this direction until it empties into New York bay. From Lake Tear-of-the-Clouds to the mouth of the river the distance by water is probably about 300 miles.
Página 724 - There are few lakes in this drainage area to act as a regulator on the flow and, owing to the great differences of elevation throughout the area, the stream has what is called a flashy discharge, its fluctuations being large and rapid. Owing to the fact that this basin lies on the eastern slope of the Adirondack mountains, the average rainfall is less than for those basins whose streams rise on the western and southern slopes, the mean yearly precipitation being about thirty-two inches.
Página 542 - Discharge measurements are made from the down-stream side of the bridge, to which the gage tape is attached. The initial point for soundings is the top face of the left abutment, down-stream side. The drainage area at this point is 574 square miles, or 58 per cent greater than at Twin Rock bridge.
Página 635 - The accompanying tables, computed by Mr. RP Bloss, the engineer of the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, show the daily and monthly mean flow at Mechanicville. The dam at Mechanicville was raised during 1904, a concrete crest and apron being added, so that the dam has now a rounded, or ogee cross-section.
Página 700 - Brasher kill, a tributary of considerable importance, formed by the Pine kill and Garmaeu, flows into the Neversink near Godeffroy, about 9 miles from Port Jervis and just above the gaging station, which is located at the suspension highway bridge at this point. The river drains a narrow valley along the southern slope of the Catskill mountains. There are several reservoirs in the upper watershed, two of which are now in use. The principal power is located at Rose's Point, near Cuddybackville, in...
Página 697 - The location and the gage datum were not changed. The length of the chain from the end of the weight to the marker is 30.44 feet.

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