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Página 747 - JOINT RULES. AND ORDERS OF THE TWO HOUSES. 1. In every case of an amendment of a bill agreed to in one house, and dissented to in the other, if either house shall request a conference, and appoint a committee...
Página 232 - No member shall speak more than once to the same question without leave of the House, unless he be the mover, proposer, or introducer of the matter pending, in which case he shall be permitted to speak in reply, but not until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
Página 232 - If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgress the rules of the House, the Speaker shall, or any member may call him to order, in which case the member so called to order shall immediately sit down, unless permitted to explain, and the House shall, if appealed to, decide the case, but without debate.
Página 1094 - In countries where the common law prevails, it has been customary from time immemorial for the legislature to declare what shall be a reasonable compensation under such circumstances, or, perhaps more properly speaking, to fix a maximum beyond which any charge made would be unreasonable.
Página 804 - ... notice in two daily papers published in Des Moines, setting forth in such notice that, at a certain time and place, they will proceed to fix and determine such maximum rates and classification, and they shall, at such time and place, and as soon as practicable, afford to any person, firm, corporation, or common carrier who may desire it, an opportunity to make an explanation or showing, or to furnish information to said, commissioners on the subject of determining and fixing such maximum rates...
Página 747 - House shall have acted thereon, it shall transmit the same, and the papers relating thereto, to the other, with a message certifying its action thereon.
Página 219 - ... free competition in the importation or sale of articles imported into this State ; or in the manufacture or sale of articles of domestic growth or of domestic raw material...
Página 233 - When a question shall be under consideration, no motion shall be received except as herein specified, which motions shall have precedence in the order stated, viz. : 1. For an adjournment of the house. 2. A call of the house. 3. For the previous question.
Página 226 - ... and may inflict such censure or pecuniary penalty as they may deem just, on those who, on being called on for that purpose, shall render no sufficient excuse for their absence.
Página 747 - After each House shall have adhered to their disagreement, the bill which is the subject of difference shall be deemed lost, and shall not be again revived during the same session in either House.

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