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Apologia Asserii Camdeniani, with the Portrait of Camden, engraved by G. Vert'ie, on the letter-press of p. 133; and a Head of Alfred from Brazen Nose College, on p. 164 [s-X 4]

p. 133-164. Addenda et Emendanda et Index Locorum:-repetition of sig

nature x-2, p. 165–181; with a curious Figure of K. Alfred

in the Ashmolean Museum, on the letter-press of p. 171. Subscribers Names to the LARGE and SMALL Paper copies,

7 pages. A Portrait of King Alfred, from an ancient Painting on Wood

in University College, engraved by G. Vertue, as a Frontispiece ; and a Specimen of Asser's Life of Ælfred in the Saxon Character, folded, faces p. 137.

* There are LARGE PAPER copies as above noticed. N. B. This work was first printed as originally written, in Saxon Characters, by Archbishop Parker, at the end of “ Historia Brevis 'Thomæ Walsingham, 1574,"in folio, with an ornamented Title page, which, becoming rare, was republished by Camden in his " Anglica, Normannica, Hibernica, Cambrica, a Veteribus Scripta. Francof. 1603." Folio.


2. The LIFE of ALFRED, or ALVRED, the first Institutor of sub

ordinate Government in this Kingdome, and Refounder of the Vniuersity of Oxford. Together with a Parallel of our Soveraigne Lord K. Charles, untill this Yeare 1634. By ROBERT Powell, of Wels, one of the Society of New Inne. Printed by Richard Badger for Thomas Alchorn, and are to be

sold at the Signe of the Green Dragon in Paul's Church

yard. 1634. Duodecimo. Title-page as above. Latin Dedication to Walter (Curle), Bishop of Winchester,

9 pages.
The Preface, 8 pages.
To the Christian and Courteous Reader, 12 pages.
The Life of Alfred, or Alvred, (B-H 6] 157 pages.

N. B. 97 and 98 are omitted.


Tribus Libris comprehensa, a Clarissimo Dno JOHANNE SPRL-
MAN HENRICI F. primum Anglice conscripta, dein Latine

reddita, et Annotationibus illustrata ab Ælfredi in Collegio Magnæ Aulæ Universitatis Oxoniensis Alumnis. Oxonii, e Theatro Sheldoniano, Anno Dom. Ci.DC.LXXVIII.

Folio. Title-page as above, with the Imprimatur on the reverse. Dedication to King Charles the Second, having the Royal Arms

at the top, 2 pages. To the Reader, and Contents, 8 pages. Annotations to the Plates [c-d 2] 11 pages. Preface, (B-E 2] 15 pages. The Life, and Appendixes, beginning on the reverse of the last

page of the Preface, but not numbered, (F-Rr 3] 217 pages. Corrigenda & Addenda, 1 page. Index, [ss-uu 2] (misprinted s-u 2) 12 pages.

N. B. Page 191 for 119. With Six Portraits of King Ælfred on Two Plates, Burghers sc, to

face Signature c; and Five Plates of Coins, placed opposite their respective Descriptions preceding the Preface, on page 5 of which is a whole-length Figure of an armed Dacian, copied from Trajan's Column.


4. The Life of ÆLFRED THE GREAT, by Sir John Spelman,

Kt. from the original Manuscript in the Bodlejan Library; with considerable

Additions, and several Historical Remarks, by the Publisher THOMAS HEARNE, M.A. OXFORD: Printed at the Theatre for Maurice Atkins, at the

Golden Ball in St. Paul's Church-yard, London. MDccix. Octavo, 251 pages, including the Dedication, Index, and Ad

denda. With a Portrait of K. Alfred in an oval, from a MS. in the Bod

leian Library. M. Burg(hers). del. & sc.



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5. The Annals of UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, proving William of

Durham the True Founder; and answering all their Arguments who ascribe it to King Alfred. By William SMITH, Rector of Melsonby, and above Twelve Years Senior Fellow

of that Society. Ità divina providentia comparatum est, ut semper insignia mendaciu, insignes etiam redargutiones excipiant."

Ex Epist. Histor. THEODORICI A NIEM annexa, p. 539. NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE: Printed by John White; and sold by

T. Osborn, in Gray's Inn, London. MDCCXXVII. Octavo, 408 pages, including the Dedication, Preface, Errata, and

Supplement to the Preface.
BALLIOFERGUS: or A Commentary upon the Foundation, ,

Founders, and Affaires of Balliol Colledge, gathered out of
the Records thereof, and other Antiquities. With a brief De-
scription of eminent Persons who have been formerly of the
same House. Whereunto is added an exact Catalogue of all
the Heads of the same Colledge, never yet exhibited by any.
Together with Two Tables, one of Endowments, the other of
Miscellanies. By HENRY SAVAGE, Master of the said Col-

OXFORD: Printed by A. and L. Lichfeild, Printers to the Uni-

versity. 1668. Quarto, 136 pages; with a folded Genealo-

logical Table of the Family of Balliol at p. 6.
1. An HistoriCAL CHARACTER relating to the holy and exem-

plary Life of the Right Honourablethe Lady ELIZABETH HAST-
INGS: to which are added, 1. One of the Codicils of her last
Will, setting forth her Devise of Lands to the Provost and
Scholars of QUEEN'S COLLEGE in Oxford, for the Interest of
'Twelve Northern Schools. II. Some Observations resulting
therefrom. III. A Schedule of her other perpetual Charities;
with the principal Rules for their Administration. By Tho-
MAS BARNARD, M.A. Master of the Free School in Leedes.

servetur ad imum

Qualis ab incepto processerit.HOR.
LEEDES : Printed by James Lister for John Swale; and sold by

S. Birt in Ave-Mary Lane, London, and T. Martin in Lei-
cester. 1742. Duodecimo, 219 pages, including the Title,
Dedication to Francis, Lord Hastings, and the Preface.

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2. The PRESENT STATE of the New Buildings of QUEEN'S

COLLEGE in Oxford; with an Ichnography of the whole, and
Cuts of the several Parts of the said Buildings, engraved.
Quarto, 8 pages, including the Title-page as above, dated
Queen's College, Dec. 91, 1730.


(Engraved by M. Burghers.)
1. Ichnography of Queen's College. On the reverse of the

Title. The Arms of the College. On the letter-press of
2. The South Front. Folded.
3. Conspectus Collegii Reginæ, ad Occidentem. Folded.
4-5. The West and East sides of the South Court.
6. The South side of the Hall and Chappell.
7. Aulæ Conspectus Inte ior.
8. Ground Plan, with the Old Chapel, previous to the Fire.
9. North side of the Hall and Chappell.
10–11. The Library, and one side of the Quadrangle. (Num-

bered Tab. 11 and 14.)
N. B. In the Bodleian Library, and the only copy the Editor
i ever met with, but apparently imperfect.

For the Life of the Founder, see HAMPSHIRE. No. X, XI,

p. 292.

1. Vita HENRICI CHICHELE, Archiepiscopi Cantvariensis, sub

Regibus Henric. V. et VI. Descripta ab ARTHVRO Dyck,

OXONIÆ: Excudebat Josephus Barnesius, 1617. Quarto.
[A-0 4] 109 pages. Reprinted by Bates in Vitæ Selectorum

Virorum," 1704. 4to.


2. The Life of HENRY CHICHELE, Archbishop of Canterbury,

who lived in the Times of Henry the V and VI. Kings of En-
gland. Written in Latin by ARTH. Duck, LL.D. now made

English, and a Table of Contents annexed.
LONDON : Printed for Ri. Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown in

St. Paul's Church-yard. MDcxcix. Octavo, 204 pages, in- ·
cluding the Epistle Dedicatory to Thomas (Tenison), Archbi-
shop of Canterbury, Table of Contents, and Errata.
With the Portrait of Archbishop Chichele, engraved by

M. Burghers.

3. The Life of HENRY CHICHELE, Archbishop of Canterbury,

Founder of All Souls College in the University of Oxford.

By O. L. SPENCER, Fellow of All Souls College.
LONDON : Printed for J. Walter, Charing Cross, MDCCLXXXIII.

Octavo, 244 pages.


4. STEMMATA CHICHELBANA: or, A Genealogical Account of

some of the Families derived from THOMAS CHICHELE, of Higham-Ferrers, in the County of Northampton; all whose Descendants are held to be entitled to Fellowships in All Souls College, Oxford, by virtue of their Consanguinity to Archbishop Chichele, the Founder. (By Dr. BUCKLER, of All Souls College.)

OXFORD: at the Clarendon Press, MDCCLXV. Quarto.
Title-page as above.
Preface and Errata, dated A. S. C. (All Souls Coll.) 25th Oct.

1765, 14 pages.
The Genealogical Tables, (A-Qq2] 156 pages.
Index, printed in three columns, [Rr-rt] 10 pages.
Advertisement, 1 page.

PLATES. i. The supposed Tombstone of William Chichele and Beatrice

his Wife, 1425, at Higham-Ferrers. J. C. del. J. Mil

ler sc. Frontispiece. ii. Tombstone of Thomas Chichele the Founder, and Agnes

his Wife, in the Chancel of Higham-Ferrers Church, 1400. J. C. del. J. Miller sc.

p. 1.

A SUPPLEMENT to the Stemmata Chicheleana; containing Cor

rections and very large Additions to the Tables of Descents from Thomas Chichele, of Higham-Ferrers, in the County of Northampton.

OXFORD: at the Clarendon Press. MDCCLXXV. Title-page. Preface, dated 25 October 1775. Part I. containing Corrections, and some of the smaller Addi

tions to the Stemmata Chicheleana, [uu-zz] 13 pages. Part II. A Continuation of the Tables, [zz 2-Nnnn 2] p. 15

160. Index, [0000-pppp] 8 pages. MAGDALEN COLLEGE. 1. GulielmI PATTENI (cui Waynfleti Agnomen fuit) WINTO

NENSIS ECCLESIÆ PRÆSULIS quondam pientissimi, Summi Angliæ Cancellarii, Collegiique Divæ Mariæ Magdalenæ apud Oxonienses Fundatoris celeberrimi, Vita Obitusque.--Oxoniæ, 1602. Quarto. Reprinted in the “ Vitæ Selectorum Viro-,

rum,” by Bates. 4to. 1704, PART II.


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