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TORUM UNIVERSITATIS OXONIENSIS : accedunt Articuli Religionis xxxix, in Ecclesia Anglicana recepti : nec non Juramenta Fidelitatis et Suprematus.

In Usum Juventutis Academicæ. OXONII, e Typographeo Clarendoniano. MDCCCVIII. Duode

cimo, 294 pages. (First printed in 1638.)

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in the UNIVERSITY of OXFORD. Engraved in Mezzotinto by John FABER (the Elder), with their Arms

subjoined. Printed for H. Parker, No. 82, in Cornhill, London. Folio. 1. King Alfred.-University Coll. A.D. 872. 2. Walter de Merton, Bishop of Rochester, and Chancellor of.

England.-Merton College, A.D. 1267. 3. John de Balliol, 1263.-Balliol Coll. 4. Lady Dervorgille, Wife of John De Balliol, A.D. 1266. 5. Walter de Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter.—Exeter Coll.

A.D. 1316. 6. King Edward the Second.—Oriel Coll. A.D. 1324. 7. Robert Eglesfield, Confessor to Philippa, Queen of Ed

ward III.-Queen's Coll. A.D. 1340. 8. William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester.New Coll.

A.D. 1380. 9. Richard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln.-Lincoln Coll. A.D.

1427. 10. Thomas de Rotherham, Bishop of Lincoln.—Lincoln Coll.

1478. 11. Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury.--All Souls,

A.D. 1437. 12. William of Waynfleet, Bishop of Winchester, and Lord

Chancellor in the Reign of Henry VI.-Magdalen Coll.

A.D, 1459. 13. William Smyth, Bishop of Lincoln.-Brazen Nose Coll.

A.D. 1512. 14. Sir Richard Sutton, Knt.-Brazen Nose College, A.D. 1519. 15. Richard Fox, Bishop of Winchester.-Corpus Christi, A.D.

1516. 16. Cardinal Wolsey, -Christ Church, A.D. 1525. 17. King Henry the Eighth.-Christ Church, A.D. 1546. 18. Sir Thomas Pope, Knt.-Trinity College, A.D. 1555. 19. Sir Thomas White, Knt.--St. John's, A.D. 1555.


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20. Queen Elizabeth. A.D. 1571.-- Jesus College. 21-2. Nicholas Wadham, Esq. and Dorothy his Wife.-Wad

ham Coll. A.D. 1609. 23. Thomas 'Tesdale, Esq.--Pembroke Coll. A.D. 1624. 24. Richard Wightwick, B.D.-Pembroke Coll. A.D. 1624. 25. James, Duke of Ormond, Chancellor.

N. B. This Set of Prints, including the Founders of Cambridge, have been likewise published with the addition of Bor. ders, and some of them have been copied.

XXXIII. A SERIES of PORTRAITS of those Distinguished Per

sons who were the Founders of Colleges and Public Buildings in the University of Oxford; from Pictures

in that University and from Private Collections. LONDON ; Published April 1st, by R. Ackermann, Repository of

Arts, 101, Strand. Elephant quarto. With arranged Directions for the Plates in the History of Oxford, including the Founders, printed in double columặs :-a single leaf.

COLOURED PLATES, Engraved by R. Cooper and T. Williamson. 1. King Alfred.--2. Walter de Merton.—3. John Baliol.-4. Devorguilla Baliol.-5. Walter Stapledon.-6. King Edward Ilnd,

-5. .—7. Sir Joseph Williamson, Knt. Founder of the present Edifice of Queen's College.-8. Robert Egglesfield.-9. William of Wykeham.--10. Richard Fleming, Bp. of Lincoln.-11. Thomas (de) Rotherham.-12. Archbp.Chichely.-13.William Patten, of Wainfleet, Bp. of Winchester.-14. William Smith. -15. Sir Richard Sutton, Knt.-16. Bishop Fox.-17. Cardinal Wolsey.-18. King Henry VIII.-19. Sir Thomas Pope, Knt.--20. Sir Thomas White, Knt.—21. Queen Elizabeth. Jesus College.-22. Nicholas Wadham.-23. Dorothy Wadham.-24. Thomas Tesdale.-25. Richard Wightwick, S.T.B. -26. Sir Thomas Cookes. Worcester College. -27, Dr. Richard Newton. Hertford College.-28. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. Divinity School.—29. Sir Thomas Bodley, Bodleian Library:-30. Archbishop Sheldon. The Theatre.-31. Elias Ashmole. Ashmolean Museum. 32. Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. Printing Office.-33. Dr. Radcliffe. Radclivian Library.

N. B. Twenty-five copies were taken off in Folio on India Paper, not coloured.

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XXXIV. OXONIA ILLUSTRATA, sive omnium celeberrimæ istius Universitatis Collegiorum, Aularum, Bibliothecæ

· Bodleianæ, Scholarum Publicarum, Theatri Sheldoniani : nec non Urbis totius Scenographia. Delineavit et sculpsit Dav. LOGGAN, Univ. Oxon. Chal

cographus. OXONIÆ, e Theatro Sheldoniano, Ano Dni MDCLXXV. Folio. Engraved Title-page on a Scroll supported by Angels. At the

bottom of the plate Minerva is seated, with the Emblems of Science scattered around her; and in the back ground is a

; View of some of the principal Buildings in Oxford. Engraved Latin Dedication to King Charles the Second. K. Charles the Second's Licence to engrave the Work, dated

17th March, 167. Spectatori Ingenuo, S. an engraved Sheet. Index Tabularum.

PLATES. i. The Prospect of Oxford from the East, near London

Road, and from the South near Abingdon Road; with Explanations subjoined. Dedicated to Archi

bald Areskin, Esq. ii. Nova et accuratissima celeberrimæ Universitatis Civita

tisque Oxoniensis Scenographia. Dedicated to Dr.

Henry Compton, Bishop of Oxford. iii. Frontispicium Scholarum Publicarum Universitatis Oxo

niensis. Dedicated to James, Duke of Ormond. iv. Bibliotheca Publica Bodleiana et Scholæ, sive Auditoria

Artium Liberalium, ut ad Austrum spectantur. De

dicated to James, Duke of Ormond. v. Scholarum Publicarum Prospectus Interior. Dedicated

to James, Duke of Ormond. vi. Scholæ Theologicæ Prospectus Interior. Dedicated to

Dr. Richard Allestry. vii. Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ Oxoniæ Prospectus Interior ab

Oriente et Occidente.' Dedicated to Dr. Thomas

Barlow, viii. Theatri Sheldoniani Prospectus Meridionalis. Dedicated

to Gilbert (Sheldon), Archbishop of Canterbury. ix. Theatri Sheldoniani Prospectus Septentrionalis.' De

dicated to Gilbert (Sheldon), Archbishop of Canterbury,

x. Habitus Academici.
xi. Ecclesia B. Mariæ Virginis. Dedicated to Sir Robert

Vyner, Bart. xii. Hortus Botanicus. Dedicated to Henry, Viscount Corn

bury. xiii. Collegium Universitatis. Dedicated to Lord Francis

Brudenell. xiv. Collegium Baliolense. Dedicated to Sir Henry Little

ton, Bart. xv. Collegium Mertonense. Dedicated to Edmund Dick

inson, M.D. xvi. Collegium Exoniense. Dedicated to the Rev. Arthur

Bury. xvii. Collegium Orielense.' Dedicated to the Rev. Robert

Say, D.D. xviii. Collegium Reginense. Dedicated to Sir Joseph Williamson, Kut.

; xix. Collegium Novum. Dedicated to Sir Edward Lowe,

Knt. xx. Collegii Novi Prospectus Interior ad Boream. Dedi

cated to Dr. Michael Woodward. xxi. Collegium Bæ Mariæ de Winton prope Winton. De

dicated to Dr. William Burt. xxii, Collegium Lincolniense. Dedicated to Bishop Crewe. xxiii. Collegiuin Omnium Animarum. Dedicated to Sir Tho

mas Chichely. xxiv. Collegium B. Mariæ Magdalenæ. Dedicated to Ro

bert, Lord Brooke. xxv. Collegium Ænei Nasi. Dedicated to the Revd Dr.

Tho. Gate. xxvi. Collegium Corporis Christi. Dedicated to Sir Cople

stone Banipfyld, Bart. xxvii. Collegium Ædis Christi. Dedicated to Dr. John Fell.

. xxviii. Collegium Stæ. Trinitatis. Dedicated to Dr. Ralph

Bathurst. xxix. Collegium Divi Joannis Baptistæ. Dedicated to Dr.

Peter (Mews), Bishop of Bath and Wells. xxx. Ædificium Cantuariense, sive Area Nova. Dedicated

to Sir John Robinson, Bart. xxxi. Collegium Jesu. Dedicated to Sir Leoline Jenkins, Knt. xxxii. Collegium Wadhamense. Dedicated to Ægidius Strang

ways, Esq. xxxiii. Collegium Pembrochianum. Dedicated to Sir John


Xxxiv. Aula S. Albani. Dedicated to the Rev. Dr. Narcissus

Marsh. XXXV. Aula Cervina. Dedicated to John Lamphire, M.D. xxxvi. Aula St Edmundi. Dedicated to Sir Robert Clayton. xxxvii. Aula Beatæ Mariæ Virginis. Dedicated to Dr. Joseph

Crowther. xxxviii. Novum Hospitium. xxxix. Aula B. Mariæ Magdalenæ. Dedicated to James Hyde,

M.D. xl, Aula Glocestrensis. Dedicated to Ralph Sheldon, Esq. N. B. A Mezzotinto Portrait of James, Duke of Ormond, engraved by J. Smith in 1702 from a Picture by Sir Godfrey Kneller, is sometimes prefixed, but does not belong to the book.

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XXXV. Oxonia DEPICTA, sive Collegiorum et Aularum in

Inclyta Academia Oxoniensi Ichnographica, Orthographica, et Scenographica Delineatio Lxv Tabulis æneis expressa a GUILIELMO WILLIAMS: cui accedit uniuscujusque Collegij Aulæque Notitia.

(MDCCXXXIII.) Atlas folio. Engraved ornamented Title-page as above. Engraved Latin Dedication to Charles, Earl of Arran, Chancel

lor; Henry, Earl of Clarendon, High Steward; and Dr. Wil

liam Holmes, Vice Chancellor. Engraved List of Plateş, and Subscribers Names.

FOLDED PLATES. i. Title-page. ii. Prospectus Oxoniæ Meridionalis et Prospectus Orienta

lis Toms sc. iii. Oxonia Antiqua Instaurata, sive Urbis et Academiæ Ox

oniensis Topographica Delineatio, olim a Radulpho Agas impressa A.D. 1578, nunc denuo Æri incisa

A.D. MDCCXXXII. iv. Nova et Accuratissima Celeberrima Universitatis Civi.

tatisque Oxoniensis Ichnographia. 1733. Toms sc. v-vi. Publica Ædificia Academiæ. pasted together. vii. Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ et Scholæ Theolog. Prospectus

Interiores. Toms sc. viii. Hortus Botanicus. ix-X. Collegii Universitatis Frontispicium, et ejusdem Coll.

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