The Works of Edmund Spenser, Volumen6

F. C. & J. Rivington, 1805
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Página 362 - WHAT vertue is so fitting for a knight, Or for a Ladie whom a knight should love, As Curtesie; to beare themselves aright To all of each degree as doth behove ? For whether they be placed high above Or low beneath, yet ought they well to know Their good; that none them rightly may reprove Of rudenesse for not yeelding what they owe : Great skill it is such duties timely to bestow.
Página 315 - Iustice he was forst to stay, And Talus to revoke from the right way, In which he was that Realme for to redresse : But...
Página 326 - Of Faerie lond yet if he more inquire, By certaine signes here set in sundry place He may it find; ne let him then admire, But yield his sence to be too blunt and bace, That no'te without an hound fine footing trace.
Página 303 - Nor lawes of men, that common weales containe, Nor bands of nature, that wilde beastes restraine, Can keepe from outrage and from doing wrong, Where they may hope a kingdome to obtaine : No faith so firme, no trust can be so strong, No love so lasting then, that may enduren long.
Página 40 - And I took your sin, the calf which ye had made, and burnt it with fire, and stamped it, and ground it very small, even until it was as small as dust : and I cast the dust thereof into the brook that descended out of the mount.
Página 333 - But, in the triall of true Curtesie, Its now so farre from that which then it was, That it indeed is nought but forgerie, Fashion'd to please the eies of them that pas, Which see not perfect things but in a glas : Yet is that glasse so gay that it can blynd The wisest sight, to thinke gold that is bras : But Vertues seat is deepe within the mynd, And not in outward shows but inward thoughts defynd.
Página 46 - Likewise the earth is not augmented more By all that dying into it doe fade ; For of the earth they formed were of yore...
Página 331 - THE waies, through which my weary steps I guyde In this delightfull land of Faery, Are so exceeding spacious and wyde, And sprinckled with such sweet variety Of all that pleasant is to eare or eye, That I, nigh ravisht with rare thoughts...
Página 264 - IT often fals, in course of common life, That right long time is overborne of wrong, Through avarice, or powre, or guile, or strife, That weakens her, and makes her party strong ; But Justice, though her dome she doe prolong, Yet at the last she will her owne cause right...
Página 224 - And foule blaspheme that Queene for forged guyle, Both with bold speaches which he blazed had, And with lewd poems which he did compyle; For the bold title of a poet bad He on himselfe had ta'en, and rayling rymes had sprad. XXVI. Thus there he stood, whylest high over his head There written was the purport of his sin, In cyphers strange, that few could rightly read...

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