Ethan Allen: Of Green Mountain Fame, a Hero of the Revolution

M.A. Donohue & Company, 1902 - 273 páginas

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Página 52 - ... felony without benefit of clergy, and the offenders therein shall be adjudged felons, and shall suffer death as in case of felony without benefit of clergy.
Página 48 - King's name, in the form hereinafter directed, to disperse themselves, and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business...
Página 83 - Congress." (The authority of the Congress being very little known at that time) he began to speak again; but I interrupted him, and with my drawn sword over his head, again demanded an immediate surrender of the garrison...
Página 82 - I now propose to advance before you, and in person, conduct you through the wicket-gate; for we must this morning either quit our pretensions to valor, or possess ourselves of this fortress in a few minutes; and, inasmuch as it is a desperate attempt, which none but the bravest of men dare undertake, I do not urge it on any contrary to his will. You that will undertake voluntarily, poise your firelocks.
Página 215 - Is your name James Rivington ?' 'It is, sir, and no man could be more happy than I am to see Colonel Ethan Allen.' ' Sir, I have come — ' • Not another word, my dear colonel, until you have taken a seat and a glass of old madeira.
Página 129 - ... it would ever be in my power to return the favor. Captain Smith replied that he had no reward in view, but only treated me as a gentleman ought to be treated; he said this is a mutable world, and one gentleman never knows but it may be in his power to help another.
Página 200 - Resolved, that it be an indispensable preliminary to the recognition of the independence of the people inhabiting the territory called Vermont and their admission into the Federal Union, that they explicitly relinquish all demands of lands or jurisdiction the east side of the west bank of Connecticut River...
Página 52 - ... that if any persons to the number of twelve or more, being unlawfully, riotously, and tumultuously assembled together, to the disturbance of the public peace...
Página 210 - I am about to die ; shall I believe in the principles you have taught me, or shall I believe in what my mother has taught me ?' He became extremely agitated ; his chin quivered ; his whole frame shook ; and, after waiting a few moments, he replied, ' Believe what your mother has taught you.
Página 78 - Council, together with proper remonstrance against the unjustifiable conduct of that government ; with an humble petition, to be taken out of so oppressive a jurisdiction, and, either annexed to some other government, or erected and incorporated into a new one...

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