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THE chief part of this work was compiled solely as a record, to be deposited in manuscript in two or three public libraries; but, having been requested, in a manner I could not refuse, to give it publicity, it is sent to make its way in the world.

In a book of reference, intended to be useful to you and to your successors, it became important to omit nothing which might be hereafter required; but, by thus dwelling upon details, it is obvious that the book becomes less interesting to the general reader. have, however, thought it right to run this risk; and in order to make it more acceptable, other matter has been introduced.


In carrying out the object in view, I have met with the kindest and most liberal assistance: the names of some friends, to whom I am indebted, are mentioned in the preface; but, in the farther prosecution of this publication, it became necessary to obtain more general information.

Desirous of making large extracts from that very able work, "Youatt on Sheep, their Breeds, Management, and Diseases," I requested permission for that from the Committee of the Society for the


* Published by Baldwin and Cradock, 1838.


Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, who, with a liberality in perfect accordance with the great and praiseworthy objects of that valuable and useful institution, left the book in my hands to be used in any way I might think proper, and it will be seen that I have availed myself largely of their kindness.

Observing a very excellent and concise article on the Woollen and Worsted Manufactures in the volume of the new edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, published last September-a work which, in the extent and practical value of its information on all subjects, is certainly the first of its class-I applied to Messrs. Adam and Charles Black, of Edinburgh, for permission to avail myself of information therein given, and which was responded to in the most liberal manner.

Considerable interest having lately existed respecting the production of sheep's wool in the East Indies, and particularly in the, at present, most distracted and unhappy districts of Cabool and the Himalayan Mountains, I applied for information to the Right Honourable Sir Alexander Johnstone, Chairman of the Royal Asiatic Society of Literature: by him I was most kindly referred to an able work on the "Productive Resources of India,"* by Dr. Royle, who has allowed me to make extracts; and I was also permitted to have access to the Library and Museum of that Institution, to see the communications made by the much lamented and highly talented Sir Alexander Burnes, who has so lately fallen a victim to treachery, and also the works of Marco Polo, Moorcroft, and others.

* Published by W. H. Allen and Co., 1840.


I have besides received much new and valuable information on this subject from Major Kennedy, formerly political agent in the country of the Himalaya, and from George William Traill, Esq., who resided there many years, and whose communications will be read with great interest; and I am greatly indebted to Thos. Southey, Esq., for his reports on the qualities of East India and other wools.

To William Walton, Esq. and William Danson, Esq. I am obliged for information respecting the Alpaca, and for being permitted to insert the portrait of that beautiful animal which was in Mr. Walton's work.*

With respect to Anglo-merino sheep, I have been favoured with a letter addressed by Lord Western to Earl Spencer, and I have been also honoured with a letter addressed to me by Lord Western,† whose great and unwearied exertions to improve that breed of sheep, rendering the wool adapted for the fine worsted trade, and the carcase more valuable, are so well known; and I am indebted to his Lordship for the beautiful engravings of a group of his Anglo-merino sheep and his Anglo-merino horned ram.

For statistical information, and the means of completing the tables in the Appendix, I am obliged to G. R. Porter, Esq., of the Board of Trade, whose labours and works in that department are so well known and so highly appreciated; and upon the same subject I have derived information from Jelinger C. Symons, Esq.

Valuable communications have been also made to me by several relations and kind friends.

• Published by Messrs. Smith, Elder and Co.

+ Published by Messrs. Ridgway, and Smith, Elder and Co.


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