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1st District-Clarkson Miller,
2d do John De Wolf,
3d do Anderson Whiting,
4th do James Child.

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[blocks in formation]



1st District-William W. Blackman,
2d do Eleazer Grover, Jr.,

do John Beath,
4th do Francis Fischer,
5th do Leonard J. Farwell,

6th do Cassius Fairchild. Waukesha

1st District, Albert Alden,
2d do William R. Hesk,
3d do Andrew E. Elmore,
4th do Benjamin Hunkins,
5th do R. C. Robertson.

La Pointe, Douglas, Burnet, Polk and St. Croix

Asaph Whittlesey.
Pierce, Pepin, Dunn, Eau Claire, Chippewa f. Clark-

William P. Bartlett.


1st District-H. L. Palmer,
2d do L. A. Schmidtner,
3d do Edward Keogh,
4th do E. D. Holton,
5th do E. G. Hayden,
6th do Matthias Humann,
7th do

Patrick Dockry,
8th do John Ruan,

9th do Andrew Eble.* Ozaukee

1st District-Anthony Ahlhauser,

2d do Frederick W. Horn. Washington

1st District-George Keifer,
2d do

Matthias Altenhofen, 3d do T. E. Vandercook. Fond du Lac

1st District-Alvin E. Bovay,
2d do Benjamin H. Bettis,
3d do J. Č. Lewis,
4th do John Boyd,

5th do William T. Brooks. Winnebago

1st District-Gabriel Bouck,
2d do George B. Goodwin,
3d do

George S. Burnham. Manitowoc

1st District-Joseph Rankin,
2d do

Henry Mulholland.

Asaph Green.

1st District-James K. Spottswood,
2d do James W. Seaton,
3d do Jonathan B. Moore,

S. F. Clize,

George Ballantine.


1st District-James T. Kingsbury, 2d do Erastus W. Stannard, 3d do Oran Rogers.

* Deceased.

Crawford and Bad Ax

William C. McMichael. La Crosse and Monroe

(No returns.) Dodge

1st District-Elva Simpson,
2d do Max Bachuber,
3d do Jonathan W. Nash,
4th do Stoddard Judd,
5th do David S. Ordway,
6th do

Henry C. Griffin.

1st District-Norman Horton,
2d do Charles G, Hammerquist,
3d do Heber Smith,
4th do

H. H. Winter,
5th do John Sutton.


1st District-Henry B. Munn,
2d do William M. Griswold,
3d do Marcus Barden.

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Door, Oconto, Kewaunee and Shawanaw

John Wiley. Waирассан

M. B. Patchin.


Jacob S. Bugh.


0. W. Bow.

Green Lake

James W. Burt. Portage, Marathon and Wood

John Phillips. Jackson, Buffalo and Trempeleau

Romanzo Bunn.


uary, 1860.



Secretary's Office,

The Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin, hereby certifies the foregoing is á correct list of Members of Assembly, elected at a General Election, held in said State, on the eighth day of November, A. D. 1859, as returned to this office by the Clerks of County Boards of Supervisors of the several Counties in said State.

Witness iny hand and the Great Seal of the State, [L. S.] at the Capitol in Madison, this 10th day of Jan


Secretary of State. The following certificates were then read : STATE OF WISCONSIN, County of La Fayette,

I, John Collins, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County hereby certifies, that at a General Election held in the several Towns in said County, on the eighth day of November, A. D. 1859, Samuel Cole was, by the greatest number of votes, elected a member of Assembly for the Eastern District for the County of La Fayette. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set

my hand and affixed the seal of said Board of County [L. S.] Supervisors, at Shullsburg, in said County, this twelfth day of December, 1859.


Clerk of Board of Supervisor8. STATE OF WISCONSIN, County of La Crosse,

J. S. Patten, the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County hereby certifies, that at a General Election held in the several towns and wards in the Assembly District, composed of the Counties of La Crosse and Monroe, on the eighth day


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of November, 1859, John J. McKay was, by the greatest num-
ber of votes elected a member of the Assembly for said Assem-
bly District.

Given under my hand at La Crosse, this 29th day
of November, 1859.

Clerk of Board of Supervisors of La Crosse County.

By S. WOODWARD, Deputy. The roll was then called, and all the gentlemen certified to, as above set forth, excepting Messrs. Schmidtner, Spottswood and Wiley, then took and subscribed the oath of office, which was then administered by Hon. Orsamus Cole, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Alden then moved that the Assembly do proceed to choose seats,

Mr. Bovay moved to adjourn to 3 o'clock this P. M. ;
Which was lost.
Mr. Bouck moved to proceed to the election of Speaker;
Which was ruled out of order.
Mr. Judd moved to lay Mr. Alden's motion on the table;
Which was agreed to.

Mr. Bouck then renewed his motion to proceed to the election of a Speaker ;

Which was carried.

Mr. Horn nominated Henry L. Palmer, of Milwaukee, for that office.

A ballot was had and resulted as follows:

Messrs. Ahlhauser, Altenhoffen, Bachuber, Beath, Bouck, Bow, Boyd, Dockry, Elmore, Fairchild, Green, Griffin, Grover, Hesk, Horn, Šumann, Hunkins, Jackson, Kiefer, Keogh, Kingsbury, Meigs, Mulholland, Munn, Neville, Patchin, Rankin, Ruan, Seaton, Simpson, Sutton and Winter-32 voted for H. L. Palmer.

Messrs. Alden, Baldwin, Ballantine, Barden, Barnum, Bartlett, Bettis, Blackman, Bovay, Brooks, Bugh, Bunn, Burt, Child, Clize, Cobb, De Wolf, Dickson, Farwell, Fischer, Golden, Goodwin, Griswold, Hammerquist, Hayden, Holton, Horton, Howland, Jenne, Johnson, Judd, Langland, Lewis, McMichael

, McKay, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Nash, Ordway, Phillips, Robertson, Rogers, Smith, Stannard, Sumner, Upson, Vandercook, Weage, Westby, Wescott, Wheeler, Whittlesey, Whiting, Wood and Young-55 voted for William P. Lyon.

Mr. H. L. Palmer voted for Fred Horn.
Mr. William P. Lyon voted for Amasa Cobb.

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