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R. S. 4167, 4168.

T. D. 7168.

R. S. 4171.

R. S., 4335.

R. S., 4171, 4250, 4312 act April 9, 1872.

R.S., 4180, 4181, 4182,4183, 4184.

A new document thus granted by a collector other than the collector of the district where the vessel belongs, shall be temporary, and shall, within ten days after the first arrival of the vessel within the district to which she belongs, be delivered to the collector, who shall thereupon grant a new document. If the master neglects to surrender such temporary document within ten days he shall forfeit $100, and it shall become null and void. A document is held to be lost when it is wrongfully withheld from the possession of the owner. Whenever a new document is issued in place of one which has been lost, destroyed, or mislaid, the substance of the oath will be indorsed on the oath of the owner for the first document, which is to remain with the collector.

Whenever a temporary document is granted on proof of loss of a document issued from another office, the information (Cat. No. 549) of such loss and of the granting of the new document in lieu thereof must be transmitted to the office from which the lost document was issued.

ART. 59. When the master of any documented vessel, except a ferryboat, is changed, the owner or the new master must report the change to the collector of the district where the same shall happen, or where the vessel shall first arrive thereafter, and produce to him the documents and make oath (Cat. No. 550) that the new master is a citizen of the United States, and whether native or naturalized. The collector will then indorse upon the document the name of the new master.

If the change of master be reported to the collector of a district other than that in which the document was granted, the collector making the memorandum must transmit a copy thereof to the collector by whom the document was granted, and the latter shall make the change in his record, and transmit a copy or abstract thereof to the Commissioner of Navigation. If the change of master be not reported, or if the oath aforesaid be not taken, the document will be void, and the master subject to a fine of $100 for a registered vessel and $10 for a licensed vessel.

Any person or persons or body corporate having more than one-half ownership of any vessel may appoint or remove a master, whether he is or is not part owner of such vessel, but if there be an agreement, dated prior to April 9, 1872, by virtue of which he has possession as part owner, he can not be dispossessed except by due process of law.

ART. 60. A vessel built in the United States and belonging wholly or in part to an alien may receive a certificate

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of record in form Cat. No. 551. On being purchased or
wholly owned by a citizen she would be entitled to docu-
ments as a vessel of the United States, provided that she
had never been previously documented.

Before the issuance of a certificate of record, the col-
lector of the district will require the builder to swear that
the vessel was built by him.

The vessel must be measured and the usual certificate filed, before the certificate of record shall be granted to the master of such vessel.

ART. 61. Certificates of record shall be regularly numbered; and when recorded vessels shall be registered or enrolled the certificates must be surrendered, canceled, and returned to the Commissioner of Navigation. In case of change of master of any recorded vessel, or of the name of such vessel, the collector shall note the same on the certificate.

ART. 62. Any foreign-built vessel purchased by a citizen, although prohibited from being documented, is nevertheless entitled to legal protection as property of a citizen.

R. S., 4308.

The collector may issue to any such vessel, owned by a citizen, a certificate in the prescribed form, of the validity and filing of the bill of sale. A separate record will be T. D. 8508. kept of these vessels, and in the tonnage returns they will be reported in a separate column, under the head of "Foreign-built or undocumented vessels owned by citizens of the United States."

ART. 63. Abstracts of documents issued and surrendered will be kept according to Cat. No. 336a.

CAT. NO. 336a.

[This blank is to be used for both permanent and temporary registers-sail, steam, or whale fishery: but separate abstracts of each of these classes of vessels must
be rendered.]
[write sailing," steam,

registers issued and surrendered in the district of·

Abstract of

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or "whale fishery."]

from the first day of·

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to the

Shp Veto.
Shp Cora
Bg Star
Bkn Pearl.

For what cause surrendered.

day of

Bk Fancy P. C

Sch. Scud. Register 1ost;

copy in lieu. Rig and tonnage changed. Lost at sea. T.C

& D. C..

'Balance outstanding under this abstract at the end of the last quarter, 9 vessels.

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Balance outstanding at the end of this quarter, 10 vessels.


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Separate accounts will be kept for steamers and sailing vessels. The number of vessels and the amount of registered tonnage thereof outstanding on the last day of the preceding quarter will be entered at the head of the debit side of the account; underneath a brief record will be made of every certificate of permanent registry issued during the quarter.

In all cases, except where a register is granted for a new vessel, and except where loss, destruction, or mislaying is proved, the former document is to be surrendered when a new document issues.

In the column headed "For what cause granted" the reason for granting the register is to be inserted.

In the columns headed "Description of former document," in the quarterly abstract of registers, a reference is to be made to the surrendered document.

The first entry on the blank form (cut No. 336a) supposes a register to have been granted to a new vessel.

The second entry supposes an enrollment to have been surrendered.

The third entry, that a vessel has been sold within the district to which she belongs, which circumstance is expressed by the words "property changed."

The fourth entry, that a vessel previously owned and registered out of the district has been purchased by citizens within the district, which is expressed by the words "property and district changed."

The fifth entry, that legal proof has been made of the loss, destruction, or mislaying of a permanent register issued within the district, and that another register has been granted.

The sixth entry supposes a vessel to have been altered, so as to render a new register necessary and the former one to have been surrendered.

The seventh entry, that a vessel belonging in the district has arrived home under a temporary register issued to her in another district, which temporary register has been surrendered, and a permanent register issued to her instead.

On the credit side of the account are to be entered all permanent registers surrendered or vacated.

The first entry supposes a surrender of a register on a change of property, and is made to annul the charge therefor on the debit side of the account.

The second entry is supposed to be made on proof of loss being produced and granting a new register.

The third entry supposes the surrender of a register where the vessel has been altered.

The fourth entry is to vacate a debit on proof of satisfactory information being received of the loss of a vessel at sea having a permanent register. This case is applicable when a vessel is broken up or otherwise destroyed.

The fifth entry supposes the surrender of a permanent register, and that an enrollment has been issued in lieu thereof.

The sixth entry supposes the case of a vessel belonging to the district and sold in another district, in consequence of which the permanent register is surrendered.

It will be observed that all permanent registers issued are to be entered on the debit side of this account, and that counter entries on the credit side are to be made whenever said registers are surrendered or vacated, so that the balance of the account may at all times exhibit the amount of registered tonnage belonging to the district, except so far as this account may be affected by transactions at other offices which have not been communicated.

For certificates of temporary register, an account is also to be kept, in which are to be entered all registers issued in one district to vessels belonging in other districts.

The debit entries in the abstract relate to cases in which temporary registers are to be granted, where a vessel is purchased for or sold to citizens of the United States belonging out of the district, and where an enrolled vessel is out of the district to which she belongs and is registered before proceeding on a foreign voyage, and where a vessel arrives in a district other than that to which she belongs, her register having been lost, destroyed, or mislaid.

The credit entries are to be made whenever the suriendered registers are received from another officer, or when information is received from the Commissioner of Navigation that they have been so surrendered, or when legal proof is made that they have been lost, destroyed, or mislaid. The observations made respecting the mode of keeping the account of permanent registers are applicable also to this.

Of enrollments, both permanent and temporary, and of licenses of vessels under 20 tons separate accounts will be kept in like manner.

NOTE. The entries made in the form are intended to indicate the purposes of the several columns.

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