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Froiseth, B. A
Fuller, Emma L....

Gallery, motion to clear ----------------------- ------------------------ -
General-in-chief, called upon for information as to paroles to rebel officers.----
answer to said call transmitted by Secretary of War. ........
General Land Office, expenses of, &c
Geological survey of Nebraska ------- - --------------------- -
Globe. (See Congressional Globe.)
Gold, in regard to deposits of -----...--...-- -----------------------------
Government contracts. (See Committees, Select.)
Grant, Major General, in regard to order of, relative to the Jews............
Great Britain, as to legislation necessary to carry into effect 4th article of
treaty of August 9, 1842, with--------------------- ------
compensation of judges, &c., under treaty with, in regard to
slave trade.-------------------------------------------

(See also England.)
Gunpowder, transportation of, by steamboats for the government.-----------
See H. R. 765.


Galway, Casado and Teller-------------------------------------- --------
Garther, Kate R., and others

Garvin, John J., and others ------------------ ------------ --------------

Gott, John C.--------------

Graham, Hannibal-----------------------------------------------------
See H. R. 536.

Grant, William S.----. ---------------------- ------------------------- -

Green, D. ------------------------------------------------------------


Habeas corpus, indemnity to President and others for suspension of writ of....

See H. R. 591.

Hall, use of, granted to J. E. Murdoch

old, to set apart, for statuary ---------------- -------
See H. Res. 123.
use of granted to United States Christian Commission.--...----...----.
Hamburg, international agricultural exhibition at.-------------------------
See H. Res. 148.
Hides, hoofs, &c., amount derived from the sale of.----...-----------------
Horses and other property lost in service, to amend act in relation to ------.
See H. R. 660.
Hospitals, inspection of convalescent camps and.----...---- -----------------
See S. 420.
in relation to, &c ------------------------ ---------------------
See H. R. 719.
in regard to establishment of commissioners of -...--....... ------
Hour of daily meeting fixed at 12 m--------------...- --------------- -------
Hall, C-------------------------------------------------------------- -
See H. R. 728.
Hall, Henrietta M....... ------------------------------------ --------- -
Hamilton, Robert, jr---------------------------------------------------
See H. R. 727.
Hann, C. A., widow of.-------------------------------------------- - ----
Harris, Townsend -------------------------------- -------------------- -
Hartt, Samuel P., widow of.----------------------------------- ---------

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See H. R. 757.



Harvey, Rufus L..... ------------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------- ---------- 87
See H. R. 452
Hawes, M. M----------------------------------------- ----------------- 224, 394
See H. R. 754
Hayes, Alexander------------------------------------------------------ 84
Haswell, James G ----------------------------------------------- ------ 209
Hertzberg, Isaac ------------------------------------------------------ - 187
Hicks, Isaac, executor of --------------------------------------- ------- 194
See S. Res. 121.
Hill, John W --------------------------------------------------------. 309
See H. R. 713
Hoge, Isaac ----------------------------------------------------------- 105
Hogan, J. M. -------------- ------------------------------------------- - 129
Holden, F. A., and others.--------------------------------------------- - 198
See H. R. 682
Holgate, Samuel, administrator of.-------------------------------------- 348
Howard, Colonel W. A.------------------------------------------------- 294
Howe, Ezekiel, widow of. 45
Housener, Christian --------------------------------------------------- 344, 586
See H. R. 725.
Hubbard, Gurdon S., and A.T. Spencer ---------------------------...----. 48,67
See H. R. 606.
Huber, Carl----------------------------------------------------------- 173
Hubbell, William Wheeler .................. ------- -------------------- 583
See H. Res. 95
Hull & Cozzens---------. ------ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---------------- 197
See H. R. 680.
Hutchins, Erastus------------------------------------------------------ 92
Hutchinson, John ...---- ---------------------------------------------- - 355
Idaho, to provide a temporary government for Territory of ---------------- 111
See H. R. 625.
Illinois and Michigan canal, Colonel Webster's report on enlargement of.------ 32, 38
for construction of ship canal for armed and naval
vessels------------------------------------ 74, 319,328
See H.R. 288,714,718.
Illinois, members from the State of, appear, viz:
I. N. Arnold, P. B. Fouke, W. Kellogg, A. L. Knapp, O. Lovejoy,
W. A. Richardson, and E. B. Washburne---------------------- 5
W. J. Allen and J. C. Robinson-------------------------------- 31
proposed call in regard to arrest and confinement of citizens of ----- 9
for sale of strip of ground in Fort Dearborn---------------------- 133
See H. R. 639.
Illinois and Michigan canal (See Illinois and Michigan canal.)
Immigrant bureau in connexion with the Interior Department---------...----- 115,408
See H. R. 761.
Indemnity for suspension of writ of habeas corpus, &c.----------------------- 41,48 to 52
See H. R. 591.
Inder to the public documents -------------------------------------- ------ 231,232
Indiana, members from the State of, appear, viz:
S. Colfax, W. McKee Dunn, W. S. Holman, G. W. Julian, J. Law,
W. Mitchell, and A. G. Porter ------------------------------ 5
J. A. Cravens and J. P. C. Shanks----------------------------- 30
D. W. Voorhees--------------------------------------- ------ 38
A. S. White ------------------------------------------------ 45
special session of United States district court in ------------------ 60
See S. 405.
liens of judgments in United States courts in -------------------- 211
See H. R. 692.
to change the times of holding United States courts in------------ 408
Indians, abrogation of treaties with Sioux or Dakota, in Minnesota -------- - 11,30
See H. R. 582.
depredations of Sioux, in Minnesota-------------- ------------- 11,98, 224,530
See H. R. 619 and S. 448,574.
inquiry as to causes of outbreak of, in the northwest.------------ - 40, 99,404
in Oregon and Washington, bounty land for services against------- 41
See H. R. 586.
funds held in trust for--------------------------------- ------- 46,407
See H. R. 759.
for the removal of Winnebago, from Minnesota.-----------------. 71, 83,374
See H. R. 614 and S. 417.
for the removal of the Sioux or Dakota, from Minnesota.---------- 71, 84,258,473
See H. R. 613 and S. 418, 565.
Miami, permanent annuity to, for 1854 and 1855-...-------- 74, 106,211,299,409
Brule and Yanckbrinas, in Dakota ----------------------------- 107,612
See H. R. 791.
Ute, in Colorado ------------------------------------------- - 107,612
See H. R. 790.
amounts due Chippewa, Ottawa and other, in Michigan----------- 123
as to expediency of a commission to investigate condition of------- 134
expenses of hostilities of, in western Utah in 1860------- --------- 148
See H. R. 473.
superintendent of, for Oregon and Territory of Washington, east of
Cascade mountains------------------------------------ ----- 172
See H. R. 667.
Stockbridge and Munsee, in Wisconsin -------------- ----------- 180,364
See H. Res. 158.
in Utah, and others with whom we have no treaties----- --------- 190
Ottawa, in Kansas-------------------- * -------------- -------- 197
Klamath and Modoc, treaty with --------------------- --------- 214
See S. 456.
unexpended balances for, in Oregon-------- ------------------- - 223
accounts of disbursements by southern superintendency of.-------- 252
titles of, to lands in Kansas, and removal of, from said State------- 258
See S. 413.
reservations in California -------------------- ----------------- 312,334,504
See S. 501.
service in northern California --------------------------------- 335
loss of steamers in conveying goods to Yanctonais Sioux, in Dakota-- 351
appropriations for Indian department and treaty stipulations with -- 355
See H. R. 731.
balance due for running, &c., boundary lines between tribes of.---- 364
in Kansas, for the appointment of an agent for certain------------ 365
See H. R. 735.
in Nevada, for the appointment of agent for------ --------------- 422
See H. R. 764.
in Nevada and Utah, salaries of agents for----------------------- 447
accounts of southern superintendency of, transmitted ---------- --- 491
Insurrectionary districts, amendment of act for confiscation of property in.----- 85,244
See H. R. 615 and S. 458.
abandoned property, &c.------------ --------------- 549
See S. 544. -
Insurrectionary States, to provide for the protection of loyal citizens in-------- 135
Interest on the public debt should be paid in coin ------------------- ----- 67,68
on bonds, notes, &c.-------------------------------------- ----- 244
Interior Department, to establish a mining bureau in----------------------- 111
to establish an immigrant bureau in----------...-------- 115,408,504
See H. R. 761.
to establish a bureau of statistics in-------------- ------ 182,209
Interior, Secretary of, called upon for information as to mineral resources of
Nevada------------- ---------------------------- 60
transmits answer to said call------------------------- 140
called upon for information as to payment of annuity to
Miami Indians.----------------------------------- 74

See H. R. 762.
Indians, inquiry as to mode of removing, from Minnesota.----------------- 10


transmits answer to said call------------------------- 106,213















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Interior, Secretary of, called upon for communications relative to case of lib-

erated Africans in Liberia
transmits answer to said call .......
transmits reports of amounts due Chippewa and other

Indians in Michigan .......
transmits statement of balances to the credit of Interior

called upon for information as to employés, disburse-

ments, &c., of Patent Office.....
transmits answer to said call.........
called upon for statement, &c., in regard to D. J. Browne's

agency for agricultural division of Patent Office.
transmits answer to said call.......
called upon for plan of Bureau of Statistics ...........
transmits answer to said cali .......
called upon for full statement of debts of agricultural

division .........
transmits answer to said call....
asks an appropriation for Ottawa Indians, in Kansas ...
submits estimates for Capitol extension and new dome.
submits estimates for Dakota Territory ....
transmits communication concerning office of Commis-

sioner of Internal Revenue......
letter from, relative to unexpended balances for Indian

service in Oregon ........
transmits accounts of disbursements of southern Indian

letters from, in regard to Indian reservations in California
submits estimates for Indian service in northern district

of California......
asks for an additional appropriation for surveys in Kan-

sas and elsewhere .......
asks for an appropriation to supply goods to Yanctopais

Sioux, lost by sinking of a steamer....
transmits answer to call on Commissioner of Indian Af-

fairs as to condition of Stockbridge and Munsee In-

dians, in Wisconsin.........
recommends an appropriation to pay Messrs. Jones and

Brown for running boundary lines between certain In-

dian tribes .....
transmits list of clerks in his department ........
recommends increase in salaries of Indian agents in Ne-

vada and Utah..........
transmits accounts of southern Indian superintendency -
transmits statement of contingent expenses of his de-

partment ........
transmits answer to resolution of May 14, 1862, relative

to retrenchment in expenditures of his department..
Internal revenue, inquiry as to expediency of amending fourth clause of 64th

section of act in relation to..........
proposed reduction of tax on whiskey ........
in regard to the deduction of taxes upon materials entering

into manufactures.....
in regard to absence of stamps until the same can be secured.
in regard to reports of manufacturers of spirits, beer and por-

amendatory of act of July 1, 1862........................

See H. R. 592, 600, and 770.
in regard to tax on advertisements.........
proposed tax of ten cents on resolutions submitted in House.
in regard to assistant assessors entering premises, and as to

exemption of maker of boards, shingles, &c..........
as to the propriety of taxing bonds of canal companies......
as to the expediency of providing for an assistant commissioner

of, for the Pacific region........

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Internal revenue, as to the expediency of making licenses transferable..... ---- 108
in regard to the expense of assessing and collecting, on car-
riages, &c., tax on manufactures, place of sale or distrain,
&c--------------------------------------------------- 108, 109
in regard to tax on newspapers.----...---. --------- ------- 112
as to expediency of repeal of 78th and 79th section of tax
*W -------------------------------------------------- 147
as to expediency of simplifying mode of cancelling stamps... 147
as to expediency of exempting coke as a manufacture-...--. 183
giving construction to certain sections of law-.............. 211
See H. Res. 136.
concerning the organization, &c., of office of Commissioner of 214
in addition to act to provide.... ------. ------------ ------- 325
See H. R. 717.
as to the practical operation of present excise law in its bear-
ing on manufacturers and mechanics of limited means.... 365
Iowa, members from the State of, appear, viz:
J. F. Wilson ------------ ------------- ----------- ----------------- 6
W. Wandever-...-- ------------------ -------------- ------------ ---- 58
times and places for holding courts in Minnesota, Kansas, and........ 67
See H. R. 608.
relief of 2d and 3d regiments of volunteer infantry.................. 133
See H. R. 641.
Le Grand Byington contests seat of W. Wandever. (See Elections, Contested.)
terms of the circuit and district courts in-----------...------------ - 527
See S. 407.
Illinois, citizens of, for an issue of legal-tender notes, to pay the public
debt ------ ------ --------- ----------------- ---. 173,228,305,404
in relation to the currency.--------------------------- 209,251
bankrupt law -------------- -------- - 209,386
duty on paper----------------------- 324
taxation-------------------- ------- - 324,354
enlargement of canals.--------------- 324
for peace-------------------------------------------- 294,324
for a change in the banking laws.--------------------- 324
for route agents on railroads......... --------- -------- 397
Board of Trade of Chicago, taxation ...... ---------------------- 224
State Agricultural Society of.----------------------------------- 324
Indiana, 13th regiment State volunteers -...............-- -------- ------- 56
Iowa, citizens of, for peace--------------------------------------404,457,466,505,608
Jews, in regard to General Grant's order relative to.... ------------------- 151
“J. L. McGill,” to change the name of the steamer......---------- ------ 486
See S. 549.
Joint resolutions of the House and Senate. (See after Resolutions.)
Judiciary square, to grant use of portion of, for library, &c., for soldiers----- 147
See H. Res. 125.
Judicial system, amendment of acts respecting.....------------------------- 98,214,834
See H. R. 618 and S. 437.
to give greater efficiency to........ ------- ----------------- 415
See H. R. 721 and S. 494.
Judgments in certain suits brought by the United States.................--. 29
See H. R. 581.
“Jules et Marie,” French brig, message of President in regard to-.......... 37
relief of owners of............ ------ ------------------ 60
See S.406.
Juries, relating to, in United States courts......... ----------------------- 338

See S. 481.

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