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HOUSE BILLS—Continued.




HOUSE BILLS--Continued.

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640 A bill to provide the compensation of the 133

district attorney of Michigan for the
defence of the suit of the legal repre-
sentatives of the Sieur de Bonne and
of the Chevalier de Repentigny against

the United States.
641 A bill for the relief of the second and 133 613

third regiments of Iowa infantry.
642 A bill to amend an act entitled "An act 133

supplementary to the act entitled 'An
act establishing a mint and regulating
the coins of the United States,'” ap-

proved January 18, 1837.
643 A bill to provide for the survey of the 133

swamp and overflowed lands in the
State of California, and for other pur-

644 A bill granting the right of way to the 133

Territory or State of Washington, and
a portion of the public lands to aid in
the construction of a railroad in said

645 A bill to provide a State government for 134

646 A bill to provide for the entry of the 134

land whereon the city of Denver, in

the Territory of Colorado, is located.
647 A bill for the relief of the administrator 134 198, 343---344 557 561..

of Captain Richard Stevenson, de-

648 A bill to provide ways and means for 134

the support of the government.
649 A bill making appropriations for the con- 138 171..... 171 304 304, 305,
sular and diplomatic expenses of the

316, 337
government for the year ending 30th

June, 1864.
650 A bill to authorize additional mailable 147





651 A bill for the relief of Chas. F. Stansbury - 147
652 A bil to provide circuit courts for the

districts of California and Oregon, and

for other purposes.
653 A bill for the relief of Richard Cheney-- 148 396
654 A bill further to promote the efficiency 151

of the marine corps.
655 A bill to authorize the accounting offi- | 151

cers of the treasury to make transfers

of balances in certain cases.
656 A bill to provide a national currency, se- 156 166, 315

cured by a pledge of United States
stock, and to provide for the circula-
tion and redemption thereof.

HOUSE BILLS—Continued.


657 A bill supplemental to the act of July 156

22, 1861, to authorize the employment
of volunteers to aid in enforcing the

laws and protecting public property.
658 A bill to promote the efficiency of the 156331...... 331 352 353, 362.-365

commissary department.
659 A bill to provide ways and means for 156 156, 187, 241 397 402, 414, 585
the support of the government.

189, 193,

445, 446,
195, 202,

206, 213,

501, 502,
214, 226,

503, 507,
235, 240

510, 524,
535, 536,

660 A bill to amend an act entitled " An act 166 331

to provide for the payment for horses
and other property lost or destroyed in
the military service of the United
States, so as to provide for the pay.
ment for horses captured by or sur-

rendered to the enemy."
661 A bill to amend the act of March 19, 166

1862, to provide for the appointment
of sutlers of the volunteer service, and

to define their duties.
662 A bill for the relief of Seth Walker..... 167
663 A bill to establish a branch mint of the 168 234,563.- 564 579 589. 594

United States in the Territory of Ne-

664 A bill supplemental to an act to con- 168

struct bridges over the Ohio river.
665 A bill making appropriations for the ser- 169242. 242 319 333, 343,

vice of the Post Office Department dur-

352, 365
ing the fiscal year ending the 30th

June, 1864.
666 A bill to provide for holding special terms 172 192

of the circuit and district courts in

certain cases.
667 A bill to provide for a superintendent of 172 612

Indian affairs for the region embraced
by the State of Oregon and the Terri-
tory of Washington lying east of the

Cascade mountains.
668 A bill for the relief of Dan'l H. Bingham. 175
669 A bill for the relief of Lieutenant Jacob 176

J. Dillinger.
670 A bill to provide adequate mail facilities 179

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672 A bill to make a grant of lands to the 180

Territory of Dakota for railroad pur-

673 A bill to direct the Secretary of the Treas- 181

ury to issue an American register to a

certain vessel.
674 A bill amendatory of an act entitled " An 181

act authorizing the deposit of papers
of foreign vessels with the consuls
of their respective nations," passed

March 3, 1817.
675 A bill to raise additional soldiers for the 182 183,220, 312
service of the government.

233, 251,
252, 255,
256, 258 to
293, 297,
301, 303,

676 A bill to aid the State of West Virginia 186

in the emancipation of her slaves.
677 A bill to provide for the construction of 192

a military and postal railway from the
city of Washington to the city of New

678 A bill to enable the district courts of the 192 564,566... 566.... 579,596... 616

United States to issue execution and

other final proceedings in certain cases.
679 A bill granting lands to the State of Mi- | 193 601

chigan for the construction of a wagon

road for postal and military purposes.
680 A bill for the relief of Hall & Cozzens, 197

and Naylor & Co.
681 A bill for the relief of John McFerran, 198

of the United States army.
682 A bill for the relief of Frederick A. 198

Holden and others.
683 A bill to establish a bureau of emanci- 204

684 A bill to incorporate the Washington 204 225, 316... 317

Theatre Company.
685 A bill giving aid to the State of Mary- | 205 485,486...

land for the purpose of securing the

abolishment of slavery in said State.
686 A bill relating to the Arroyo de San An. 205

tonio land claim, in the State of Cali.

687 A bill in relation to the accounts of the 205

States of Massachusetts and Maine.
688 A bill amendatory of the revenue law... 205 347, 348...
689 A bill to regulate the pay of clerks to 205 603

paymasters in the navy.

HOUSE BILLS—Continued.



243 472 476, 498.498

Georgetown Railroad Company."
702 A bill for the relief of William C. Carroll. 294 294
703 A bill to repeal the fifth section of an act, 295

approved May 20, 1862, entitled An act
supplementary to an act, approved July
13, 1861, to provide for the collection
of duties on imports, and for other pur-

704 A bill to grant to the Territory of Wash- 295

ington a township of land for the en-

dowment of a military professorship.
705 A bill making appropriations for taking 295

the census in the Territories of Dakota,
Colorado, and Nevada, and for other

706 A bill fixing certain rules and regulations 298

for preventing collisions on the water.
707 A bill making appropriations for the con- 300 300, 384,

struction, preservation, and repairs of 385
certain fortifications and other works of
defence for year ending June 30, 1864.

386 420 431, 438... 452

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