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47 A bill for the relief of N. McLean, R. G.

Murphy, and C. E. Flandrau.
112 A bill to provide for a board of commis.

sioners to revise and codify the general

statute law of the United States.
136 A bill to expedite the collection of the

revenue and the final disposition of
suits arising therefrom in the collec-

tion district of the city of New York.
137 A bill to authorize the raising of a vol-

unteer force for the better defence of

226 A bill to amend “An act to establish a

court for the investigation of claims
against the United States," approved

February 24, 1855.
265 A bill to authorize the Court of Claims

of the United States to hear and deter-
mine the claim of the heirs of Stephen

Johnson, deceased.
267 A bill to divide the State of Michigan

into two judicial districts, and to pro-
vide for holding the district and cir-

174, 156, 167
200, 202

cuit courts therein.
288 A bill to construct a ship canal for the

passage of armed and naval vessels
from the Mississippi river to Lake

Michigan, and for other purposes.
290 A bill for the relief of Thomas Young

and George Young, owners of the

schooner “ Elizabeth Mary.'
321 A bill to indemnify certain citizens of the

United States residing in the State of
Delaware for expenses incurred by

them in defence of the United States.
357 A bill to provide a temporary govern-

ment for the Territory of Arizona.
359 A bill for the relief of John B. Motley.
362 A bill to provide for the discharge of

state prisoners and others, and to
authorize the judges of the United
States courts to take bail or recogai-

zances to secure the trial of the same.
365 A bill to amend an act entitled "An act to

promote the progress of the useful arts."
387 A bill to establish a uniform system of

bankruptcy throughout the United

401 A bill relating to claims for the loss and

destruction of property belonging to
loyal citizens, and damages done thereto
by the troops of the United States dur-
ing the present rebellion.

464 476, 498... 498

141, 150... 161

414 447,466... 476

199 213, 225... 233

485 538,557... 585

141, 154,
211, 313,
314, 315
60,74, 474,

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[blocks in formation]

409 a bill to provide for the payment of ex-

penses incurred by the marshals of
Boston for repairs to the United States

435 A bill for the relief of Susan Dickson,

widow of John Dickson, deceased.
448 A bill for the relief of Col. Jos. Paddock.
452 A bill for the relief of Rufus L. Harvey.
468 A bill to extend the charter of the Alex-

andria and Washington Railroad Com-

pany, and for other purposes.
473 A bill to fix and determine the amount

of expenses incurred in the suppres-
sion of Indian hostilities in Western

Utah, in the year 1860.
478 A bill for the relief of certain of the

crew of the ship Nightingale.
487 A bill for the relief of Wm. B. Spowhook.
492 A bill to provide a temporary govern-

ment for the Territory of Lapniwa.
519 a bill to increase the pay of Edinund H.

Brooke, the chief clerk of the pay-

master's department.
520 A bill for the relief of Seneca G. Sim-

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[blocks in formation]

523 A bill to promote the efficiency of the

corps of examiners and of the com-

missary department.
536 A bill for the relief of Hannibal Graham. 396..
542 A bill for the relief of the Chesapeake 474

and Ohio Canal Company.
551 A bill to equalize and establish the com-

pensation of collectors of the customs
on the northern, northeastern, and

northwestern frontiers.
561 A bill in relation to commissioned officers

of the United States revenue cutter

562 A bill for the relief of the estate of Lieu-

tenant Joseph Wheaton, deceased.
564 A bill for the relief of John P. Sherburn

103, 169
and H. Clay Wood, of the U. S. army.
568 A bill provide for the printing of the

annual report upou the banks of the

United States.
575 A bill to legalize certain payments made -... 566

by William H. Peterson, on account of
wages due by the United States to me-
chanics, laborers, and other employés

of the Norfolk navy yard.
578 A bill to regulate places of public amuse- 373.

ment in the District of Columbia, and
for other purposes.

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HOUSE BILLS—Continued.


HOUSE BILLS—Continued.


595 A bill to protect and grant relief to the 55 93, 94

citizens of loyal States whose property
and slaves have been wrongfully taken,
seduced, and abstracted by the officers
and soldiers of the army of the United

596 A bill for ascertaining and adjusting 55

claims against the government of the
United States, arising and resulting
from the military and naval opera-
tions of the government in Kentucky

since the 1st day of September, 1861.
597 A bill to establish an arsenal and ord. 60 231

nance depot on the tide water of New

York harbor.
598 A bill to adjust appropriations heretofore 62

62 87 95
made for the civil service of the Navy
Department to the present organiza-

tion of that department.
599 A bill relating to the validity of deeds of 63

63 571 596.

public squares and lots in the city of

600 A bill to amend an act entitled "An act 66

to provide internal revenue to support
the government and pay interest on the
public debt," approved July 1, 1862,

and for other purposes.
601 A bill to allow certain bounty to private 66

soldiers honorably discharged from the
service, and to increase the pay of the

private soldiers of the army.
602 A bill to establish a postal money order 67 125...125

603 A bill for repairing and refitting the 67

United States court-room in Louisville,

Kentucky, and for other purposes.
604 A bill reducing the rate of duties on paper. 67 175
605 A bill to amend the 65th article of war - 67 613
606 A bill for the relief of Gurdon S. Hubbard 67 393

and A. T. Spencer.
607 A bill to secure abolishment of slavery in 67

Missouri, and to provide compensation

to loyal persons therein who own slaves.
608 A bill prescribing the times and places of 67 94.

94 157 168, 173.193
holding terms of the circuit court for
the district of Iowa, Minnesota, and

609 A bill to provide for the development of 67

the mineral resources of the United

States and of the public domain.
610 A bill making appropriations for the sup- 73 74, 95, 97. 98 296 300, 305,

port of the army for the year ending

327, 352,
June 30, 1864.


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The Approved.

611 A bill making appropriations for the sup- 74 74,83, 84.- 84 199 206, 207, 233
port of the Military Academy for the

220, 224,
year ending June 30, 1864.

612 A bill to provide for compensating of 78

loyal citizens for property taken for

the use of the United States.
613 A bill for the removal of certain bands 84 230

of Sioux Indians and for the disposi-
tion of their reservations in Minnesota

and Dakota.
614 A bill for the removal of the Winnebago 83 230

Indians, and for the sale of their reser-

vation in Minnesota for their benefit.
615 A bill to amend an act entitled “ An act 85 394.

394 579 587,596... 616
to provide for the collection of du-
ties on imports, and for other pur-
poses," approved July 13, 1861, and
an act entitled "An act to confiscate
property used for insurrectionary pur-
poses, approved August 16, 1862,

and all other acts on that subject.
616 A bill making appropriations for the pay- 86103..

104 261 300, 302, 315
ment of invalid and other pensions of

the United States for the year ending

June 30, 1864.
617 A bill to supply deficiencies in the ap- 86121.

121 202 206, 207, 400
propriations for the service of the fis-

249, 250,
cal year ending June 30, 1863.

331, 333,
346, 351,
363, 368,

618 A bill in amendment of an act in amend. 981

ment of the acts respecting the judi-
cial system of the United States, ap-

proved February 28, 1839.
619 A bill to indemnify the State of Min- 99 331

nesota for expenses incurred in the
suppression of Indian disturbances,
and actual hostilities in said State

since the 15th of August, 1862.
620 A bill to amend an act entitled “ An act 102 309, 618

to facilitate communication between
the Atlantic and Pacific States by elec-

tric telegraph."
621 A bill for the relief of Benj. F. Watson.- 102 396.. 396) 528 555.

A bill for the relief of Francis Dainese. 106 396, 399... 399
622 A bill to grant the right of pre-emption 107 298

to certain purchasers on to the Soscol

Ranch," in the State of California.

A bill to facilitate the settlement of land 110 382
624 titles in the Territories of the United

States, which are or may hereafter
be organized.

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