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s William E. Lehman. Charles J. Biddle. John P. Verree. William D. Kelley. John Hickman. John D. Stiles. Sydenham E. Ancona. Hendrick B. Wright. Joseph Baily. Edward McPherson. Samuel S. Blair. John Covode. Jesse Lazear. James K. Moorhead. Robert McKnight. John W. Wallace. John Patton. | Elijah Babbitt. s John W. Crisfield. Cornelius L. L. Leary.

Francis Thomas. Charles B. Calvert.

[blocks in formation]

From the State of

,, -, ,. , C Francis W. Kellogg.

MiCHiGAN-Contuiued j Bowland E. Trowbridge.

Iowa James F. Wilson.

_. ( John F. Potter.

Wisconsin JA. Scott Sloan.

_, ( Aaron A. Sargent.

California • • j Frederick W. Low.

.,, ( Cyrus Aldrich.

MlNNES0TA | William Windom.

Oregon George K. Sbiel.

Kansas Martin F. Conway.

The Speaker announced that a quorum of members had answered to their names.

The following named delegates from the Territories also appeared, viz:

From the Territory of Utah, John M. Bernhisel.

From the Territory of Washington, William H. Wallace.

From the Territory of Nebraska, Samuel G. Daily.

From the Territory of Colorado, Hiram P. Bennet.

The following new members also appeared, were sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, and took their seats in the House, viz:

From the State of Kentucky, George H. Yeaman, in the place of James S. Jackson, deceased.

From the State of Maine, Thomas A. D. Fessenden, in the place of Charles W. Walton, resigned.

From the State of Massachusetts, Amasa Walker, in the place of Goldsmith F. Bailey, deceased.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Forney, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker: 1 am directed to inform the House of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate has assembled, and that the Senate is ready to proceed to business.

On motion of Mr. Washburne,

Ordered, That the Clerk inform the Senate that a quorum of the House of Representatives has assembled, and that the House is ready to proceed to business.

Mr. Washburne submitted the following resolution; which was read, considered and agreed to, viz:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed on the part of the House to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate to wait upon the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum of the two houses has assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

Ordered, That Mr. Washburne, Mr. Crisfield, and Mr. Vibbard be the said committee on the part of the House.

Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate therewith.

The following memorial and joint resolutions were laid upon the Clerk's table, under the rule:

By Mr. Bennet: The memorial and joint resolution of the legislative assembly of Colorado Territory, asking Congress for an increase of the jurisdiction of the probate courts;

Also, joint resolutions of the legislative assembly of Colorado Territory, asking Congress to amend the organic act so as to extend the jurisdiction of justices of the peace and probate courts.

Ordered, That the said papers be referred to the Committee on the Territories.

The Speaker having proceeded as the regular order of business to call the States and Territories for bills on leave and resolutions—

Mr. Train submitted the following resolution; which was read and referred to the Committee on Printing, viz:

Resolved, That there be printed for the use of the present House of Representatives the regular number of copies of a work prepared by the librarian, which he offers as an appropriate index to the public documents in the library; the copy-right of said work to be vested in the name of the compiler: Provided, That no demand for compensation be made by him for the use of said number of copies.

Mr. Roscoe Conkling submitted the following resolution; which was read, considered, and under the operation of the previous question agreed to, viz:

Resolved, That the Comrrittee on Naval Affairs be instructed to inquire and report to this House the cheapest, most expeditious, and reliable mode of placing vessels-of-war upon Lake Ontario and the other great lakes should a necessity for doing so at any time arise; and in case it is deemed necessary for the purpose aforesaid to establish water communication adapted to the passage of vessels-of-war from other waters to the lakes, the committee is instructed to report which one of the various plans suggested will afford at the least cost adequate, reliable, and early access of the required kind, together with the reasons of the committee, and the time and cost of completing the work.

Mr. Roscoe Conkling moved that the vote last taken be reconsidered, and also moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on the table; which latter motion was agreed to.

Mr. Vallandigham submitted the following resolution; which was read, considered, and under the operation of the previous question agreed to, viz:

Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary bo instructed to inquire and report to the House, at an early day, by what authority of Constitution and law, if any, the Postmaster General undertakes to decide what newspapers may and what shall not be transmitted through the mails of the United States.

Mr. Cox submitted the following preamble and resolution, viz:

Whereas many citizens of the United States have been seized by persons acting, or pretending to be acting, under the authority of the United States, and have been carried out of the jurisdiction of the States of their residence, and imprisoned in the military prisons and camps of the United States, without any public charge being

preferred against them, and without any opportunity being allowed

to learn or disprove the charges made, or alleged to be made,

against them; and whereas such arrests have been made in States

where there was no insurrection or rebellion, or pretence thereof,

or any other obstruction against the authority of the government;

and whereas it is the sacred right of every citizen of the United

States that he shall not be deprived of liberty without due process

of law, and when arrested, that he shall have a speedy and public

trial by an impartial jury of his countrymen: Therefore—

Resolved, That the House of Representatives do hereby condemn

all such arrests as unwarranted by the Constitution and laws of the

United States, and as a usurpation of power never given up by the

people to their rulers; and do hereby demand that all such arrests

shall hereafter cease, and that all persons so arrested, and yet held,

should have a prompt and public trial, according to the provisions of

the Constitution.

The same having been read,
Mr. Cox moved the previous question.
Pending which,

Mr. Colfax moved that the said preamble and resolution bo laid on the table.

And the question being put,

It was decided in the affirmative, ■! XT' . n

\ Nays 40

The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the members present,

Those who voted in the affirmative are—

Mr. Cyrus Aldrieh
Isaac N. Arnold
Elijah Babbitt
Stephen Baker
Portus Baxter
Fernando C. Beaman
John A. Bingham
Samuel S. Blair
Harrison G. Blake
William G. Brown
James Buftinton
Samuel L. Casey
Jacob P. Chamberlain
Ambrose W. Clark
Andrew J. Clements
Schuyler Colfax
Frederick A. Conkllng
Roscoe Cunkling
Henry L. Dawes
R. Holland Duell
W. McKee Dunn
Sidney Edgerton
Thomas M. Edwards
Thomas D. Eliot
Alfred Ely
Reuben E. Fenton
Samuel C. Fessenden

Mr. Thomas A. D. Fessenden
Richard Fmuchot
Augustus Frank
Daniel W. Gooch
John N. Goodwin
John A. Gurley
Richard A. Harrison
John Hickman
Samuel Hooper
Valentine B. Horton
John Hutchins
George W. Julian
William D. Kelley
Francis W. Kellogg
William Kellogg
William E. Lmsing
Cornelius L. L. Lenry
William E. Lehman
Dwight Loomis
Owen Lovejoy-
Frederick F. Low
Robert McK night
Edward McPherson
Horace Maynard
William Mitchell
James K. Moorhead
Justin S. Morrill

Mr. Abraham B. Olin
John Patton
Theodore M. Pomeroy
John F. Potter
John H. Rice
Albert G. Riddle
Edward H. Rollins
Aaron A. Sargent
Charles B. Sedgwick
A. Scott Sloan
Elbridge G. Spaulding
John L. N. Stratton
Charles R . Train
Carey A. Trimble
Rowland E. Trowbiidge
Burt Van Horn
Rob'tB. Van Valkenburgh
Charles H. Van Wyck
John P. Verree
Amasa Walker
William Wall
John W. Wallace
William A. Wheelor
James F. Wilson
William Windom
Samuel T. Worcester.

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