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as the British preparations for war have grown March, 1881, which made the Transvaal an inde. more complete the acceptance by the Boers of pendent country again as concerned its internal the so-called British terms would mean an ever- affairs, but made Great Britain its representative increasing measure of submission and humiliation in external matters. In 1884 another treaty was on the part of the Transvaal.

signed with England, under which the depend

ence of the South African republic upon Great At first the British demands, though Britain was much diminished, and became limited Question of obviously trumped up and without a to a certain right on the part of the British Suzeraintý."

sound basis either in morals or in Government to be consulted in the foreign deallaw, did not directly involve the question of the rings and relations of the Transvaal. The questions independence of the Transvaal. The situation now in dispute have nothing to do with such was merely that of the strongest empire in the foreign relations, and Mr. Chamberlain has no world bringing a domineering pressure to bear more right, under the treaty and under interupon a tiny republic to influence a change of cer national law, to concern himself with the elective tain domestic policies. But Mr. Chamberlain franchise in the Transvaal than President Krüger had managed by the beginning of September to has to discuss the question of woman suffrage get the dispute shifted around to the acknowl. in England. The Chamberlain policy is not edgment on the part of the Transvaal of British without its prominent critics in England. “suzerainty.” If the Transvaal should now de- Foremost among these is Mr. John Morley ; cide to concede the British de mands respecting the franchise

PORTUGUESE and other points of internal policy, such concessions would be taken as conclusive precedents. In such case the claim of British suzerainty would rapidly ad

SALISBURY vance to the point where, for all practical purposes, the Transvaal would be regarded as annexed to the British empire. The independence of the Transvaal republic was recognized first þy Great Britain in 1852. The


que Boers who went to the wilderness beyond the river Vaal to form that self-governing community had left Natal a few years previous when the British had taken and annexed Natal. These same Boers had left Cape Colony for Natal to get away from British rule between the years 1833 and 1837. In 1876 the British assisted the Boers of the Transvaal in a contest with the natives, and this was followed in the spring of 1877 by the annexation of the Transvaal to the British empire.


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But the arrange-
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the British ment was not satis.

factory to the Boers, who took up arms against it in December, 1880, and fought so vigorously that after the defeat of the British at Majuba Hill a peace treaty was signed in

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