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Psal. 18. g. 47. & 59. c. 16.

Psal. 118.

Wherefore we will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, and sing praises unto thy name : we will sing of thy power, and praise thy mercy betimes in the morning; for thou hast been our defence and refuge in the time of trouble.

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is gracious : and his mercy endureth for ever.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Let us pray.

O Lord God, most merciful Father, who as upon this day, placing thy servant our Sovereign and gracious Queen

[As an accompaniment to this prayer, may be added from the Bibl. Lans. 116. art. 24, 'The prayer for the Q. on her byrthe daye' (September the 7th), though both its date and author are unknown:

O Lorde, the hope and strengthe of Israell, the onely planter and preseruer of Princes, and the rocke of sure defence for all that trust in thee wee thine vnworthy seruants accepted in him, in whome thowe arte well pleased, doe offer vp of sacrifice of praise and thankesgiuing for all the daungers wee haue escaped hauing soe iustlye deserued them, and for all the good thinges receiued, being so vnworthye of them. Among all other and aboue the reste, wth tearful hartes and humble handes lifted vp wth reuerence toward thy mercy seat, wee blesse and praise thy holy name, for that precious jewell of inestimable price, to witt the blessed spirit and being of thine humble seruant, our moste gratious Soverayn, whose sacred person according to thy word we doe reuerentlye repute and call the Breath of our nostrils, the Annoynted of the Lord, by whose breath we liue, and by whose Life we breathe. And now, Lorde, since it hathe pleased thee, in thy foreseeing prouidence, for the safety and comfort of so many thousands to giue to thine annoynted a princely birth and being, and by the right hand of Loue, by soe many dangers to lead the same along to that place of regall dignity, of wch thowe haste saide, Euen I haue sett my Kinge upon my holy mount of Sion; wee most humbly and earnestly entreat thy heauenly Ma" that our woorkes may not impare thy woorkes, nor o' sinnes impeach her safety. But [as] there is a plante wch thine owne right hand hath planted, so lett the eye of thy prouidence continually watch ouer her, and the arme of thy protection mightely defend her, that the Boars out of the forest, nor the Lyon out of the wood, nor any subtle Leopard out of the way of Ashur, may haue anie power to hurt the smallest Leafe of this thy princelye Plant. But so shadow her and compasse her with the wings of thye Cherubims, that her highthe and State may be as the Cedars of Lebanon,

*Increase this number, according to

her Majesty's

Elizabeth in the kingdom, didst deliver thy people of England from danger of war and oppression, both of bodies by tyranny, and of conscience by superstition, restoring peace and true religion, with liberty both of bodies and minds, and hast continued the same thy blessings, without all desert on our part, now by the space of these *eighteen years: we who are in memory of these thy great benefits assembled here together, the years of most humbly beseech thy fatherly goodness to grant us reign." grace, that we may in word, deed, and heart, shew ourselves. thankful and obedient unto thee for the same: and that our Queen through thy grace may in all honour, goodness, and godliness, long and many years reign over us, and we obey and enjoy her, with the continuance of thy great blessings, which thou hast by her thy minister poured upon us: This we beseech thee to grant unto us, for thy dear Son Jesus Christ's sake, our Lord and Saviour. Amen 2.

For the Epistle of the day, read i Pet. ii. beginning at the xi. verse, Dearly beloved, I beseech you. &c. to the xviii. verse, ending with these words: Fear God, Honour the king.

her strength and long continuance as the Okes of Bashan, her perpetuall flourishing as the Palme tree, and her glorie as the Rose plantes in the Vale of Jericho. And lett those riuers that runne oute of the Sanctuary, euermore flowe and ouerflowe round about her, as doth the Riuer Jordan at the tyme of haruest. And soe, O heauenly Father, to conclude our thankful prayer, we most humbly besech the in thy beloued, to pleade her cause with them that striue wth her, and to fight against those that fight against her, and by the sure and secret motions of thy most holy Spirit to saye vnto her Soule, I am thy Sauiour. Bless them that blesse her. Curse them that curse her. Lett the day of her birth be as the sweet influence of the Pleiades, and the day of their birth, as Arcturus and Orion. Lett the day of her birth be as the Sunn when he riseth in his mighte, and the day of their birth as the Moone in her way. Lett her rise. Lett them fall. Lett her flourish. Lett them perish. That the rude world may see and saye, thy promise is performed, Them that honor me, I will honor; and they that despise me, shall be despised. Theis things, O heauenly Father, we besech thee graunte to vs and to thy whole Church, for Jesus Christ his sake of Lord and onely Saueour. Amen.]

[The Forms from 1578 have, after this prayer, and immediately preceding the Communion service, the prayer, Almighty and everlasting God, which only workest great marvels, &c.: that In the time of any common plague or sickness: the prayer of Chrysostom; and the benediction.]

[31578, The collect for the queen is that beginning, Almighty God, whose kingdom is everlasting, &c.: the collect for the day, that for the five and twentieth Sunday after Trinity.]

For the Gospel, read Matth. xxii. beginning at the xvi. verse.

And they

sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians. &c. to the xxiii. verse, ending with these words, They marvelled, and left him, and went their way'.

The xxi. Psalm in Metre before the sermon, unto the end of the vii. And the c. Psalm after the sermon.



¶ Imprinted at Lon

don by Richarde Iugge, Printer
to the Queenes Maiestie.

Cum priuilegio Regię

A thanksgiving, to be sung as the 81. Psalm.

1 Be light and glad, in God rejoice, which is our strength and stay: Be joyful and lift up your voice,

for this most happy day3. Sing, sing, O sing unto the Lord,

with melody most sweet:

Let heart and tongue in one accord,

as it is just and meet.

2 Sing laud unto the Lord above,

serve him with glad intent:

O clap your hands in sign of love,

for this which he hath sent. Sing praise, sing praise with Harp and Lute,

with joy let us be seen: Before our God let none be mute, but laud him for our Queen.

3 Sound out the trump courage


Blow as on solemn days: Both high and low, come fill the sky

with sweet resounding praise. For why? when we were bound in thrall,

and eke in grief did stand, The Lord did set us free from all by this his servant's hand.

4 Ourselves therefore we wholly bind,

A Sacrifice to be,

In token of our thankful mind

(O God most dear) to thee. To thee we cry, and also give most high thanks, laud and praise,

[ After the Creed came in 1578, the first sentence from the Offertory: the prayer for the Church Militant: the collect, Almighty God, which hast promised, &c.; and the blessing.]

[Instead of this rubric, we have, in 1578, the metrical Thanksgiving which follows.]

[Queen's day is still kept as a holiday at the Exchequer, and at Westminster and Merchant Tailors' Schools. Nicholas's Chronology of History, p. 168, note.]

For thy good gifts which we receive, 7 For thou through love, when we both now and all our days.

5 When we in grief did cry and call, thou holpst us by and by, And thou didst set us free from thrall,

O God, our God most high. Thy mercy therefore will we sing, and praise thy holy Name, For working of so great a thing: O Lord, preserve the same.

6 Blessed art thou, O Lord of hosts, Our shield and buckler tried: Thy Name be prais'd in all the coasts,

throughout the world so wide. Vouchsafe this inward sacrifice, to thee (O Lord) we call: Our hearty thanks do not despise, we yield our souls and all.

were lost,

didst send to seek therefore: This silly bark of ours, so tost,

thou broughtst full safe to shore. When we through blindness went astray,

with burdens sore opprest, Thou sentst and set us in the way, that leads us to thy rest.

8 We praise thee therefore, Lord, on high,

with heart and hearty cheer: To thee we sing, we call, we cry, O Lord our God most dear. Thou art the worker of my wealth, Our safeguard and our stay: O Lord, grant this our country health,

on thee we wait alway.

9 To thee (O God) we yield all praise,

thou art our help alone: To thee it is we sing always,

to thee and else to none.

Then bow to us (good Lord) thine


and hear us when we cry: Preserve thy Church now planted here,

and watch it with thine eye.

10 Lord, keep Elizabeth our Queen,

defend her in thy right: Shew forth thyself, as thou hast been,

her fortress and her might. Preserve her grace,confound her foes, and bring them down full low: Lord, turn thy hand against all those,

that would her overthrow.

11 Maintain her Sceptre as thine


for thou hast plac'd her here:

And let this mighty work be known The second to nations far and near.

A noble ancient Nurse, O Lord,

in England let her reign: Her grace among us do afford, for ever to remain.

12 Indue her (Lord) with virtue's store,

rule thou her royal Rod: Into her mind thy Spirit pour,

and shew thyself her God. In truth upright, Lord, guide her still,

thy Gospel to defend ; To say and do what thou dost will, and stay where thou dost end. 13 Her counsel (Lord) vouchsafe to guide,

with wisdom let them shine, In godliness for to abide,

as it becometh thine: To seek the glory of thy name,

their country's wealth procure,


[blocks in formation]

An2 Anthem or prayer for the preservation of the Church, the Queen's Majesty, and the Realm, to be sung after Evening prayer at all times.

Save, Lord, and bless with good increase
Thy Church, our Queen and Realm in peace.

As for thy gifts we render praise,
So, Lord, we crave still blessed days:
Let thy sweet word and Gospel pure
With us, dear God, for aye endure.
With prosperous reign increase it


That sound thereof the world may
Save, Lord, and bless with good

Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

That vine thy right hand planted


Like as thy grace our Queen hath


So bless her rule and government,
Thy glory chiefly to maintain,
And grant her long and prosperous

All foes confound, and Rebels eke,
That Prince or Church's harm
would seek.

Save, Lord, and bless with good

Thy Church, our Queen and
Realm in peace.

Preserve, O Lord, from enemies' This English Isle, and people all,


And those that practise Sion's spoil, With mighty arm (Lord) give them foil.

Preserve, for Christes blood we call.
Grant peace t' enjoy thy blessings


Because none fights for us but thou.

Thy Church and Kingdom, Christ, So shall we live to praise thee then, Which likewise grant. Amen,

we pray,

[blocks in formation]

Museum, the colophon, with the date 1578, is placed here, because it has neither the Anthem, nor the Song of rejoicing.]

[2 Christopher Barker had a licence in 1578 for printing this Anthem. Herbert's Ames, p. 1089.]

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