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The Outlook

MAY 3, 1916

Offices, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York


protest of nearly six months ago in regard to RUSSIANS ON THE FRENCH LINE

restrictions on neutral trade by the British The most picturesque and unexpected re- sea blockade. The reply declares that the cent military news has been that of the land- kind of blockade now being maintained is ing of two contingents of Russian troops at perfectly legitimate as a belligerent right; Marseilles; the first on April 20, the second that it is being conducted in the spirit of on April 25. There is even a rumor that a international law; and that the aim is to give detachment of Russian troops arrived at as little inconvenience or injury to neutral Marseilles previous to the first date named. trade as is consistent with effectiveness. If so, the landing was kept a profound secret. That a certain amount of interference with When the first contingent of these Russians such trade is necessary is argued in the asserlanded from their fotilla of transports, they tions that the old method of search at sea is were received by great crowds of the French in present warfare impracticable, so that vespeople, who welcomed them with ringing sels must either be allowed to go without cheers and shouts of "Vive la Russie !” while search or taken to port ; that the statistics the French vessels in the harbor manned their of commerce show that, so far from neutral yard-arms and French bands played the Rus- trade having been diminished, it has enorsian anthem. The news, cabled at once all mously increased—thus the exports of the over the world, was received with surprise, United States to Holland and the three Scanand, on the part of all friends of the Allies, dinavian colonies rose from about ninetywith enthusiasm.

seven million dollars in 1913 to two hundred The question at once arose as to the route and thirty-five million dollars in 1915. That by which these troops were brought from this increase is due to genuine commerce Russia. Naturally no statement was made with the neutral countries is scouted, and in on this subject; but the fact that they were support of this it is pointed out that such landed in the Mediterranean and other reasons things have been proved as the consignment have lent probability to the belief that they of meat products to dock laborers; the concame from Vladivostok and Dalny by way of signment of thousands of tons of goods to the Suez Canal and were taken from the great firms which do not exist in the neutral ports concentration camps in Manchuria. Press to which the goods are sent; the consignment despatches estimate that perhaps thirty thou- of goods to a maker of musical instruments, sand of these Russian troops have now been a baker, and the keeper of a small private landed at Marseilles; and other reports, not at hotel ; while it is also asserted that in Sweden all well confirmed, assert that it is the intention at one time when the docks of Swedish ports of the Allies to put 250,000 Russian troops were piled high with cargoes of American on the western front. One underlying reason cotton the Swedish manufacturing spinners for this movement is the fact that it is much could obtain no cotton for their own use, the easier to equip the troops in France than in inference obviously being that the cotton was Russia, and that there are more troops in the intended to go through Sweden to Germany. Russian military concentration camps than The note again calls attention to certain praccan be equipped for work on the battle-line tices and decisions of the United States in between Russia and Germany.

our Civil War. It concludes with a refer

ence to the " shocking disregard by the THE BRITISH NOTE ON

enemy of rights of innocent persons and THE BLOCKADE

neutral peoples," and declares that Great week was made public the joint repl Britain wo ild welcome any action by the of Great Britain and France to the American combined neutral nations which would pre


vent the violation of neutral rights az a Nationalists under Sir Edward Carson in whole.

uniting for patriotic effort for the good of the It seems superfluous to point out again that whole country, Sir Roger escaped to Gerthe questions at issuě’in this controversy are many, and has been plotting there ever since as far removed froin the questions involved to bring about an invasion of Ireland from in the difference with Germany over the Germany. submarine - warfare as in private affairs a The street fighting in Dublin was probably trespass on one's land is removed from the timed, but wrongly timed, to aid the invasion.” shooting of one's children.

At all events, the rioters seized the post-office

in Dublin and some buildings near by, together THE DISTURBANCE

with the adjacent park, cut the telephone and IN IRELAND

telegraph wires from the post-office, and The word " revolution,” and perhaps even

resisted attack with some vigor. The report the word “ revolt," is far too high-sounding made in Parliament by the Chief Secretary to be applied to what has happened in Ire- for Ireland, Mr. Augustine Birrell, on April land. Just how much connection exists 25, states that the troops were brought from between the attempt made by a ship under beyond Dublin, that many of the rioters have German commission, but disguised as a mer- been arrested, and that the situation was at chantman, to land arms on the Irish coast the time well in hand. Later Mr. Asquith and the rioting in Dublin it is hard to say. announced that outside Dublin Ireland was It seems probable, however, that there was a tranquil and that in Dublin the situation was real connection between the two things, and satisfactory. Eleven or twelve soldiers and that both represent a futile outcome of the policemen were killed and perhaps twice that pernicious activities of a small but irrepress- number wounded. The number of killed and ible band of Irishmen who hate England be- injured among the rioters is not known at cause of traditional grievances rather than of this writing. An attack by German cruisers present injuries, and who hold that every on the English coast town of Lowestoft may means of revolt, however traitorous or vio- possibly have been timed to increase the imlent, is justified. These men, now repre- pression of invasion ; it did little harm, and sented most prominently by the association on the appearance of British war-ships the called the “ Sinn Fein," are really the polit- German ships hastily retreated. ical heirs of the old Fenian movement. They The Outlook has always favored Home dream of an absolutely independent republic Rule and still favors it, but independence for of Ireland ; and now, as always, that dream Ireland would be ruinous to the Irish, and is without basis of real hope. One might we do not believe that it is desired by more almost wish for these misguided and unrea- than a fraction of them. If this is a revolt sonable men the taste of German colonial by Irish fanatics and self-seekers, uniting government which an absolute German vic- them with the cause of German absolutism tory might bring to Ireland,

when the sympathies of all lovers of liberty With the capture of the vessel containing are united against German absolutism, it the arms was captured that strange person- demonstrates the incapacity of the leaders of age, Sir Roger Casement. There is consid- the revolt to organize or maintain a truly free erable ground for the announced belief of Sir government. The best that can be said of A. Conan Doyle and others that this man is them is that their nationalism is a purely touched with insanity. Although he is from selfish nationalism. They have no notion of the north of Ireland and, we believe, a the meaning of either nationalism, brotherProtestant, he has been an active figure in hood, or self-government. the conspiracies of the most extreme and irreconcilable Irish revolutionists. In his

MILITARY MEASURES early career he did excellent service with the IN NEW YORK British Government, especially in connection Preparedness has found its way into State with the exposure of the cruelties in the legislation—notably in New York. The Congo and the Putumayo affair in Peru. As Legislature of New York State has ada reward he was knighted and pensioned. journed, leaving for the Governor's approval But when the war broke out, instead of fol- or disapproval five military bills. Three of lowing the example of the Irish Nationalists these have to do with the State militia. If under John Redmond and the Ulster anti- we are as a Nation to continue to depend for

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