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defend the lives of our people and the honor ing on war-ships under naval officers and and vital interest of this Nation."

naval discipline. In this last quotation Mr. Roosevelt has "To foster a patriotic spirit and give to clearly stated what we believe to be the great civilians some knowledge of the navy and issue of the coming Presidential campaign. the naval requirements of the country.

“. To interest civilians in naval matters so A PLATTSBURG OF

that by taking future courses of training and THE SEA

by study many can qualify for acting commisThe military training camp for civilians sions after taking the necessary examination." at Plattsburg, New York, last summer was A special appeal is made to the owners of so successful that this year there are to be yachis or motor boats which would be useful similar camps at half a dozen points in the as auxiliaries in time of war. During the United States. What has worked so well for final week of the cruise the battle-ships will the army ought to work as well for the navy, return to the naval districts whence they and the announcement of a training course came, and here the owners of such yachts for civilians in the navy this summer is and motor boats will be given training to timely and welcome.

enable them to operate their small craft in Substantially, the aim of the Navy Depart- conjunction with the big war-ships. It is not ment in opening this training cruise for civil- necessary that such owners take the prelimiians is to do for the amateur tar what Platts- nary three weeks of instruction, although it burg has done for the amateur soldier. The is very desirable that they do so. To be Navy Department announces that the course eligible for enrollment a boat must be seawill begin on August 15 and will terminate worthy and able to care for a crew of at on September 12, and that the training will least four people for forty-eight hours. be given on board reserve battle-ships. The When this course of training was ancourse is open to any citizen of the United nounced, many nautical experts made the States between the ages of nineteen and criticism that to put green men on a battleforty-five who can pass a prescribed physical ship and to send them to sea without any examination and who can prove that he has preliminary training might so dampen their had a high school training and is “ following enthusiasm for the navy that they would a trade or occupation where experience forsake it forever. This seems to be a point gained would be beneficial to the Government well made. We believe that this training in time of need." Undergraduates and grad- course would be more useful if permanent uates of colleges, pilots and pilots' appren- training camps were established on the shores tices, and those who have had six months' of such sheltered waters as Long Island experience in any one of a long list of speci- Sound and Narragansett Bay, and if the fied trades are also particularly referred to first part of the course were devoted to as eligible, but the above-quoted blanketteaching recruits naval rudiments and to clause will let in most men who can afford to getting them acclimated at such base camps. give thirty days of their time and the thirty With this single criticism, we heartily dollars which will cover everything but the approve the plan of training cruises for civilapplicant's traveling expenses to and from ians. The principal benefit which the coun. the ship. Applications must be made to any try derived from the Plattsburg camp last recruiting station or substation not later than summer, we believe, was the recognition June 1, and at these stations applicants can which it aroused among civilians of the need get full information as to the details of this of adequate military preparedness against brief naval course.

war and of the need that each citizen be In a general way, however, the studies to prepared to do his share in defending his be taken up will be largely optional, and country. The arousal of a similar interest recruits will have an opportunity to specialize on the side of naval affairs will be, we beon such subjects as navigation, signaling, lieve, the great benefit to be derived from engineering, etc. The object of the training this Plattsburg of the sea. cruise as announced by the Navy Department is :

A BOY SCOUT RALLY "To help equip properly qualified men to Any skeptic regarding the kind of military act as reserves in time of war or National training and discipline which the Boy Scouts emergency by giving them a course of train- of America receive would have had his doubts removed if he could have attended a rally of would teach our boys how to do things with Boy Scouts which was reviewed by Governor their hands and their minds at the same time, Whitman, of the State of New York, in the under discipline and with prompt obedience Seventy-first Regiment Armory, New York to orders. The work of the Boy Scout organCity, on Saturday afternoon, April 29. The ization is a practical illustration in a voluntary rally was held under the direction of the organization of what might be done in the Manhattan-Bronx Council, of which Judge United States if we were to adopt a system Franklin C. Hoyt, of the New York Chil- of universal military service like that which dren's Court, is president. From two to is so successful in Switzerland or Australia. three thousand boys participated, and the Perhaps it is too much to hope that the time discipline, good order, and efficiency with will come when every public and private which they went through their various exer- school in the United States will have a Boy cises and performed their various “stunts Scout organization connected with it. It is, was a remarkable demonstration of the suc- however, an ideal to be hoped and worked cess of the Boy Scout system. The great for. drill floor of the armory was filled with groups That there is an æsthetic side to military of boys going through their evolutions and discipline was well illustrated at this particular performing their feats, and to the spectator rally by the very exceptionally good music it was more interesting and overwhelming furnished by the military brass band of the than a ten-ring circus. Games, calisthenics, Police Department. The music of the occasignaling, binding up the wounded, bicycle sion was furnished by the police band of the drills, races, tent-pitching, tying of knots, and city, through the courtesy of Police Commisvarious other feats were performed rapidly sioner Woods. The men were clad in police and without confusion.

fatigue uniforms, and they not only played Some of the performances were “ stunts” Sousa marches as well as Sousa's band itself indeed. One troop, for example, brought could have played them, but they played the into the hall some lofty and fairly good-sized incidental music with unusual charm and protree trunks, and, lashing them together in fessional skill. In his address Governor tripod form, raised them up like an old Whitman declared that he had attended few fashioned barn-raising, and thus formed a public occasions more impressive. signal tower perhaps twenty-five feet high. Our readers will remember that the Scout One of the boys then shinned up one of the law requires a Scout to be trustworthy, loyal, legs of this gigantic tripod, and, clinging to helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, the crotch at the top, went through his code cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent. An of wigwag signaling. In the woods or fields organization which is cultivating these qualities this tripod could have stood partly embedded in American boys is performing a National in the earth, but on the polished foor of the work of the best kind of patriotism. armory the other boys of the troop clustered up around the foot of each of the three great A BUSINESSLIKE MAYOR legs and had to hold it in place by main The average New Yorker does not realize strength. The rapidity and skill of this how good a city government he is getting maneuver would have done credit to a band from the administration of Mayor Mitchel. of strong men trained in the art of woodcraft, He accepts clean streets, well-constructed mechanics, and the field operations of an pavements, good order maintained by the army. And yet not one of the boys appeared police, the reduced death rate, freedom from to be over seventeen or eighteen years of plague or contagious epidemics, the extension age, and many of them were much younger. of public school work, the development of Every number on the programme was inter- the park and playground system, the striking esting, and the one we have briefly described improvements in the docks and water fronts, is indicative of the skill and discipline which the decrease in the damage and danger all the participants displayed.

of fires, the successful efforts to deal with The remarkable performances of these the sick, suffering, injured, and dependents boys were not only a credit to their physical of the city in a more humane fashionprowess and their quickness of intelligence, all these things he accepts without much but the whole exhibition showed how inter, thought of their source, as he accepts the esting and how valuable a system of educa- air and sunlight. But the benefits of good tion might be made in this country which municipal government are not bestowed

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upon the citizens by the mere operation of non-partisan business basis. If Mayor Mitchel natural laws with which he has nothing to do. is willing to become the head of this business The rain falls and the sun shines upon the corporation for another term, the stockholders just and the unjust alike; the fruits of good will be very foolish if they do not avail themgovernment, however, can be enjoyed only by selves of their opportunity to re-elect him. those citizens who do some reasonable planting and cultivation.

FEEDING WILD The present municipal government of the ANIMALS city of New York is the product of a non- At a time when human life is being so partisan fusion movement which resulted in bloodily and ruthlessly destroyed on European the nomination of Mayor Mitchel in 1913 by battlefields, it will be a relief to our readers, the " Fusion Committee of 107," composed we think, to turn to the remarkable picture in of representatives of the leading and often our

ur alcogravure section this week which illusconflicting political parties of the city.

trates how wild animal life is being fostered Mayor Mitchel regards the city of New York and preserved in one of our great National as a corporation, of which the citizens and parks. Through the courtesy of the Northtaxpayers are the stockholders, and of which ern Pacific Railway Company, whose line he is the executive head. He believes that reaches Gardiner, the northern entrance to he is bound to give his stockholders divi- Yellowstone Park, we have been enabled to dends and keep them informed of the prog

examine a series of very unusual photographs ress of the corporation as a "going concern. of wild animals on the winter feeding-grounds

With this idea in mind, a year ago Mayor of the Park. These photographs were taken Mitchel met a group of citizens at dinner, last February by the official photographers of and made a report of the accomplishments of the railway company. The unusually heavy his administration for the preceding twelve snowfall in the surrounding mountain regions months. He has continued this excellent had driven the game down from its usual plan this year. Last week, at the Hotel feeding grounds in large numbers to get the Astor, the Committee of 107 gave a dinner alfalfa hay which is harvested by the Governto several hundred citizens, at which Mayor ment each year and distributed in the period Mitchel reported in some detail what he and of starvation time. The picture we have his associates in the municipal government

selected for reproduction is typical of what had accomplished during the year 1915. It the tourist may see at this winter dining-room took the Mayor nearly two hours to deliver provided by Uncle Sam for his wild wards. his address, and in print it makes a fairly Yellowstone Park is the greatest natural good-sized booklet of 102 pages. Even in game preserve, probably, in the world. There this volume he hardly does more than give a live in the Park between fifty and a hundred bird's-eye survey of the work of the city bighorn sheep, several hundred deer of government. We can hardly, therefore, be both the black and white tailed species, the expected in a paragraph to give any detailed same number of antelope, numerous black account of the Mayor's report. The fact and grizzly bears, and about three hundred that several hundred men sat, not merely in buffaloes or bison. In addition, between patience, but with manifest interest, for two

thirty-five and forty thousand elk frequent hours to listen to an account of their city the Park. Buffaloes, bears, antelopes, and a government,

the best testimony to the few deer may be seen by the summer tourist, Mayor's efficiency and skill as a public but in the hot season the mountain sheep speaker and as a business executive.

and elk seek the seclusion of the wild glens, New York City spends in the conduct of ravines, and slopes high up in the hills. In its municipal business about two hundred the winter, however, the shyer kinds of wild milion dollars a year. What folly it is to animals come down to the lower levels for intrust the spending of this enormous sum to food. Last February there å government which is run on a partisan remarkable gathering of these wild animals political basis ! Mayor Mitchel's report

on the Government feeding-ground than has shows that, when the city is run like a

ever been seen before.

More than two hunbusiness , financial economies may be made

dred tons of Government alfalfa were stacked and at the same time service to the public awaiting their coming. From Fort Yellowmay be greatly extended. The entire ad- stone, at Mammoth Hot Springs, comes the ministration of the city has been put upon a

big four-horse hay wagon in the mornings to




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