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5. That any degree of willingness or ability to relieve the weary which the Lord's servants have is from himself. If faithful, they are ushers in his school. They declare his message, and they do it in his name. He is at great pains polishing them. He makes them weary, that they may speak to the weary heart. Paul comforted others with the consolation wherewith he himself was comforted. They receive all their gifts and grace from him. These he distributes in various degrees. He appoints to them all their station and work. Their labours are crowned with success or not, as his voice accompanies theirs. Very often he displays that he has the tongue of the learned in guiding and directing theirs. He makes them speak to themselves. Thus there is bread to the eater, and seed to the sower. Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings he perfects praise, and his strength is perfected in their weakness. Moses complained of his want of eloquence. God said, Who hath made man's mouth? and encouraged him by this gracious declaration, “ Now therefore, go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou wilt say.” In general he enjoins great diligence in preparation; but sometimes gives them in the hour of duty what to speak; and always assures them that as their day is, their strength shall be. One while their heart is enlarged and their mouth opened: they speak with pertinence and fluency, for their own encouragement, and the benefit of the body. At other times they are poor and straitened, that their dependance upon him may be increased; and that the Lord's people may

look above means and instruments, and never forget that the Lord Jesus alone can speak a word in season to the weary.

6. That under such a Teacher who has the tongue of the learned, the weary shall learn, and have beauty for ashes. Many teachers have spent much time and pains, and given up their disciples as unteachable. Jehovah has given Christ the tongue of the learned, and the weary must be refreshed. He knows how to solace them, and he will do it. The weary have no reason to despond. They are in good hands, and they shall have rest. He never begins to work in a saving way, but he is successful. However deplorable or apparently desperate the case of sinners is when he undertakes it, his grace surmounts every obstacle, and proves invincible indeed. He finds Gospel hearers blind; but he makes them see. He meets with them dumb; but he opens their ears and they hear. He makes the stammering lips speak plainly. He gives rest to the weary, and at last brings them safely to that rest reserved in heaven. If he complains that his report is not believed, this respects the outward dispensation, when not accompanied with the tongue of the learned and Divine energy. But even then, his word never comes short of his design. The counsel of the Lord shall stand, and he will do all his pleasure. Though sinners should not be saved, the means of grace are not without effects. Some are convinced. Others tremble. All are inexeusable, and the weary are refreshed. Hear himself:

My word that goeth forth out of my mouth shall not

return unto me void ; but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

Rejoice in the Lord, ye weary! If ye have not heard his comforting voice, you shall hear it. Having once heard it, you shall never cease to hear it. Others who have often addressed you, and been the instruments of comforting your hearts can address you po more. He who has the tongue of the learned is always at hand, and can speak a word at every season. He can speak in prosperity and adversity; in your worst and your best frames, in life and death, and beyond death. Having once heard his voice, you desire always to hear it; and you shall not be disappointed. Wait at the posts of his doors. Sit at his feet. So doing, blessed shall you be while you live, and happy shall


die! Hearken, ye careless sinners! You have a great load. You are insensible of it. This does not lessen your danger. The curse is upon you. God is holy. He will by no means clear the guilty. You have no esteem of Christ. You despise the tongue of the learned, and are unacquainted with the value of a word in season. Should you get enough of the good things of this world, you would leave Christ and his blessings to others. Though you had the whole world, it could not save you. Christ is a complete Saviour. He can make you happy with little here. At death, when all others forsake you, he will stand by you.

Consider, and be afraid! He who has the tongue of the learned, and urges you to hear a word in sea

you be when

son, will, if you continue inattentive, speak with a tremendous voice at death. You must give an account. How can you appear before him? Where can you fly from him? What can you say to him? How will you bear what he shall say to you? You are warned. Be wise. It is time, high time to cry for mercy. It is not too late. Beware of delays. Consider the danger of sin. Consider till you are weary, and then the Lord Jesus will speak a word in season to your weary souls. Then you will experience his gracious and comforting work, the amount of which is thus expressed by the poet :

With learned tongue and Divine skill,
Christ speaks to weary

hearts :
Removes their sin, death, every ill,

And blessings all imparts.



Now when the even was come, Jesus sat down with the

twelve. And as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me. And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I? Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said.

It must be a very affecting consideration to a mind impressed with the evil of sin, and interested in the honour of the Redeemer, that the supper is seldom or never celebrated, but some crucify the Lord of glory afresh, and put him to open shame. Seldom are the partakers fewer in number than at the first celebration, and yet after the sop Judas betrayed him. The great Master knows the heart of every one who sits at his table, as well when there are twelve hundred as only twelve. Every part of Christ's sufferings touches in a tender manner the heart of the true saint; but scarcely is any scene more affecting than when he was betrayed by a disciple. Judas witnessed his miracles, heard his public discourses, and was admitted to private interviews in common with,

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