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From the State of

John Quincy Adams.
Isaac C. Bates.
William Baylies.
George N. Briggs.
John Davis.
Edward Everett.
Benjamin Gorham.
George Grennell, Jr.
Gayton P. Osgood.
John Reed.

Tristam Burges.

Noyes Barber.

William W. Ellsworth.
Samuel A. Foot.
Jabez W. Huntington.
Samuel Tweedy.
Ebenezer Young.

Heman Allen.
Benjamin F. Deming.
Horace Everett.
Hiland Hall.

William Slade.

John Adams.
Samuel Beardsley.
Abraham Bockee.

Charles Bodle.

John W. Brown.

Churchill C. Cambreleng.

Samuel Clark.

John Cramer.
Rowland Day.
John Dickson.
Millard Fillmore.
Philo C. Fuller.
William K. Fuller.
Ransom H. Gillet.

Nicoll Halsey.

Gideon Hard.

Samuel C. Hathaway.
Abner Hazeltine.
Edward Howell.
Abel Huntington.
Noadiah Johnson.
Gerrit Y. Lansing.
Cornelius W. Lawrence.
George W. Lay.

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From the State of





South Carolina.

John J. Milligan.

Richard B. Carmichael.
Littleton P. Dennis.
James P. Heath.

William Cost Johnson.

Isaac McKim.

John T. Stoddert.

Francis Thomas.

James Turner.

John J. Allen.

William S. Archer.
James M. H. Beale.
Thomas T. Bouldin.
Joseph W. Chinn.

Nathaniel H. Claiborne.
Thomas Davenport.
John H. Fulton.

James H. Gholson.
William F. Gordon.

George Loyall.

Edward Lucas.

John Y. Mason.
William McComas.

Charles F. Mercer.
Samuel McDowell Moore.

John M. Patton.

Andrew Stevenson.

William P. Taylor.

Edgar C. Wilson.

Daniel L. Barringer.
Jesse A. Bynum.
Henry W. Connor.
Edmund Deberry.
James Graham.
Thomas H. Hall.
Micajah T. Hawkins.
James J. McKay.

Abraham Rencher.

William B. Shepard.

Augustine H. Shepperd.

Jesse Speight.

Lewis Williams.

James Blair.

William K. Clowney.

Warren R. Davis.

John M. Felder.

William J. Grayson.

John K. Griffin.

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Harry Cage.

Zadok Casey.
Joseph Duncan.
Charles Slade.
Clement C. Clay.
Dixon H. Lewis.
Samuel W. Mardis.
John McKinley.
John Murphy.

William H. Ashley.
John Bull.

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Lucius Lyon also appeared as the Delegate from the Territory of Michigan.

Ambrose H. Sevier also appeared as the Delegate from the Territory of Arkansas.

And a quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number of members of the House, being present,

The House proceeded, by ballot, to the election of a Speaker to preside over its deliberations; and, upon an examination of the first ballot, it appeared that ANDREW STEVENSON, one of the Representatives from the State of Virginia, was duly elected :


Mr. Stevenson was conducted to the Speaker's chair; from whence he made his acknowledgments to the House, in the words following:

GENTLEMEN: This is the fourth time that you have been pleased to call me to this high office. For this new and distinguished mark of your confidence and favor, I pary you to accept my warm and grateful acknowledgments; and whilst it will be deeply valued and cherished by me as the best reward for any past service that I may have rendered, it shall inspire me with a zeal so to conduct myself, as to justify in some measure the choice of my friends, and merit the continued approbation of my country: Would to God that I was better qualified to fulfil the arduous duties of this Chair, in a manner suitable to its dignity and importance, my own wishes and honor, and the just expectations of the House.

There are few stations, gentlemen, under our Government, either in relation to their elevation, or the nature and extent of their duties, more laborious or responsible than that of Speaker

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