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THE following Meditations are selected from the German of Burckhardt, whose great desire was to glorify God, by leading his fellow-men to share with him the contemplation of the great works of the Lord, either as displayed in the book of nature, which is open to the eyes of all, or as they are presented to the hearts of all in the blessed book of his word. It must not be supposed that Burckhardt, while he rejoiced in every blessing bestowed by his heavenly Father, esteemed them

equally with the " unspeakable gift."

He dwells on the wonders of the visible creation on the valuable enjoyment of the faculties of the mind, and the powers of the body, and he delights in them as coming from Him whom he "loves above all things."

His desire is, that the least of the mercies of the Lord shall be felt, and acknowledged, with a thankfulness which becomes those who are the objects of his unfathomable love.

He blesses the Author of all good for the life which is daily renewed to him, but his own words are, "What is natural life without spiritual life?" His feelings of gratitude are strongly excited on beholding the glorious beauty of the sun rising in its splendour; but he exclaims, "Though its animating beams should be withheld from me, and all nature be cheerless; yet, if the 'Sun of righteousness' be

arisen within my heart, I will rejoice as possessing all things. All the springs of peace and joy are in the Lord Jesus Christ! fountain of light and life!"

The translator has ventured, in these few introductory remarks, to answer, by anticipation, any objection that may be made to these "Meditations," as deficient in that tone and spirit which should characterize a follower of the Crucified. It is true that they refer more particularly to the great subjects of "Creation" and "preservation;" but whilst these are discussed with a pious fervour, seldom if ever surpassed, the crowning glory of "redemption" always excites within the Author a louder strain of triumph, and a nobler song of praise. Burckhardt's heart was the seat of pure evangelical truth; and this attempt to clothe some of his Meditations in an English dress, is offered with the humble hope, that under the

Divine blessing it may lead others to acquire some portion of his catholic spirit, as exhibited in love to God, and benevolence to man.





"Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee."-PSALM lxxxiv. 4.

BLESSED be this holy morning, on which I again awake to life. Honour and joy be thine, day of the Lord, day of rest, of life, and knowledge. All around me is still. Why, O my soul, art thou troubled within me? Lift up thy thoughts from earth to heaven. Be still, every desire that has hitherto sought the creatures and enjoyments of earth, and turn ye to the invisi


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