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juries 137. Presentmenis; a:tornies for commonwealth; prison rules; costs of prost culion 758 Suits transmilled from general to district courts; terms of general courts; judges 759. Jurisdiction of general court 760.

DISTRINGAS In detinue, power of court over 750.

DOCKETS la district courts 746.

DOWER Or widows renouncing will 145.

In personal estate 146. Relinquishment of in the state 155. Out of the state 156. In uses and trusts 157. Act concerning dower and jointure of widows 162, 165.Jointure in lieu of dower 164. Writ of dower; pleadings 164.

DRAWBACKS. See duties.

DRINK. Punishment of those who sell

unwholesome meat or drink 336.

DRUMMOND Town, in Accomack county, established 402.

DUMFRIES. Trustees of town of, appointed

372. Powers of Trustees enlarged 630.

Act for better securing collec-

tion of 46. Additional duty |
on tobacco exported 288.--
(On spirits imported) cheese,
tea, hemp and cordage; on
luonage of vessels 289. On!

salt, wine and inalt liquors 290. O goods ad rolorem 290. Export duty on tobacco explained 291. Collection of duties; articles exempted 304. Additional tonnage; entry of vessels and cargoes; tax on seamen; penalty for false return; naval officers te reside wbere office kept 305. Permits; penalty for anlading without; searchers 306. Assistant searchers 307. Further duties of searchers; casks of wine and spirits how estima. ted; when casks gauged 308. When packages may be opened; transportation from district to district; rule where part of goods only destined for this state 309. Goods deposited as security for duties; officers obstructed, how assis ted; what goods may be water borne 310. When naval officer to account; duty bond; how recoverable 311. Penalties on naval officers; bond and security, by solicitor; within what hours goods landed 312. Naval officers and searchers, how suspended or reinoved; subject to controal of executive; seal of office; where vessels to enter; registers of vessels 313. Duty on goods brought by land, how secured; to whom paid 314. Goods may be examined; penalty for failure to enter goods brought by land; how such recoverable; searchers for such goods, how appointed 315. Drawbacks 316. Das

Ty of keepers of ferries over ESCHEATORS The Potowniac 317. Navall To be appointed in Northern officer of Northampton where Neck 117. How appointed; to keep his office 318. Ad bond and security; not to act Hitional duties 413,416. Na by deputy; inquests by 158: val officers and collection of Traverse, monstrans de droit; duties various regulations land found for commonwealth concerning 438 to 462. Pri. how long to remain in hands vileges in favor of France &c. of escheator; when and how 514.

sold 159. Saving rights of DU-VAL, SAMUEL JUNR. others; inquests untruly found Trustees of Samuel Du Val jun. 100: Act of 1785, concerning

authorised to sell his interest repealed 411. in the Deep Run coal pits | ESKRIDGE, ELIZABETH 222.

Administrator of Alexander EASTERN SHORE Wodrow, authorised to con. Academy established on 364: vey a lot to, in town of Win.

EASTERN WATERS, chester 220.
See Lands.

Time to survey entries 238. Method of taking up and ap-

Consideration for warrants praising 168: How advertihow payable 240.

sed; when property vested in EJECTMENT

taker up; valuation money reAfter issue joined, no exception served for proprietor; boats admissible 749.

and vessels adrift 169: ProELECTIONS.

vision, where estray dies See Assembly, and pa. 120. 170. Mode of advertising a Contested plections 123.

Kentucky 373, 688.

See Assembly.

See Depositions, Witnesses. or president of United States, When copy of bond evidence chosen by districts 648.


James, a slave the property of Court of, 340.
William Armistead emancipa-

EXECUTIONS. ted 381. Of slaves, under the Returos of, in county courts 35: will of Joseph Mayo, con Execution law amended; firmed 611. Or Charles Moor three months replevy bonds man 613

abolished 457. Twelve months EMBLEMENTS.

replevy bonds substituted;--What deemed 151.

form and effect thereof 458, ERRORS.

Cases excepted; eommissionConfession of judgment equal to ers to value property taken in release of 750.

execution 459. Their duty

460. On service of execution tors and administrators 151: on the body, debtor may ten Dignity of debts; power of der property; remedy against tenant to devise; suits by and assignors of 12 months bonds; against executors and adminvaloers of property, how to istrators; executors of execuproceed 461: Ou final decrees; tors 152: When estate comfor costs 465. Against lands mitted to sheriff 153: Wills exof sherifi &c, on judgments of ecuted in foreign countries, the commonwealth 558: Form how proved here 503: Exeof writ 561: From district cutors may take probate of fo.. courts how issued and return reign wills after recorded 504: ed 750: Execution law ex EXPATRIATION. plained and ainended 776:- 1 Right of, how exercised 263. Sheriff's fee for bond, and EXTORTION. commissions ; proceedings See Bribery. when property is tendered in

FÅLMOUTH, discharge of the body; where Town of, enlarged 374. it is under previous incum

FAYETTE. brance 777.

Marquis De La Fayette natural. EXECUTORS & ADMINISTRATORS. ized 30: County divided, and Administration with will annex Bourbon formed 89: Court

ed; oath of; and of executors; day altered 474. Again dibond 144: To whom payable, vided and Woodford formed when no security; power of 663. executors before probat; cura

FEES. tor 144: Jurisdiction in grant Act of 1745 revived 91, 588:ing administrations; who to be Tobacco fees, how payable in preferred; when creditor 146: money 91: Clerks' fees, when Oath and bond of administra put into hands of sheriff, when tor 147: Securities, how far accounted for;remedy against; liable; when court liable; how executors and administrators security relieved; certificate of liable; receipts evidence 92: administration; letters of, in Surveyors' fees, how collected due form; lists of 148. Ap and accounted for 588: When praisement; inventories; sale clerks to deliver their tickets of perishable goods 149. Sale to sheriffs 590: Fees of comof other personal estate; when missioners of tax, how collectno appraisement; dead victu ed 590. als; sale of lands; rule as to

FEE TAIL servants and slaves 150: Em-Converted into fue simple 156. blements; tenant for life dying;

FERRIES: rent apportioned; debtor exe New serries established 83: A. cutor; distribution, when;bond cross Kentucky river, at to refund; allowance to execu- ! Frankfort 389: From land

of John Curd. across Ken-Y and Fluvanna counties ascern
tucky river 401: New fer tained 70.
ries established and others dis- FORCIBLE ENTRY & DETAINER:
continued 403: County courts | Practice in suing out writs of,
in Kentucky authorised to es regulated 703.
tablish ferries 500: New fer-

ries established and their rates / Town of, in Hampshire county
511: Court of Norfolk to let established 595.
ferries across Elizabeth river FRANKFORT
512. New ferries established, Town of, in Fayette county,
and others discontinued 701.) Kentucky, established 588.
New ferries established in the Further time allowed for sel.
county of Ohio 721.

ling lots 597.

List of, to be transmitted by County, formed from Bedford
clerks 763.

and Henry 70.

Establishment of, authorised | Ć.

Certain contracts not good un-

less in writing 160. Convey-

ances to defraud creditors
Exclusive privilege granted to,

void; what conveyances deem-
of navigating steam boats, for

ed fraudulent 161. Loans,
a limited time 616.

when fraudulent 162.

Inspections of four established; or

iousneg;/ of slaves, construction of act to
inspectors, how appointed

prevent 505.
515. Flour how manufactur-
ed; size of barrels; brands FREDERICKSBURG,
516. Contents of barrel; tare;

nienis of barrel: tare Trustees of Fredericksburg a..
manifests; bread for exporta cademy authorised to dispose
tion 517. Degrees of flour to of part of their lands 371.' To
be branded on barrels; in raise à sum of money by lot.
spectors' fees; appeal from in tery 632. Court day altered
spectors 518. Attendance at
mills ou ride water; oath of| FREE PERSONS
inspectors 518. Inspectors Stealing or selling free person,
not to deal in flour; penalty for a slave, felony without
for altering brand &c; assis- clergy 531.
tant inspector; inspectors how FRONTROYAL
removed 520. Penalties, how Town of, in Frederick estaba
recovered 692.

lished 672.

Boundary between Goochland | Keepers of A. B. G. or E.O. ta-
Vor. xu.


bles, or Pharoah bank, deem by governor and council 131.
ed vagrants 579.

Suits against 738.

Number of judges to constitute For district courts 757. Failing

a court 497. What suits trans- to attend 758.
mined from, io district courts; GREENBRIER
terms of; judges to constitute Court day altered 407. Kana-
a court 759. Jurisdiction | wha formed out of Greenbrier
760. , Number of judges; all and Montgomery 670.
lotment to district courts 770. GREENSVILLE.

as part of Brunswick county ad-

ded to Greensville 596. Ad-
Personal estate ol, who became

ditional trustees to town of, in
felo de se, vested in his widow

Buckingham 661.
and children 598.


Debt due from to ward, of first
Construction of act to prevent
fraudulent gifts of slaves 505.

dignity 152, 197. What acts,

may perform for infants and

wards 193. Testamentary
Escheatable lands of, vested in guardians, how and by whom

Trustees, for benefit of his wi constituted 194. Power of
dow and payment of his debts courts over guardians; bond

and security; inventories; ac-

counts 195. Supplemental
Vestry of St. James Northam security; disbursements; coun-

authorised to sell their glebe ter security 196. Estate of,
627. Trustees or Notloway first bound to ward 197.
parisb, in Amelia 720.

GLOUCESTER For prisoners 756.
Court day altered 407.

GOUCHLAND. Granted without a seal 738.
Boundary between Goochland

and Fluvanna counties ascer To widows and orphans 279.
tained 70.

GORDONSVILLE Court day of, allered 606.
Town of, in Lancaster county, HAMPSHIRE
established 215.

County divided, and Hardy

formed 86: Court day altered
High treason to erect, or at 407. Part of Hardy added 10

lempt, a goverment indepen- Hampshire 597.
deni of Virginia, within iis li-

mits 41.

Boundary line between counties

of Henrico and Hapover es-
What clerks may be appointed' tablished 620.

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